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General Confession. holy mysteries. And above all things, ye must give most humble ALMIGHTY God, Father of our and hearty thanks to God the Lord Jesus Christ, Maker of all Father, the Son, and the Holy things, Judge of all men ; We Ghost, for the redemption of the acknowledge and bewail our maworld by the death and passion nifold sins and wickedness, Which of our Saviour Christ, both Gad we from time to time most and man; who did humble him- grievously have committed, Bý self, even to the death upon the thought, word, and deed, Against cross, for:us miserable sinners, thy. Divine Majesty, Provoking who lay in darkness, and the most justly thy wrath and indigshadow of death; that he might nation against us. We do earnestly make us the children of God, and repent, And are Heartily sorry exalt us to everlasting life. And for these our misdoings; The reto the end that we should alway membrance of them is grievous remember the exceeding great únto us ; The burden of them is love of our Master and only Sa- intolerable. Have mercy upon viour Jesus Christ, thus dying us, Havé mercy upon us, most for us, and the innumerable be- merciful Father; For thy Son nefits which by his precious blood- our Lord Jesus Christ's sake, Forshedding he hath obtained to us, give us all that is past; And he hath instituted and ordained

grant that we may.lever hereafter holy mysteries, as pledges of his serve and please thée, 'in newness love, and for a continual remem- of life, To the honour and glory

of brance of his death, to our great thy Name, Through Jesus Christ and endless comfort. To him our Lord. Amen. therefore, with the Father, and

Vent voil Jo vai

11., the Holy Ghost, let us give, as

The Absolution. Us we are most bounden, continual

Almighty God our heavenly thanks ; 10 submitting ourselves

Father, who of his great mercy wholly to his holy will and plea

hath promised forgiveness of sins sure , and studying to serve him

to all them that with hearty rein true holiness and righteousness ai the days of our life. Amen.

pentance and true faith turn unto

him; Have mercy upon you, Yr that do truly and earnestly pardon and deliver you from all

your sins, confirm and strengthen repent you of your sins, and are in love and charity with your

you in all goodness, and bring neighbours, and intend to lead a

you to everlasting life, through

Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. netv life, following the commandments of God, and walking from hericeforth in his holy ways;

Hear what comfortable words our Draw near with faith, and take

Saviour Christ saith unto all this holy Sacrament to your

that truly turn to him. comfort; and make your humble Come unto me, all


that travel confession to Almighty God, and ate heavy laden, and I will meeklykneeling upon your knees. refresh you. Matt. xi. 28.

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So God loved the world, that

PROPER PREFACES. he gave his only begotten Son, to the end that all that believe in

Upon Christmas-Day, and seven Day lim should not perish, but have

after: everlasting life. John ii. 16.

Because thou didst give Jesu

Christ thine only Son to be bor Hear also what St. Paul saith.

as at this time for us; who, b This is a true saying, and the operation of the Holy Ghos worthy of all men to be received,

was made very Man of the sub That Christ Jesus came into the

stance of the Virgin Mary hi world to save sinners. 1 Tim.i. 15. mother; and that without spa

of sin, to make us clean from al Hear also what St. John saith.

sin. Therefore with Angels, &c If

any man sin, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Upon Easter-Day, and seven Days after Christ the righteous; and he is But chiefly are, we bound to the propitiation for our sins. praise thee for the glorious Re I John ü. 1, 2.

surrection of thy Son Jesus Christ Priest. Lift up your hearts.

our Lord : for he is the very Answ. We lift them up unto

Paschal Lamb, which was offered the Lord.

for us, and hath taken away the ! Priest. Let us give thanks unto sin of the world; who by his our Lord God.

death hath destroyed death, and Answ. It is meet and right so by his rising to (ife again hath to do.

restored to us everlasting life.

Therefore with Angels, &c. Priest. It is very meet, right, and our Upon Ascension Day, and seven Days after

. bounden duty, that we should at

THROUGH thy most dearly be all times, and in all places, give loved Son Jesus Christ our Lord; thanks unto thee, O Lord, * Holy who after his most glorious ReFather, Almighty, everlasting surrection manifestly

appeared to God.

all his Apostles, and in their sight These words (Holy Father) must be omitted on Trinity Sunday.

ascended up into heaven, to pre

pare a place for us ; that where Here shall

follow the Proper Preface, ac- he is, thither we might also ascend, cording to the time, if there be any open and reign with him in glory

. i shall Therefore with Angels, &c.

follow, THEREFORE with Angels and Upon Whit-Sunday, and six Days after. Archangels, and with all the com- Through Jesus Christ our Lord; pany of heaven, we laud and according to whose most true promagnify thy glorious Name; ever- mise, the Holy Ghost came down more praising thee, and saying, as at this time from heaven with a Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of sudden great sound, as it had been hosts, heaven and earth are full a mighty wind, in the likenels of of thy glory: Glory be to thee, fiery tongues, lighting upon the O Lord most high. Amen. Apostles, to teach

them, and to lead

them to all truth; giving them | Christ to suffer death upon the both the gift of divers languages, cross for our redemption; who and also boldness with fervent made there (by his lone oblation zeal constantly to preach the of himself once offered) a full, Gospel unto all nations; whereby | perfect, and sufficient sacrifice, we have been brought out of oblation, and satisfaction for the darkness and error, into the clear sins of the whole world ; sand dua light and true knowledge of thee, || institute, and in his holy Gospel and of thy Son Jesus Christ. command us to continue, a perTherefore with Angels, &c. petual memory of that his preUpon the Feast of Trinity only

cious death, until his coming

Hear us, o merciful Who art one God, one Lord ; | Father, we most humbly beseech not only one Person, but three

thee; and grant, that we receivPersons in one substance. For

ing these thy creatures of Bread that which we believe of the glory and Wine, according to thy Son of the Father, the same we be

our Saviour Jesus Christ's holy lieve of the Son, and of the Holy | institution, in remembrance of Ghost, without any difference his death and passion, may be or inequality. Therefore with partakers of his most blessed Body Angels, &c."

and Blood's who in the same

ko We do not presume to come to

night that he was betrayed, took this thy table, 0 merciful Lord,

bread (f): and when he had trusting in our own righteousness, given thanks, he brake it, and but in thy manifold and great lake, eat, this is my Body which

gave it to his disciples, saying, mercies. We are not worthy so

is given for you ; Do this in much as to gather up the crumbs is given for

remembrance of me. under thy table. But thou art the same Lord, whose property is

after Supper, he took the Cup';

and when he had given thanks, always to have mercy. Grant us therefore, gracious Lord, so to eat

he gave it to them, saying,

Drink ye' all of this; for this the Flesh of thy dear Son Jesus

is my blood of the New TesChrist, and to drink his Blood, that our sinful bodies may be

tament, which is shed for

you, made clean by his Body, and our and for many, for the reinission

of sins: Do this, aś' oft as ye souls washed through his most

shall drink it, in remembrance precious Blood, and that we may

of me. Amen, evermore dwell in him, and he in us. Amen.

At delivery of the Bread. The Prayer of 'Consecration. The Body of our Lord Jesus ALMIGHTY God our heavenly Christ, which was given for thee, didst give thine only son Jesus | everlasting video make and see

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() Took bread,” &c. The whole of this account to the end is from 1 Cor. xi. 23, &c. and almost verbatim.'


this in remembrance that Christ || although we be unworthy, throug| died for thee, and feed on him our manifoldsins, to offer unte in thy heart by faith with thanks- thee any sacrifice; yet we be giving.

stech thee to accept this ou

bounden:duty and service ; no At delivery of the Cupe. weighing our merits, but pardon The Blood of Our Lord Jesus ing our offences, through Jesu Christ, which was shed for thee, Christ our Lord; by whom; and preserve thy body and soul'unto with whom, in the unity of the everlasting life. Drink this in Holy Ghost, i all honour and remembrance that Christ's Blood glory be unto thee, O Father was shed for thee, and be thank Almighty, world without end. ful.


Or this:
Our Father, which art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy Name; Thy

Almighty and everliving God, kingdom come; Thy will be

we most heartily thank thee, for

that thou dost vouchsafe to feed done in earth, as it is in heaven: Give us this day our daily bread;

us, who have duly received these And forgive us our trespasses, as

holy mysteries, with the spiritual we forgive them that trespass

food of the most precious Body against us; And lead us not into

and Blood of thy Son our Sa

viour Jesus Christ; and dost as. temptation, But deliver us from ievil: For thine is the kingdom,

sure us thereby' of thy favour and and the power, and the glory, goodness towards us ; and that we For ever and ever. Amen.

are very members incorporate in

the mystical Body of thy Son, O Lord and heavenly Father,

which is the blessed company of we thy humble servants entirely all faithful people; and are also 'desire thy fatherly goodness, mer- heirs through hope of thy evercifully to accept this our sacrifice lasting kingdom, by the merits of of praise and thanksgiving ; most the most precious death and pashumbly beseeching thee to grant,

sion of thy dear' Son. And we that by the merits and death of most humbly beseech thee, 0 thy Son Jesus Christ, and through heavenly Father, so to assist us faith in his Blood, we and all with thy grace, that we may conthy whole Church may obtain tinue in that holy fellowship, and remission of our sins, and all do all such good works as thou other benefits of his passion. And hast prepared for us to walk in, here we offer and present unto through Jesus Christ our Lord; thee, O Lord, ourselves, our to whom, with thee and the Holy souls and bodies, to be a reason- Ghost, be all honour and glory, able, holy, and lively sacrifice world without end. Amen. unto thee; humbly beseeching thee, that all we, who are par

Glory be to God on high, and takers of this holy Cummunion, in earth peace, good will towards may be fulfilled with thy grace

We praise thee, we bless and heavenly benediction. And thee, we worship thee, we glorify


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The Blessing

thee, we give thanks to thee for govern both our hearts and bothy great glory, O Lord God, dies in the ways of thy laws, and heavenly King, God the Father in the works of thy commandAlmighty

ments; that through thy most O Lord, the only begotten Son mighty protection, both here and Jesu Christ; O Lord God, Lamb ever, we may be preserved in of God, Son of the Father, that body and soul, through our takest away the sins of the world, Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. have mercy upon us : Thou that Amen. takest away the sins of the world, have mercy upon us : Thou thał Grant, we beseech thee, Altakest away the sins of the world,

the sins of the world, I mighty God, that the words receive our prayer: Thou that which we have heard, this day

, sittest at the right hand of God

with our outward ears may, the Father, have mercy upon; us through thy grace, be so grafted

For thou only art holy; thou inwardly in our hearts, that they only art the Lord; thou only, o may bring forth in us the fruit Christ, with the Holy Ghost, art

of good living, to the honour most high in the glory of God the

and praise of thy Name, through Father. Amen.

Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

PREVENT us, O'Lord, in all our The peace of God, which pas

doings with thy most gracious faseth all understanding, keep your

vour, and further us with thy hearts and minds in the know

continual help; that in all our ledge and love of God, and of

works begun, continued, and his Son Jesus Christ our Lord :

ended in thee, we may glorify And the blessing of God Al.

thy holy Name; and finally by mighty, the Father, the Son, and

thy mercy obtain everlasting life, the Holy Ghost, be amongst you,

through Jesus Christ our Lord. and remain with you always.

Amen. Amen.

Almighty God, the fountain Colleas after the Offertory. of all wisdom, who knowest our Assist us mercifully, O Lord, necessities before we ask, and our in these our supplications and ignorance in asking; We beprayers, and dispose the way of seech thee to have compassion thy servants towards the attain- upon our infirmities; and those ment of everlasting salvation ; things, which for our unworthithat among all the changes and ness we dare not, and for our chances of this mortal life, they blindness we cannot ask, vouch. may ever be defended by thy safe to give us, for the worthiness most gracious and ready help, of thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord. through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Amen.

ALMIGHTY God, who hast proO ALMIGHTY Lord, and ever- mised to hear the petitions of lasting God, vouchsafe, we be- them that ask in thy Son's Name; seech thee, to direct, sanctify, and We beseech thee mercifully to

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