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selves among you

Paul's love to

Chap. ii.

the Thessalonians, 2 But even after that we unblameably, we behaved our. had suffered before, and were

that believe: shamefully entreated, as ye 11 As ye know, how we exknow, at Philippiga we were horted & comforted, & chargbold in our God to speak unto ed every one of you, (as a fayou the Gospel of God with ther doth his children,) much contention.

12 That ye would walk 3. For our exhortation was worthy of God, who hath callnot of deceit, nor of unclean- ed you unto his kingdom and .vess, nor in guile:

glory. 4 But as we were allowed 13 For this cause also thank of God to be put in trust with we God without ceasing, bethe Gospel, even so we speak; cause, when ye received the not as pleasing men, but God word of God, which ye heard which trieth our hearts. of us, ye received it not as the

5 For neither at any time word of men, but (as it is in used we flattering words, as truth) the word of God, which ye know, nor a cloak of cove- effectually worketh also in you tousness; God is witness : that believe.

6 Nor of men sought we 14 For ye, brethren, became glory, neither of you, nor yet followers of the churches of of others, when we might have God, which in Judea are in been burdensome, as the apos- Christ Jesus: for ye also have tles of Christ.

suffered like things of your y But we were gentle among own countrymen, even as they you, even as a nurse cherish- have of the Jews : eth her children :

15 Who both killed the Lord & So, being affectionately Jesus, and their own prophets, desirous of you, we were will- and have persecuted us, and ing to have imparted unto you, they please not God, and are not the Gospel of God only, contrary to all men: but also ourown souls, because 16 Forbidding us to speak ye were dear unto us.

to the Gentiles that they might 9 For ye remember, breth- be saved, to fill up ren, our labour and travail ; alway:b for the wrath is come for labouring night and day, upon them to the uttermost. because

we would not be 17 But we, brethren, being chargeable unto any of you, taken from you for a short we preached unto you the Gos- time in presence, not in heart, pel of God.

endeavoured the more abun10 Ye are witnesses, & God dantly to see your face with also, how holily, and justly, & great desire.

a Were shamefully entreated at Phi 6 So that the Jews are filling up the lippi. See Acts xvii. 1-9.

measure of their iniquities always.

their sins

Paul sendeth 1. Thessalonians. Timothy to them.

18 Wherefore we would have good remembrance of us have come unto you, even I always, desiring greatly to see Paul, once and again; but Sa- us, as we also to see you; tan hindered us.

7. Therefore, brethren, we 19 For what is our hope, or were comforted over you in all joy, or crown of rejoicing ? Are our affliction and distress by not even ye in the presence of your faith : our Lord Jesus Christ at his . 8 For now we live, if ye coming?

stand fast in the Lord. 20 For ye are our glory and

9 For what thanks can we joy.

render to God again for you, CHAP. III.

for all the joy wherewith we 1 Paul sendeth Timothy to joy for your sakes before our

them: 6 his joy for them, God : and desire to see them. 10 Night and day praying

WHEREFORE when we exceedingly that we might see could no longer forbear, we your face, and might perfect thought it good to be left at that which is lacking in your Athens alone;

faith? 2 And sent Timotheus, our 11 Now, God himself and brother, and minister of God our Father, and our Lord Jeand our fellow labourer in the sus Christ, direct our way unto Gospel of Christ, to establish you. you, and to comfort you con 12 And the Lord make you cerning your faith :

to increase and abound in love 3 That no man should be one toward another, and tomoved by these afflictions ; forward all men, even as we do , yourselves know that we are appointed thereunto.

13 To the end he


stab4 For verily, when we were


hearts unblameable with you, we told you

before in holiness before God, even that we should suffer tríbula- our Father, at the coming of tion; even as it came to pass, our Lord Jesi. Christ with all and ye know.

his saints. 5 For this cause, when I could no longer forbear, I sent

CHAP. IV. to know your faith, lest by 1 He exhorteth to go on in god. some means the tempter have liness, 7 to holiness, 9 to love, tempted you, and our labour 11 to quietness, 13 to modebe in vain.

rate sorrow for the dead. 6 But now, when Timothe 17 Of the resurrection, and us came from you unto us, and of the last judgment. brought us good tidings of your FURTHERMORE then faith and charity, and that ye we beseech you, brethren, and

toward you:

Of living a holy Chap. iy.

and just life, &c. exhort you by the Lord Jesus, ness, and to work with your that as ye have received of us own hands, as we commanded how ye ought to walk, and to you; please God, so ye would a 12 That ye may walk honbound more and more.

estly toward them that are 2 For ye know what com without, and that ye may have mandments we gave you by lack of nothing, the Lord Jesus.

13 But I would not haye 3 For this is the will of you to be ignorant, brethren, God, even your sanctification, concerning them which are athat ye should abstain from sleep, that ye sorrow not, even fornication :

as others which have no hope. 4 That every one of you

14 For if we believe that should know how to possess Jesus died, and rose again, his vessel in sanctification and even so them also which sleep honour;

in Jesus, will God bring with 5 Not in the lust of concu

him. piscence, even as the Gentiles

15 For this we say


you which know not God.

by the word of the Lord, That 6 That no man go beyond we which are alive, and reand defraud his brother in any main unto the coming of the matter, because that the Lord Lord, shall not prevent them is the avenger of all such, as which are asleep.a we also have forewarned you,

16 For the Lord himself and testified.

shall descend from heaven hy For God hath not called with a shout, with the voice of us unto uncleanness, but unto the archangel, and with the holiness.

trump of God; and the dead 8 He, therefore, that des- in Christ shall rise first. piseth, despiseth not man,

but 17 Then we which are aGod, who hath also given un- live, and remain, shall be to us his holy Spirit.

caught up together with them 9 But as touching brother in the clouds, to meet the Lord ly love, ye need not that I in the air; and so shall we write unto


ye your-

ever be with the Lord. selves are taught of God to 18 Wherefore, comfort one love one another.

another with these words. 10 And indeed ye do it to. ward all the brethren which a Shall not prevent, &c. Prevent are in all Macedonia; but we

here signifies to anticipate or go before. beseech you, brethren, that ye who shall be found alive at the com

Paul's meaning is, that the righteous, increase and more ; 'ing of Christ, should not anticipate,

11 And that ye study to be or go into glory before them, who quiet, and to do your own busi were asleep, or had previously died.


Of Christ's coming I. Thessalonians. to judgment, g'c. CHAP. V.

salvation by our Lord Jesus 1 He sheweth Christ's second Christ,

coming to judgment, 16 and 10 Who died for us, that, giveth divers precepts, 23 whether we wake or sleep, we and so concludeth.

should live together with him. BUT of the times and sea 11 Wherefore, comfort your. sons,a brethren, ye have no selves together, and edify one peed that I write unto you. another, even as also ye do. 2 For yourselves know per

12 And we beseech you, fectly, that the day of the brethren, to know them which Lord so cometh as a thief in labour among you, and are the night.

over you in the Lord, and ad3 For when they shall say, monish you ; Peace and safety, then sudden 13 And to esteem them very destruction cometh upon them, highly in love for their work's as travail upon a woman with sake. And be at peace among child; and they shall not es- yourselves. cape.

14 Now, we exhort you, 4 But ye, brethren, are not brethren, warn them that are in darkness, that that day unruly, comfort the feebleshould overtake you as a thief. minded, support the weak, be

5 Ye are all the children of patient toward all men. light, and the children of the 15 See that none render eday; we are not of the night, vil for evil unto any man;

but nor of darkness.

ever follow that which is good, 6 Therefore let us not sleep, both among yourselves and to as do others; but let us watch all men. and be sober.

16 Rejoice evermore. For they that sleep, sleep 17 Pray without ceasing: in the night, and they that be 18 In everything give drunken, are drunken in the thanks; for this is the will of night.

God in Christ Jesus concern. 8 But let


who are of the ing you. day, be sober, putting on the 19 Quench not the Spirit

. breastplate of faith and love ; 20 Despise not prophesyand for an helmet the hope of ings. salvation :

21 Prove all things; hold 9 For God hath not appoint- fast that which is good. ed us to wrath, but to obtain 22 Abstain from all appear

ances of evil. a The times and the seasons, the du

23 And the

very ration of the world, and the particu- peace sanctify you wholly; lar season, at which Christ will come

and I


God to judgment.

spirit, and soul, and body, be

God of

your whole

Chap. iv.

reinark's. preserved blameless unto the 27 I charge you by the Lord, coming of our. Lord Jesus that this epistle be read unto Christ.

all the holy brethren. 24 Faithful is he that call

28 The grace of our Lord eth you, who also will do it.b Jesus Christ be with


A25 Brethren, pray for us.

26 Greet all the brethren with an holy kiss.

The first epistle unto the 6 Who also will do it, who will

Thessalonians was writ. sanctify you, and do whatever he ten from Athens. hath promised.




It appears from this Epistle, that Timothy, who carried Paul's first Epistle to the Thessalonians, gave him, on his return, a particular account of their affairs; and among other things told him, that many had mistaken some part of his former letter, by supposing he intended to inform them, that the day of judgment was to happen in that age, and that those, who had imbibed this sentiment, neglected all temporal concerns, as inconsistent with the care of their souls; and that false teachers were busy to inculcate the same ideas, which greatly alarmed the timid and credulous. Paul therefore wrote this second Epistle at Corinth A. D. 52, to correct these errors, so prejudicial to the good of society, and so inconsistent with the duties of Christianity; and also to fortel the rise and progress of the mystery of iniquity, and the coming and destruction of the Man of sin.

N. B. It may perhaps not be improper here to observe, that the coming of Christ, the coming of the Son of Man, the day of the Lord, &c. denote in scripture four different events; and some pious persons in modern times, as well as among the ancient Thessalonians, have by misunderstanding these phrases, been needlessly alarmed by the apprehension, that the day of judgment was at hand. The first of these events was the destruction of Jerusalem, of the temple and of the Jewish state by the Roman armies, the abrogation of the Mosaic institutions, and the establishment of the Gospel. Matt. xxiv. 30. This event is sometimes called the end of the world or the age; meaning

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