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Worshipping of angels, Colossians. and legal ceremonies. was against us, which was 21 (Touch not, taste not, contrary to us, and took it out handle not; of the way, nailing it to his 22 Which all are to perish cross;

with the using,) after the com15 And, having spoiled prin- mandments and doctrines of cipalities g and powers, he men ? made a shew of them openly, 23 Which things have intriumphing over them io it.h deed a shew of wisdom in will.

16 Let no man, therefore, worship, and bumility, and judge you in meat, or in drink, neglecting of the body;j not or in respect of an holy-day, in any honour to the satisfying or of the new moon, or of the of the flesh. sabbath days; 17 Which are a shadow of

CHAP. III. things to come; but the body 1 He sheweth where to seek is of Christ.

Christ : 5 He exhorteth to 18 Let no man begnile you mortification, 10 to put off of your reward in a voluntary the old man, and to put on humility and worshipping of Christ, 12 and to sundry angels, intruding into those other duties. things which he hath not seen, IF ye then be risen with vainly puffed up by his fleshly Christ, seek those things which mind;

are above, where Christ sit19 And not holding the teth on the right hand of God. head, from which all the body,

3 Set your affection on by joints and bands, having things above, not on things on nourishment ministered, and the earth. knit together, increaseth with 3 For ye are dead, and your the increase of God.

life is hid with Christ in God. 20 Wherefore if ye be dead 4. When Christ, who is our with Christ from the rudi- life, shall appear, then shall ments of the world, why, as ye also appear with him in though living in the world, are glory. e stilject to ordinances, i 5 Mortify, therefore, your

ç See note c on last page.

bade the use of animal food, because In it, that is, by the cross. it was not lawful to take the life of i Why subject yourselves to the ordi

animals. tances of men; especially to such as j Neglecting of the body, mortifying the following; Touch not, taste not, the body by abstinence. But Paul handle not any thing whatever, that says, these Pythagorean precepts had tends to the destruction of life in or. not the appearance of wisdom from der to its being used. Paul here any proper provision they made for probably refers to the precepts of the satisfying, or for the support of the Pythagorean philosophy, which for- body.

Divers exhortations

Chap. iii.

to several duties. members which are upon the 14 And above all these earth; fornication, unclean- things, put on charity, which ness, inordinate affection, evil is the bond of perfectness.e concupiscence, and covetous 15 And let the peace of God ness, which is idolatry; rule in your hearts, to the

6 For which things sake which also ye are called in the wrath of God cometh on one body; and be


thankful, the children of disobedience: 16 Let the word of Christ

© In the which ye also dwell in you richly in all wiswalked some time,c when ye dom; teaching and admonishlived in them.

ing one another in psalms, and 8 But now ye also put off hymns, and spiritual songs, all these ; anger, wrath, mal- singing with grace in your ice, blasphemy, filthy commu- hearts to the Lord. nication out of

your mouth. 17 And whatsoever ye do in 9 Lie not one to another, see word or deed, do all in the ing that ye have put off the name of the Lord Jesus, givold man b with his deeds ; ing thanks to God and the Fa

10 And have put on the new ther by him. man,c which is renewed in 18 Wives, submit yourselves knowledge, after the image of unto your own husbands, as it him that created him ;d is fit in the Lord.

11 Where there is neither 19 Husbands, love you" Greek nor Jew, circumcision wives, and be not bittér against noruncircumcision, Barbarian, them. Scythian, bond nor free; but 20 Children, obey your paChrist is all, and in all. rents in all things ; for this is

12 Put on, therefore, as the well-pleasing unto the Lord. elect of God, holy and beloved, 21 Fathers, provoke not bowels of mercies, kindness, your children to anger, lest humbleness of mind, meekness, they be discouraged. long-suffering;

22 Servants, obey in all 13 Forbearing one another, things your masters according and forgiving one another, if to the flesh; not with eye-serany man have a quarrelagainstvice,f as men-pleasers; but any, even as Christ forgave in singleness of heart, fearyou, so also do ye.

23 And whatsoever ye do, a Sometime, formerly. 6 The old man, your old, corrupt

e And over all these graces or ornaThe new man, a Christian tem

ments of the new man, put on love. per.

f Not with eye-service, not only After the image of bim (of God), when their eye is on you. who hath created him.

g Singleness, or integrity of heart.

ing God :


Exhortations and Colossians.

salutations. do it heartily, as to the Lord, ry All my state shall Tychiand not unto men;

·cus declare unto you, who is 2 Knowing that of the a beloved brother, and a faith. Lord ye shall receive the re. ful minister, and fellow-serward of the inheritance; for vant in the Lord : ye serve the Lord Christ. 8 Whom I have sent unto

25 But he that doeth wrong you for the same purpose, that shall receive for the wrong he might know your estate

, which he hath done; and and comfort your hearts ; there is no respect of persons. 9 With Onesimus, a faith.

ful and beloved brother, who CHAP. IV.

is one of you ; they shall niake 1 IIe exhorteth to be fervent in known unto you all things

prayer, 5 and to walk wise. which are done here. ly toward them that are not 10 Aristarchus my fellow. yet come to the true know- prisoner saluteth you,

& Mar. ledge of Christ : 10 he sa cus, sister's son to Barnabas, luteth them, fc.

(touching b whom ye received MASTERS, give unto your commandments: if he come servants that, which is just and unto you, receive him ;) equal; knowing that ye also 11 And Jesus, which is have a Master in heaven. called Justas, who are of the

2 Continue in prayer and circumcision. These only are watch in the same with thanks. my fellow-workers unto the giving ;

kingdom of God, which have 3 Withal praying also for been a comfort unto me. us, that God would open unto 12 Epaphras, who is one us a door of utterance, to speak of you, a servant of Christ, sathe mystery of Christ, for luteth you, always labouring which I am also in bonds : fervently for you in prayers,

4 That I may make it mani- that ye may stand perfect and fest, as I ought to speak. complete in all the will of

5 Walk in Wisdom toward God. them that are without, re 13 For I bear him record, deeming the time.

that he hath a great zeal 6 Let your speech be alway for you, and them

that are in with grace, seasoned with Laodicea, and them in Hierasalt,a that ye may know how polis. ye ought to answer every man. 14 Luke, the beloved phy

a Seascned with salt, with piety & and virtue. In allusion to this, probavirtue. We are cold, that salt, on bly, Paul here uses the word. account of its use in preserving food, 6 Toucbing, concerning. and rendering it palatable, was an c. Of the circumcision, of the Jewish ciently made an emblem of wisdom nation


Chap. iv.

salutations. sician,d and Demas, greet be read also in the church of you.

the Laodiceans; and that ye 15 Salute the brethren which likewise read the epistle from are in Laodicea, and Nymphas, Laodicea. and the church which is in his 17 And say to Archippus, house.

Take heed to the ministry 16 And when this epistle is which thou hast received in read among you, cause that it the Lord, that thou fulfil it.

18 The salutation by the d Luke, the beloved physician, the hand of me Paul. Remember same, that wrote the third Gospel, &


bonds. Grace be with you. the Acts of the Apostles. He was

Amen. deser vedly beloved by Paul, having

Written from Rome to the attended him in several of his long and laborious journeys through Asia

Colossians, by Tychicus Minor, Greece, and even into Italy, and Onesimus.



THESSALONICA was a great sea-port town, and at the time Paul visited it, was the metropolis of all the countries, comprehended in the province of Macedonia. It was remarkable for the number, wealth and learning of its inhabitants; but like the other states of Greece, it was idolatrous, and corrupted with all kinds of wickedness.

In the course of Paul's journeying through Asia Minor, he went to Troas, and thence, being warned by a vision, he passed into Macedonia. He first visited Philippi, preached the Gospel there, and laid the foundation of a church; and then went to Thessalonica, where he preached three sabbath days in a synagogue of the Jews. And although he made many converts, more particularly of the idolatrous inhabitants, the greater part of the Jews were opposed to him, and raised such persecution, that he fied from the eity, and went first to Berca, then to Athens, and soon after to Corinth, where he bad not been long, before he learned, that his presence was much needed at Thessalonica to support the church, which he had established there; but being unable at that time conveniently to leave Corinth, he wrote this first Epistle, A. D. 51, and sent it by Timothy, in which he proves the divine origin of the Gospel-answers objections, which the learned Greeks

and prayer.

Paul's thanksgiving I. Thessalonians. might naturally make-vindicates his own conduct in fleeing from them, when the Jews and idolatrous multitudes assaulted the house of Jason, in which he and his companions lodgedand exhorts and encourages the Thessalonians to constancy and perseverance in the doctrines and duties of the Gospel.



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fliction, with joy of the Holy He sheweth his mindfulness Ghost : of them in thanksgiving and hy So that ye were ensamprayer, 5 and persuasion of ples to all that believe in Matheir sincere faith and con- cedonia and Achaia. version.

8 For from you sounded out AUL, and Silvanus, and the word of the Lord,a not

Timotheus, unto the only in Macedonia, & Achaia, church of the Thessalonians, but also in every place your which is in God the Father, faith to God-ward is spread and in the Lord Jesas Christ; abroad; so that we need not Grace be unto you, and peace, to speak any thing. from God our Father, and the 9 For they themselves shew Lord Jesus Christ.

of us what manner of entering 2 We give thanks to God in we had unto you, and how always for you all, making ye turned to God from idols, mention of you in our prayers; to serve the living and true

3 Remembering without God; ceasing your work of faith, & 10 And to wait for his Son labour of love, and patience of from heaven, whom he raised hope in our Lord Jesus Christ, from the dead, even Jesus, in the sight of God, and our which delivered us from the Father;

wrath to ceme. 4 Knowing, brethren beloy. election of God.

CHAP. II. 5 For our Gospel came not 1 How the Gospel unto you in word only, but al unto them, and how they reso in power, and in the Holy ceived it: 17 Why he was Ghost, and in much assurance; desirous to see them, &c. as ye know what manner of

FOR yourselves, brethren, men we were among you for know our entrance in unto

you, that it was not in vain: 6 And ye became followers of and of the Lord, having the Lord, your conversion is much

a From you sounded out the word of us, received the word in much af. talked of not only, &c.

ed, your


was preached

your sake.

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