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Well-doing recommended. Galatians. Of the cross of Christ. flesh, shall of the flesh reap have you circumcised, that corruption ; but he that soweth they may glory in your flesh. to the Spirit, shall of the Spi 14 But God forbid that I rit reap life everlasting. should glory, save in the cross

9 And let us not be weary of our Lord Jesus Christ, by in well-doing; for in due sea- whom the world is crucified son we shall reap, if we faint unto me, and I unto the world. not.

15 For in Christ Jesus nei. 10 As we have, therefore, ther circumcision availeth any opportunity, let us do good thing, nor uncircumcision, but unto all men, especially unto a new ereature, them, who are of the house 16 And as many as walk hold of faith.,

aecording to this rule, peace 11 Ye see how large a let- be on them, and mercy,

and ter I have written unto you npon the Israel of God. with mine own hand.

17 From henceforth let no 12 As many as desire to man trouble me; for I bear in make a fair shew in the flesh, my body the marks of the Lord they constrain you to be cir- Jesus. cumcised; only lest they should 18 Brethren, the grace of suffer persecution for the cross our Lord Jesus Christ be with of Christ.

your spirit. Amen. 13 For neither they themselves, who are circumcised q Unto the Galatians, writkeep the law; but desire to ten from Rome.



EPHESUS was the metropolis of Asia Minor. It was celebrated for its commerce and riches, and for the magnificent temple of the goddess Diana. The inhabitants were a dissolute and idolatrous people, and extremely addicted to magic and divination.

St. Paul first visited this city on his journey from Corinth to Jerusalem, A. D. 53, and preached in the synagogue of the Jews with some prospect of success; but he was at that time unable to continue there, being in haste

go to Jerusalem to keep the feast of Pentecost. He however soon returned and spent three years in preaching the Gospel, first in the synagogue, then in the school of one Tyrannus, and in other places

Of election,

Chap. i.

and ad option. of public resort. Paul therefore having spent so much time and labour in establishing the church at Ephesus, that he might not be wanting in concern for its safety and prosperity, wrote this Epistle while a prisoner at Rome, about A. D. 60 or 61, to secure it against the erroneous doctrines and practices, which the false teachers were endeavouring to introduce into it:

It has been remarked concerning this Epistle, that it contains a more complete system of precepts, respecting the temper which Christians ought to possess, and the duties which they owe to themselves and to eae other, than is to be found in any other of Paul's Epistles.




made us accepted in the be1 Of Election, 5 and adoption, loved.

11 which is the foundation of Ty In whom we have redempman's salvation.

tion through his blood, the forAUL, an apostle of Jesus giveness of sins, according to

, of

to the saints which are at 8 Wherein he hath aboundEphesus, and to the faithful ed toward us in all wisdom and in Christ Jesus :

prudence ; 2 Grace be to you, & peace,

9 Having made known unfrom God our Eather and from to us the mystery of his will,a the Lord Jesus Christ.

according to his good pleasure 3 Blessed be the God and which he hath purposed in Father of our Lord Jesus himself : Christ, who hath blessed us 10 That in the dispensation with all spiritual blessings in of the fulness of times he might heavenly places in Christ


gather together in one all 4 According, as he hath things in Christ, both which chosen us in him before the are in heaven and which are foundation of the world, that on earth; even in him : we should be holy and with 11 In whom also we have out blame before him in love: obtained an inheritance, being

5 Having predestinated us predestinated according to the unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, ac

a The mystery of bis will there

means the salvation of the Gentiles cording to the good pleasure through faith without obedience to of his will,

the law of Moses. It sometimes 6 To the praise of the glo- means the whole doctrine of the ry of his grace, wherein he hath Gospel.

We are created Ephesi

for good works. purpose of him who worketh

being enlightened ; all things after the counsel of that ye may know what is the his own will :

hope of his calling, and what 12 That we should be to the riches of the glory of his to the praise of his glory, who inheritance in the saints, first trusted in Christ.

19 And what is the exceed13 In whom ye also trusted, ing greatness of his power to after that ye heard the word as-ward who believe, accordof truth, the Gospel of your ing to the working of his mighsalvation : in whom also after ty power, that ye believed, ye were seal 20 Which he wrought in ed with that holy Spirit of Christ, when he raised him promise,b

from the dead and set him at 14 Which is the earnest of his own right hand in the heav. our inheritance c until the re- enly places, demption of the purchased 21 Far above all principalpossession, unto the praise of ity, and power, and might, and his glory:

dominion, and every name 15 Wherefore I also, after that is named, not only in this I heard of your faith in the world, but also in that which is Lord Jesus, and love unto all to come : the saints,

22 And hath put all things 16 Cease not to give thanks under his feet, and gave him for you, making mention of to be the head over all things you in my prayers ;

to the church, 17 That the God of our 23 Which is his body, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Father fulness of him that filleth all of glory, may give unto you in all. the spirit of wisdom and reve

CHAP. II. lation in the knowledge of him: 1 What we were by nature, 5 18 The eyes of your under and what we are by grace;

10 we are created for good o re were sealed, &c. In allusion

works. to the custom of merchants, marking

AND you hath he quickened, their parcels of merchandize with seals

, to distinguish them from the who were dead in trespasses goods of others, Christ is said to have and sins; sealed or marked the Gentiles as the

2 Wherein, in time past, ye children of God, by bestowing on walked according to the course them the gifts of the Spirit. of this world, according to the

c Which is the carnest, &c. Earnest prince of the power of the air,a is a small part of the price of a thing the spirit that now worketh in is concluded, & as a pledge, that the the children of disobedience : whole price will be paid at the time a The prince of the power of the air, agreed on

the chief of evil spirits.


The hidden mystery of ii. the Gentiles being saved.

3 Among whom also were without Christ being ahad our conversation in liens from the commonwealth past in the lusts of our flesh, of Israel,c and strangers from fulfilling the desires of the the covenants of promise, hayflesh and of the mind; and ing no hope, and without God were by nature the children of in the world : wrath, even as others.

13 But now, in Christ Je4 But God, who is rich in sus, ye who sometimes were mercy, for his great love afar off, are made nigh by the wherewith he loved us, blood of Christ.

5 Even when we were dead 14 For he is our peace, who in sins, hath quickened us hath made both one,d & bath together with Christ; (by. broken down the middle wall grace ye are saved ;)

of partition between us ;e 6 And hath raised us up to 15 Having abolished in his gether, and made us sit togeth- flesh the enmity even the law of er in heavenly places in Christ commandments contained in or

dinances; for to make in himTiny That in the ages to come

self of twain one new man, so he might shew the exceeding making peace; riches

of his grace in his kind 16 And that he might reness toward us, through Christ concile both f unto God in one Jesus.

body g by the cross, having 8 For by grace are ye sav

slain the enmity thereby ; ed through faith ; and that 17 And came and preached not of yourselves ; it is the peace to you which were afar gift of God; 9 Not of works, lest any from the Jewish nation.

6 Being aliens, &c. Being alienated man should boast.

d Who bath made both Jews & Gen10 For we are his workman- tiles one people of God. ship, created in Christ Jesus e Hath broken down the middle wall unto good works, which God of partition between Because hath before ordained that we

the Jews were separated from all should walk in them.

the nations, and made the people of 11 Wherefore remember, Paul calls the law, the middle wall of

God exclusively, by the law of Moses, that ye being in time past Gen- separation, in allusion to the wall, tiles in the flesh, who are which separated the court of Israel called Uncircumcision by that from the court of the Gentiles : and which is called the Circum- Jesus Christ by his death, having cision in the flesh made by that is, having abolished the law of

broken down the separating wall; hands

Moses, hath united both Jews and 12 That at that time ye Gentiles in one church. b Through grace or the mere favoar f Borb Jews and Gentiles. sated.

8 In one body, in one church,

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of God, are ge

Exhortations to unity, Ephesians.

and to put on off, and to them that were 5 Which in other ages was nigh.

not made known unto the sons 18 For through him we of men, as it is now revealed both have access by one Spirit unto his holy apostles and unto the Father.

prophets by the Spirit ; 19 Now, therefore, ye are 6 That the Gentiles should no more strangers and foreign- be fellow-heirs, and of the crs, but fellow-citizens with same body, and partakers of the saints, and of the house- his promise in Christ by the hold of God;

Gospel : 20 And are built upon the 7 Whereof I was made a foundation of the apostles and minister, according to the gift prophets, Jesus Christ himself of the grace of God given unbeing the chief corner-stone ; to me by the effectual working

21 In whom all the building, of his power. fitly framed together, groweth 8 Unto me, who am less unto an holy temple in the than the least of all saints, is Lord :

this grace given, that I should 22 In whom ye also are preach among the Gentiles the builded together for an habi- unsearchable riches of Christ; tation of God through the

9 And to make all men see Spirit.

what is the fellowship of the ČHAP. III.

mystery, which from the beThe hidden mystery that the ginning of the world hath been

Gentiles should be saved. hid in God, who created all

For this cause I Paul, the things by Jesus Christ : prisoner of Jesus Christ for 10 To the intent that now you Gentiles,

unto the principalities and 2 If ye have heard of the powers in heavenly places dispensation of the grace of might be known by the church God which is given me to you- the manifold wisdom of God, ward :

11 According to the eter3 How that by revelation nal purpose which he purposhe made known unto me the ed in Christ Jesus our Lord; mystery ;a (as I wrote afore 12 In whom we have boldin few words,

ness and access with confidence 4 Whereby, when ye read, by the faith of him. ye may understand my knowl: 13 Wherefore I desire that edge in the mystery of Christ,) ye faint not at my tribulations

for you, which is your glory, & Mystery of the Gentiles being admitted joint heirs with the Jews of

14 For this cause I bow my the blessings of the Gospel without knees unto the Father of our being obliged to observe the law of Lord Jesus Christ, Moses.

15 Of whom the whole fam

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