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« LEARNING elevates the lowest orders of society, stamps the highest value on
nobility, and to Princes is the most splendid gem in the diadem of royalty.” :



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Sold by Becket and PORTER, Booksellers, in Pall Malt...


Strahan and Preston, Printers-Street, London.


• OF THE Titles, Authors' Names, &c. of the Pub

lications reviewed in this Volume.

N. B. For REMARKABLE Passages in the Criticisms and

Extracts, see the INDE X, at the End of the Volume.

For the Names, also, of the Authors of new Dissertations, or other curious Papers, published in the Memoirs and TRANSACTIOns of the Sciencific ACADEMIES at Home or on the Continent, and also for the Titles of those Dissertations, &c. of which Accounts are given in the Review, see the Index, printed at the End of each Volume.

Bank-notes, See Bullion. See Considera.

* tions. ACCOMPLISHED Youth, Page Bankruptcy, National, Reflections on, 319

99 Agnes, à Poem,

324 Barbauld, Mrs., Eighteen hundred and Äppeal to Common Sense, 08 Eleven, a Poem,

- 428 Arnot's Address to the Nation, 439 Barker's Edition of Cicero de Senectute, Article, Greek, See Veysie.


327 Auctioneering, ruinous Tendency of, Bentham on Punishments and Rewards,

446 :continued, 71, 178 ; concluded, 305 Audouin's History of the Art of War, Bible Society, See Report, Marsb,

509. Clarke.

Bidlake's Bampton Lectures, 394
Black's 'Translation of Humboldt on

New Spain, Vols. I. and II, concluded,

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