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t ver. 14

u ver. 4, &c.

X ver. 30.

31. Matt.6

17 16. & 19.8& 20.17.Numbs.

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11, 13, 16.

d ver. 17

13. & 15

1 ver. 2.
+ Heb. any
* Heb.


the land.

ple of

b ver. 23

The sin offering for the ruler, fc.


Offerings for divers sins. he burned the first bullock: it is a sin thereof, as the fat of the lamb is taken offering for the congregation.

away from the sacrifice of the peace of-
22 | When a ruler hath sinned, and ferings; and the priest shall burn them
• ver. 2, 13. 'done somewhat through ignorance against upon the altar, according to the offer- 1 ch.3.5

any of the commandments of the LORD ings made by fire unto the LORD: *and k ver. 36, 31.
his God concerning things which should the priest shall make an atonement for
not be done, and is guilty;

his sin that he hath committed, and it
23 Or if his sin, wherein he hath shall be forgiven him.
sinned, come to his knowledge; he shall
bring his offering, a kid of the goats, a

male without blemish :

1 He that sinneth in concealing his knowledge,

2 in touching an unclean thing, 4 or in mak24 And "he shall lay his hand upon

ing an oath. 6 His trespass offering, of the the head of the goat, and kill it in the

flock, 7 of fowls, ll or of Aour. 14 The tresplace where they kill the burnt offering pass offering in sacrilege, 17 and in sins of before the Lord: it is a sin offering. ignorance.

25. A redhe thien priesin shaithtakie of the ANP sfasoul sin, and hear the voice and put it upon the horns of the altar of ther he hath seen or known of it; if he burnt offering, and shall pour out his do not utter it, then he shall bear his b ver.17, eh. blood at the bottom of the altar of burnt iniquity. offering.

2 Or if a soul touch any unclean 9.13 26 And he shall burn all his fat upon thing, whether it be a carcase of an unch. 11, 24,

the altar, as 'the fat of the sacrifice of clean beast, or a carcase of unclean cat. Numb. 19 Kunt. 15.28. peace offerings : " and the priest shall tle, or the carcase of unclean creeping

make an atonement for him as concern- things, and if it be hidden from him; he
ing his sin, and it shall be forgiven him. also shall be unclean, and guilty.

27 [ And “if ťany one of the I com 3 Or if he touch the uncleanness of ch. 12. &
mon people sin through ignorance, while man, whatsoever uncleanness it be that a
he doeth somewhat against any of the man shall be defiled withal, and it be hid
commandments of the Lord, concerning from him; when he knoweth of it, then
things which ought not to be done, and shall he be guilty..
be guilty;

4 Or if a soul swear, pronouncing with 28 Or if his sin, which he hath sinned, his lips 'to do evil, or to do good, what is the Saces come to his knowledge : then he shall soever it be that a man shall pronounce 23. 12 bring his offering, a kid of the goats, a with an oath, and it be hid from him ; & female without blemish, for his sin which when he knoweth of it, then he shall be he hath sinned.

guilty in one of these. 29 And he shall lay his hand upon the 5 And it shall be, when he shall be head of the sin offering, and slay the sin guilty in one of these things, that he shall offering in the place of the burnt offering. - confess that he hath sinned in that thing: le ch. 16. 21.

30 And the priest shall take of the 6 And he shall bring his trespass of Numbi 37: blood thereof with his finger, and put it fering unto the Lord for his sin which he 12 upon the horns of the altar of burnt of- hath sinned, a female from the flock, a fering, and shall pour out all the blood lamb or a kid of the goats, for a sin ofthereof at the bottom of the altar. fering; and the priest shall make an a

31 And he shall take away all the fat tonement for him concerning his sin. thereof, o as the fat is taken away from off 7 And 'if the be not able to bring a ich. 12 && the sacrifice of peace offerings; and the lamb, then he shall bring for his trespass, Heb. kis priest shall burn it upon the altar for a which he hath committed, two turtle- reach to the sweet savour unto the LORD; and the doves, or two young pigeons, unto the one thamanice of priest shall make an atonement for him, Lord; one for a sin offering, and the k ch. 1. 14. and it forgiven

for a offering.

fering, he shall bring it a female without priest, who shall offer that which is for

the sin offering first, and I wring off his I ch. a 15.
33 And he shall lay his hand upon the head from his neck, but shall not divide
head of the sin offering, and slay it for a it asunder:
sin offering in the place where they kill 9 And he shall sprinkle of the blood
the burnt offering.

of the sin offering upon the side of the 34 And the priest shall take of the altar; and the rest of the blood shall m. ch. 2,70 blood of the sin offering with his finger, be wrung out at the bottom of the altar : and put it upon the horns of the altar of it is a sin offering. burnt offering, and shall pour out all the 10 And he shall offer the second for a : Or, erdi blood thereof at the bottom of the altar: burnt offering, according to the || "man- new 35 And he shall take away all the fat ner: °and the priest shall make an atone- o ch. • *

See Mark

e ver. 4. 24.

Ezra 10. ,

d di 3. 14. • ch. 3 3

f Exod. 2918. eb. 1.9.

& fer. 26.

hver. 28.

nch. 1.




2, 3.
f Exod. 9.

cb. 19.

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Luke 19.

being found guilty.

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The trespass offering


The law of the burnt offering. ment for him for his sin which he hath 3 Or have found that which was lost, sioned, and it shall be forgiven him. and lieth concerning it, and 'sweareth

11 But if he be not able to bring two falsely; in any of all these that a man eDeut. 22.1, turtledoves, or two young pigeons, then doeth, sinning therein: be that sinned shall bring for his offering 4 Then it shall be, because he hath 11.

the tenth part of an ephah of fine flour sinned, and is guilty, that he shall restore zechces. I Prands for a sin offering; Phe shall put no oil that which he took violently away, or the

upon it, neither shall be put any frank- thing which he hath deceitfully gotten, or
incense thereon: for it is a sin offering. that which was delivered him to keep, or

12 Then shall he bring it to the priest, the lost thing which he found,

and the priest shall take his handful of 5 Or all that about which he hath #ch 25 it,' even a memorial thereof, and burn it sworn falsely; he shall even restore it in rcbus: 16.

on the altar, 'according to the offerings the principal, and shall add the fifth part a Sam. 126
made by fire unto the LORD: it is a sin more thereto, and give it unto him to

whom it appertaineth, ll + in the day of 2017, in the
13 'Ănd the priest shall make an atone- his trespass offering.
ment for him as touching his sin that he 6 And he shall bring his trespass offering Heb. in the
hath sinned in one of these, and it shall unto the LORD, "a ram without blemish day of his
be forgiven him; and the remnant shall out of the flock, with thy estimation, for bch. 5. 15.
be the priest's, as a meat offering. a trespass offering, unto the priest :

149 And the LORD spake unto Moses, 7 And the priest shall make an atone- ich. q. 26. saying,

ment for him before the LORD: and it 15 "If a soul commit a trespass, and shall be forgiven him for any thing of all

sin through ignorance, in the holy things that he hath done in trespassing therein. sEzra 18.19 of the LORD; then * he shall bring for his 8 | And the LORD spake unto Moses,

trespass unto the LORD a ram without saying,
blemish out of the flocks, with thy esti-

9 Command Aaron and his sons, sayen mation by shekels of silver, after the ing, This is the law of the burnt offering:

shekel of the sanctuary, for a trespass It is the burnt offering, || because of the 101, for the offering :

burning upon the altar all night unto the 16 And he shall make amends for the morning, and the fire of the altar shall be harm that he hath done in the holy thing, burning in it.

* and "shall add the fifth part thereto, and 10 " And the priest shall put on his yang 63. give it unto the priest: "and the priest linen garment, and his linen breeches 49; 41, 43. adh. .shall make an atonement for him with shall he put upon his flesh, and take up 18.

the ram of the trespass offering, and it the ashes which the fire hath consumed
shall be forgiven him.

with the burnt offering on the altar, and
17 ? And if a soul sin, and commit he shall put them beside the altar.
any of these things which are forbidden 11 And he shall put off his garments, Ezek. 44.

to be done by the commandments of the and put on other garments, and carry Svet25.c. LORD; though he wist it not, yet is he forth the ashes without the camp unto Pu19 iz guilty, and shall bear his iniquity. a clean place.

18 And he shall bring a ram without 12 And the fire upon the altar shall be blemish out of the flock, with thy esti- burning in it; it shall not be put out: and mation, for a trespass offering, unto the the priest shall burn wood on it every priest: 'and the priest shall make an morning, and lay the burnt offering in atonement for him concerning his igno- order upon it; and he shall burn thereon rance wherein he erred and wist it not, the fat of the


offerings. and it shall be forgiven him.

13 The fire shall ever be burning upon Em 2 .

19 It is a trespass offering: 5 he hath the altar; it shall never go out. certainly trespassed against the LORD. 14 q 'And this is the law of the meat Ruchbisn.

offering: the sons of Aaron shall offer it

before the Lord, before the altar.
1 The trespass offering for sins done wittingly.
8 The law of the burnt offering, 14 and of the flour of the meat offering, and of

15 And he shall take of it his handful,
the meat offering. 19 The offering at the
comsecration of a priest. 24 The law of the the oil thereof, and all the frankincense
sin offering.

which is upon the meat offering, and

ND the LORD spake unto Moses, shall burn it upon the altar for a sweet

savour, even the memorial of it, unto 9 ch. 2. 2, 9.
2 If a soul sin, and commit a trespass the Lord.
against the LORD, and lie unto his neigh 16 And 'the remainder thereof shall . ch. 2. 3.
bour in that which was delivered to him Aaron and his sons eat:'with unleavened
to keep, or in 11 + fellowship, or in a thing bread. shall it be eaten in the holy place; Munib. š.10.

taken away by violence, or hath ade in the court of the tabernacle of the con45* i ceived his neighbour;

gregation they shall eat it.

Ezek. 44.17,

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1 ch. 1. 16.

uch. 4.12.

Lake 12.8

ver. 1, 2 . rer. 15

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och.3.3, 9,


Acts 5+
Cal. 36
« Exod. 22.

Ezek. 41. 29. over. 2. ch.

Pror. 24





a ch.5. & 6.

tch. %. 11.

9, 10.
X ver. 25.
ch. 2. 3. &
7. 1. Exod.
29. 37

c ch. I. 3, 5, 11. & 4. 24,

z ch. 3. 17.

& 4.8, 9. Exod. 29. 13.

6 Exod. 292,

fch. 2. 3.

26.& 14.13

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or, slice.

The law of the sin offering.


The law of the trespass offering. 17 t It shall not be baken with leaven.


IKEWISE this is the 'law of the "I have given it unto them for their por trespass offering: bit is most holy.

tion of my offerings made by fire; "it is 2 'In the place where they kill the Numb. 18. most holy, as is the sin offering, and as burnt offering shall they kill the trespass 6ch

. 6. 17, the trespass offering. offering: and the blood thereof shall he 23. & 21. 22

. 18 "All the males among the children sprinkle round about upon the altar.

of Aaron shall eat of it. It shall be a 3 And he shall offer of it d all the fat 29, 33. Numu. 1.10. statute for ever in your generations con- thereof; the rump, and the fat that co-10,14,15.

cerning the offerings of the LORD made vereth the inwards, 3by fire: every one that toucheth them 4 And the two kidneys, and the fat Exod. 29. 37. shall be holy.

that is on them, which is by the flanks,
19 And the LORD spake unto Moses, and the caul that is above the liver, with

the kidneys, it shall he take away:
20 This is the offering of Aaron and 5 And the priest shall burn them upon
of his sons, which they shall offer unto the the altar for an offering made by fire unto

Lord in the day when he is anointed; the the Lord; it is a trespass offering.
Exod. 16. tenth part of an “ephah of fine flour for a 6° Every male among the priests shall ech. 6. 16,1%,

meat offering perpetual, half of it in the eat thereof: it shall be eaten in the holy 18.9, 10. morning, and half thereof at night. place: 'it is most holy.

21 In a pan it shall be made with oil; 7 As the sin offering is, so is the rich 6.252 and when it is baken, thou shalt bring it trespass offering there is one law for in: and the baken pieces of the meat of them: the priest that maketh atonement fering shalt thou offer for a sweet savour therewith shall have it. unto the LORD.

8 And the priest that offereth any 22 And the priest of his sons that is man's burnt offering, even the priest shall

anointed in his stead shall offer it: it is a have to himself the skin of the burnt Exod. 29. statute for ever unto the LORD; "it shall offering which he hath offered. be wholly burnt.

9 And all the meat offering that is being in te 23 For every meat offering for the baken in the oven, and all that is dressed Ezek. 4. 79 priest shall be wholly burnt: it shall not in the fryingpan, and || in the pan, shall have be me be eaten.

be the priests that offereth it.
24 | And the LORD spake unto Moses, 10 And every meat offering, mingled

with oil, and dry, shall all the sons of
25 Speak unto Aaron and to his sons, Aaron have, one as much as another.

saying, "This is the law of the sin offering: 11 | And this is the law of the sacri- i ch.3.1. & en s 6 In the place where the burnt offering is fice of peace offerings, which he shall

killed shall the sin offering be killed be- offer unto the Lord.
fore the Lord: hit is most holy.

12 If he offer it for a thanksgiving, 26 'The priest that offereth it for sin then he shall offer with the sacrifice of 18. Numb. shall eat it: *in the holy place shall it be thanksgiving unleavened cakes mingled Ezek. 44.28, eaten, in the court of the tabernacle of with oil, and unleavened wafers kanointed child the congregation.

with oil, and cakes mingled with oil, of 27 Whatsoever shall touch the flesh fine flour, fried. thereof shall be holy: and when there is 13 Beside the cakes, he shall offer for sprinkled of the blood thereof upon any his offering 'leavened bread with the sacri- 1 Amos 4.5 garment, thou shalt wash that whereon fice of thanksgiving of his peace offerings. it was sprinkled in the holy place.

14 And of it he shall offer one out of 28 But the earthen vessel wherein it the whole oblation for an heave offering in ch.11.33. is sodden “shall be broken : and if it be unto the LORD," and it shall be the priest's 5, 11, 19.

sodden in a brasen pot, it shall be both that sprinkleth the blood of the peace
scoured, and rinsed in water,

29 " All the males among the priests 15 "And the flesh of the sacrifice of his a ch. 92. 3.
shall eat thereof: 'it is most holy. peace offerings for thanksgiving shall be

30 'And no sin offering, whereof any eaten the same day that it is offered; be 10:18. 8 16 of the blood is brought into the taber shall not leave any of it until the morning.

nacle of the congregation to reconcile 16 But oif the sacrifice of his offering ;, ch. 19. 6.
withal in the holy place, shall be eaten : be a vow, or a voluntary offering, it shall
it shall be burnt in the fire.

be eaten the same day that he offereth

his sacrifice: and on the morrow also the CHAP. VII.

remainder of it shall be eaten:
1 The law of the trespass offering, 11 and of

17 But the remainder of the flesh of
the peace offerings, 12 whether it be for a
thanksgiving, 18 or a vow, or a freewill the sacrifice on the third day shall be
offering. 22 The fat, 26 and the blood, are

burnt with fire.
Forbidden. 28 The priests' portion in the 18 And if any of the flesh of the sacri.
peace offerings.

fice of his peace offerings be eaten at all

fch. 4. 2.

22. 18, 21.

29, 33.
b ver. 17.
ch. 21. 92
i eh. 10. 17

Numb. 6. 15

k ver. 16.
I Exod. 29.
37. & 30, 29.

m Numb. 18.

& 15. 12.

n ver. 18
• ver, 25
p ch.4.7711,
12, 18, 21. &

Hebr. 13. 11.




q ch. 11. 16,

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d. 11.&

I ch. 6. 25 m ver. 1.

Exod. 29.

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o ver. 11.

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A Noithe Lord spake unto Moses,

The fat and blood forbidden.


Aaron and his sons consecrated. on the third day, it shall not be ac- | offerings, and have given them unto Aaron 11e cepted, neither shall it be imputed the priest and unto his sons by a statute p Nana ia unto him that offereth it: it shall be an for ever from among the children of Israel.

Sabomination, and the soul that eateth 35 f This is the portion of the anointing 11, 41. & 19 of it shall bear his iniquity.

of Aaron, and of the anointing of his sons, 19 And the flesh that toucheth any out of the offerings of the Lord made by unclean thing shall not be eaten; it shall fire, in the day when he presented them be burnt with fire: and as for the flesh, to minister unto the Lord in the priest's all that be clean shall eat thereof. office;

20 But the soul that eateth of the flesh 36 Which the LORD commanded to be

of the sacrifice of peace offerings, that given them of the children of Israel, "in heb. 8. 12 rcà % perlain unto the LORD, 'having his un- the day that he anointed them, by a statute 13, 15

clean dess upon him, even that soul 'shall for ever throughout their generations.
be cut off from his people.

37 This is the law of the burnt offer- i ch. 6.9. 21. Moreover the soul that shall touch ing, * of the meat offering, and of the sin k ch.6.14.

any unclean thing, as the uncleanness of offering, " and of the trespass offering, *&.11.8 man, or any unclean beast, or any "abo- "and of the consecrations, and of the nch. 6. 20.

minable unclean thing, and eat of the flesh sacrifice of the peace offerings;
of the sacrifice of peace offerings, which 38 Which the LORD commanded Mo-
pertain unto the LORD, even that soul ses in mount Sinai, in the day that he
shall be cut off from his people. commanded the children of Israel Pto p ch. 1. 2.

22 | And the LORD spake unto Mo- offer their oblations unto the Lord, in the
ses, saying,

wilderness of Sinai. 23 Speak unto the children of Israel,

CHAP. VIII. 5 ch.3.17. saying, "Ye shall eat no manner of fat, 1 Moses consecrateth Aaron and his sons.

14 of ox, or of sheep, or of goat.

Their sin offering. 18 Their burnt offering. 24 And the fat of the beast that 22 The ram of consecrations. 31 The place 15 Deur

. 4 dieth of itself, and the fat of that which and time of their consecration. 14.64.31. is torn with 'beasts, may be used in any

other use: but ye shall in no wise eat of it

25 For whosoever eateth the fat of the 2 * Take Aaron and his sons with him, . Exod. 29. beast, of which men offer an offering made and the garments, and the anointing Exoch

. 28. by fire unto the LORD, even the soul that oil, and a bullock for the sin offering, and 2, 4, eateth it shall be cut off from his people. two rams, and a basket of unleavened 24, 25.

26 " Moreover ye shall eat no manner bread;
17. 14 of blood, whether it be of fowl or of beast, 3 And gather thou all the congrega-
in any of your dwellings.

tion together unto the door of the taber-
27 Whatsoever soul it be that eateth nacle of the congregation,
any manner of blood, even that soul shall 4 And Moses did as the LORD com-
be cut off from his people.

manded him; and the assembly was ga-
28 | And the Lord spake unto Moses, thered together unto the door of the ta-

bernacle of the congregation. 29 Speak unto the children of Israel, 5 And Moses said unto the congregasaying, 'He that offereth the sacrifice of tion, a This is the thing which the Lord d Exod. 29. his peace offerings unto the Lord shall commanded to be done. bring his oblation unto the Lord of the 6 And Moses brought Aaron and his sacrifice of his peace offerings.

sons, and washed them with water. 30 His own hands shall bring the 7'' And he put upon him the & coat, f Exod. 29. offerings of the Lord made by fire, the and girded him with the girdle, and cloth- 5. fat with the breast, it shall he bring, that ed him with the robe, and put the ephod 4 the breast may be waved for a wave of

upon him, and he girded him with the Safering before the LORD.

curious girdle of the ephod, and bound it
31 4 And the priest shall burn the fat unto him therewith.
upon the altar; but the breast shall be 8 And he put the breastplate upon
Aaron's and his sons'.

him: also he " put in the breastplate the h Exod. 28. Lamb.

32 And the right shoulder shall ye Urim and the Thummim.
give unto the priest for an heave offering 9 · And he put the mitre upon his i Exod. 29-
of the sacrifices of your peace offerings. head; also upon the mitre, even upon his

33 He among the sons of Aaron, that forefront, did he put the golden plate,
offereth the blood of the peace offerings, the holy crown; as the LORD

and the fat, shall have the right shoulder manded Moses. 3 Exod. for his part.

10 ? And Moses took the anointing oil, 34 For the wave breast and the heave and anointed the tabernacle and all that Mike, shoulder have I taken of the children of was therein, and sanctified them. Israel from off the sacrifices of their peace 11 And he sprinkled thereof upon the

c Exod. 30.

Gen 4 de 17.


e Exod. 29.

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& Exod. 28.

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in ch. 21. 10, 12. Exod. 29.


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15 n Exod. 99. 8, 9. + Heb. bound.

o Exod. 29
10. Fizek.
43. 19.
p ch. 4. 4.


q Exod. 29. 12, 36. ch.

P.xod. 29. 13. ch.4.&

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31, 32.

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29. 14.

Fixod. 2915.


Aaron's and his sons' burnt offering. LEVITICUS. The place and time of their consecration.

altar seven times, and anointed the altar oiled bread, and one wafer, and put them
and all his vessels, both the laver and his on the fat, and upon the right shoulder :
foot, to sanctify them.

27 And he put all’ upon Aaron's hands, 2 Exod. 2).
12 And he poured of the anointing and upon his sons' hands, and waved them 24 &c.
* 30.30. oil upon Aaron's head, and anointed him, for a wave offering before the LORD.
Ecclus. 15. to sanctify him.

28 * And Moses took them from off a Exod. 29.
13 " And Moses brought Aaron's sons, their hands, and burnt them on the altar
and put coats upon them, and girded upon the burnt offering: they were con-
them with girdles, and †put bonnets upon secrations for a sweet savour : it is an
them; as the LORD commanded Moses. offering made by fire unto the Lord.

14 T° And he brought the bullock for 29 And Moses took the breast, and
the sin offering: and Aaron and his sons waved it for a wave offering before the
Plaid their hands upon the head of the Lord: for of the ram of consecration it
bullock for the sin offering.

was Moses' part; as the LORD command- u Exod. 29. 15 And he slew it; I and Moses tooked Moses. Ezek. the blood, and put it upon the horns of 30 And Moses took of the anointing Exod. 29. fiebr. 9. n. the altar round about with his finger, and oil, and of the blood which was upon the Numb.3.3

purified the altar, and poured the blood altar, and sprinkled it upon Aaron, and
at the bottom of the altar, and sanctified upon his garments, and upon his sons,
it, to make reconciliation upon it. and upon his sons' garments with him;

16' And he took all the fat that was and sanctified Aaron, and his garments,
upon the inwards, and the caul above the and his sons, and his sons' garments with
liver, and the two kidneys, and their fat, him.
and Moses burned it upon the altar. 31 | And Moses said unto Aaron and

17 But the bullock, and his hide, 'his to his sons, «Boil the flesh at the door of d Exod. 29.

flesh, and his dung, he burnt with fire the tabernacle of the congregation: and ch ... without the camp, as the LORD Scom- there eat it with the bread that is in the manded Moses.

basket of consecrations, as I commanded,
18 1' And he brought the ram for the saying, Aaron and his sons shall eat it.
burnt offering: and Aaron and his sons 32 And that which remaineth of the • Exod. 29.
laid their hands upon the head of the ram. Alesh and of the bread shall ye burn with

19 And he killed it; and Moses sprink- fire.
led the blood upon the altar round about. 33 And ye shall not go out of the door

20 And he cut the ram into pieces; of the tabernacle of the congregation in
and Moses burnt the head, and the pieces, seven days, until the days of your conse-
and the fat.

cration be at an end: for seven days ffxock 2 21 And he washed the inwards and the shall he consecrate you. legs in water; and Moses burnt the 34 6 As he hath done this day, so the s Hebr.7.16. whole ram upon the altar: it was a burnt LORD hath commanded to do, to make

sacrifice for a sweet savour, and an offer an atonement for you. Exod. 29. ing made by fire unto the LORD; "as the 35 Therefore shall ye abide at the door LORD commanded Moses.

of the tabernacle of the congregation day
22 9 And " he brought the other ram, and night seven days, and keep the charge u Namb. 3-
the ram of consecration: and Aaron and of the LORD, that ye die not: for so I am Deutik.s.
his sons laid their hands upon the head commanded.
of the ram.

36 So Aaron and his sons did all things
23 And he slew it; and Moses took which the Lord commanded by the hand
of the blood of it, and put it upon the tip of Moses.
of Aaron's right ear, and upon the thumb

of his right hand, and upon the great toe
of his right foot.

1 The first offerings of Aaron, for himself and
24 And he brought Aaron's sons, and

the people. 8 The sin offering, 12 and the

burnt offering for himself. 15 The offerMoses put of the blood upon the tip of ings for the people. 23 Moses and Aaron their right ear, and upon the thumbs of bless the people. 24 Fire cometh from the their right hands, and upon the great toes Lord, upon the altar.

ND `it came to pass on the eighth Ezek. 43the blood upon the altar round about.

25 * And he took the fat, and the his sons, and the elders of Israel; rump, and all the fat that was upon the 2 And he said unto Aaron, Takech 43% inwards, and the caul above the liver, and thee a young calf for a sin offering, and 29.1. the two kidneys, and their fat, and the a ram for a burnt offering, without ble- ccb. 8. 18. right shoulder:

mish, and offer them before the Lord. y Exod. 29. 26 'And out of the basket of unleaven 3 And unto the children of Israel thou

ed bread, that was before the Lord, he shalt speak, saying, " Take ye a kid of the ch.23 took one unleavened cake, and a cake of goats for a sin offering; and a calf and a & 18 19

30, 35. Ezek. 43. 33, .


w Exod. 29. 19, 31

1 Kings 2. 3.

of their right feet: and Moses sprinkled | A day, that Moses called Aaron and


x Exod. 29.



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