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In that fhort acquaintance I had with that reverend learned fervant of Chrift, Bishop Ufher, he has often, from first to last, been importuning me to write a Directory for the feveral ranks of profeffed Chriftians, which might diftinctly give each one their portion; beginning with the Unconverted, and then proceeding to the babes in Christ, and then to the Strong, and mxing fome fpecial helps against the feveral fins that they are addicted to. By the fuddenness of his motion at our first congrefs, I perceived it was on his mind before and I told him, both that it was abundantly done by many already, and that his unacquaintedness with my weakness, might make him think me fitter for it than I was. But this did not fatisfy him, but ftill he made it his request. I confefs I was not moved by his reasons, nor did I apprehend any great need of doing more than is done in that way; nor that I was likely to do more: And therefore I parted from him without the leaft purpose to answer his defire. But fince his death his words often came into my mind, and the great reverence I bore him, did the more incline me to think with fome complacency of his motion. And having of late intended to write a A

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Family Directory, I began to apprehend how congruoufly the forementioned work fhould lead the way; and the feveral conditions of men's fouls be fpoken of, before we come to the feveral relations. Hereupon I refolved, by God's affiftance, to proceed in order following:

First, To fpeak to the Impenitent Unconverted finners, who are not yet fo much as purpofing to turn, or at least are not fetting about the work. And with these I thought a wakening perfuafive was a more neceffary means than mere directions. For directions fuppofe men willing to obey them: but the perfons we have first to deal with, are wilful and fast asleep in fin, and as men that are paft feeling, having given themselves over to fin with greedinefs, Eph. iv. 19. My next work must be for those that have fome purposes to turn, and are about the work, to direct for a thorough and true converfion that they miscarry not in the birth. The third part must be directions for the younger and weaker fort of Christians, that they may be established, built up and perfevere. The fourth part, Directions for lapfed and backfliding Chrif tians, for their fafe recovery. Befides thefe, there is intended fome Perfuafions and Directions against some special errors of the times, and against fome common killing fins; as for directions to doubting troubled confciences, that is done already. And the strong I fhall not write directions for, because they are fo much taught in God already. And then the last part is intended moré especially for

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Families; as fuch, directing the feveral Relations in their Duty; fome of these are already written: whether I fhall have life and leifure for the reft, God only knoweth. And therefore I fhall publish the several parts by themselves as I write them: and the rather because they are intended for men of different states, and because I would not deter them by the bulk or price, from reading what is written for their benefit.

The ufe that this part is published for is, 1. For Masters and Parents to read often in their Families, if they have servants or children that are yet Unconverted. 2. For all fuch unconverted perfons to read and confider of themselves. 3. For the richer fort that have any pity for fuch miserable fouls, to give to the unfanctified that need them, (if they have not fitter at hand to use or give.)

The Lord awaken us to work, while it is day, for the faving of our own and others fouls, in fubferviency to the bleed God, the Maker, the Redeemer, and the Sanctifier of Souls.


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