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SERM. this foundation faith elevateth the affections XV. to divine things, it exciteth fervent desires

to the perfection of virtue, producing an inviolable resolution to pursue it constantly as the greatest good of man; it supporteth the mind under all difficulties, and enableth it to resist and to conquer temptations, and giveth an heavenly turn to the temper and the whole conversation, which is formed upon the motives of religious virtue, particularly the hope of seeing God hereafter more perfectly than he can be feen now, and being fully satisfied with his likeness.

If there be such an excellence in faith, if it so improveth the powers of the believing mind, and exalteth its condition, how much are we indebted to the mercy of God for the christian revelation ? The principal objects of faith are the being, the perfections, and counsels of God towards men, and that he is a rewarder of them who diligently seek him. These points are clearly discovered in the gospel : No man bath feen God at any time, the only begotten Son, which is in the bofom of the Father, be bath declared him, John i. 18. And be bató brought life and immortality to light through the gospel. If therefore we have embraced this revelation upon a full conviction of its truth and divine


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authority, it may be reasonably expected we Serm. should do more than others; that our affec- XV. tions should be set on things above, that being renewed in the spirit of our minds, we pould prove what is the good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God, and that we should live, as the apostle faith he did, Gal. ii. 20. biy the faith of the son of God, that is, order our whole conversation conformably to his doctrine.

In conclusion, let us every one for ourfelves judge whether we walk by faith or fight, or what is the true character of our temper and converfation. One would think it should not be very difficult for men to know the governing principle of their own actions; what are the motives which generally influence them, and the views they habitually and uniformly pursue; yet so it is, that many deceive themselves in this important matter; they are conscious of believing the truths of religion, and pay some regard to it in practice, at least, so far as to attend its positive institutions, and abstain from gross acts of impiety, at the same time their affections to things on earth are very strong, and they have a principal share in their pursuit. I hope what hath been said may assist us in determining this point, if we are disposed

Serm. to examine impartially. Do the objects of XV. faith engage our attention, and have they the

ascendant in our hearts above all others ? Are the things of the world, the pleafures of sense, riches, and honours, purfued in subordination to them? Are virtue knowledge, temperance, patience, godliness, and charity added to our faith? And doth it produce the works of righteoufness habitually in our lives? For by them it is that faith is made perfect? If it be fo, we are in Christ Jesus, 'and Mall be accepted as beirs according to the hope of eternal life.

The End of the THIRD VOLUME.

A. M 1 L'LAR.

I. T HE Works of the Learned Ifaac Barrow,

T D. D. late Master of Trinity College, Cambridge ; being all his English Works. The 5th Edit. In 3 vol. Containing, in Vol. I. thirty two Sermons preached upon several Occasions ; a brief Exposition of the Creed, the Lord's Prayer, Decalogue, and the Doctrine of the Sacraments; a Treatise of the Pope's Supremacy; and a Discourse on the 'Unity of the Church. Vol. II. Thirty-four Sermons, ard Expositions upon all the Articles in the Apostles Creed. Vol. III. Forty-five Sermons'upon several Occasions ; with Tables of Contents to each Volure. The Whole publifhed by his Grace Dr. John Tillotson, late Archbishop of Canterbury. To which is prefixed some Account of the Life of the Author.

II. A Critical and Practical Exposition of the Pena tateuch, with Notes theological, moral, philosophical, critical, and historical. To which are subjoined two Dissertations, the first on the Mosaic History of the Creation ; the other on the Destruction of the seven Nations of Canaan.

III. Mathe : or, The Colmctheoria Puerilis. A Dia. logue. In which the first Principles of Philosophy and Astronomy are accommodated to the Capacity of young Persons ; or such as have yet no Tincture of these Sciences. Hence the Principles of Natural Religion are deduced. In 2 vols. The 2d Edition. To which is added an Index.

IV. An Enquiry into the Nature of the Human Soul; wherein the Immateriality of the Soul is evinced from the Principles of Reason and Philosophy. In 2 vols. The 3d Edit. corrected. By the Author of Matho. To which is added an Index. “ He who would see the justest and precisest No

66 tions of God and the Soul, may read this
“ Book; one of the most finished of the kind,
“ in my humble Opinion, that the present
“ Times, greatly advanced in true Philosophy,

have produced.”.
See Warburton's Divine Legation of Moses de-
monstrated, p. 395. of the ist Edit.

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V. An Appendix to the First Part of the Enquiry into the Nature of the Human Soul, wherein the Principles laid down there, are cleared from fome Objections; and the Government of the Deity in the material World is vindicated, or shewn not to be carried on by Mechanism and second Causes. By the Author of the Enquiry into the Nature of the Human Soul.

VI. The History of the Propagation of Christianity, and the Overthrow of Paganism. Wherein the Christian Religion is confirmed; the Rise and Progress of Heathenish Idolatry is considered; the Overthrow of Paganism, and the spreading of Christianity, in the several Ages of the Church, is explained ; the present State of the Heathens is enquired into ; and Methods for their Conversion proposed. In 2 vols. The Third Edition corrected, with Editions. By Robert Millar, A. M.-The Bishop of London, in his Pastoral Letters, p. 133. recommends this Book as written by a faithful and judicious Hand.

VII. Sermons on various Subjects. By John Abernethy, M. A. with a large Preface, containing the Life of the Author. In 2 Vols.

VIII. Sermons on several Subjects. By John Orr, M. A. Rector of Marybourgh, in the Diocese of Leighlin. Second Edition. In 2 Vols. Either Vol. may be had separate.

IX. Sermons on various Subjeëls. By John Balguy, M. A. late Vicar of North-Allerton in the County of York, and Prebendary of Sarum. In 2 Vols. Either Vol. may be had separate.

X. Sermons on several important Subje&ts. By James Foster. In

In 4 Vols. The 3d and 4th Vols are be had separate.

XI. The Works of the most Reverend Dr. John Sharp, late Ld. A. Bp. of York. Containing 112 Sermons and Discourses on several Occasions. With some Papers wrote in the Popish Controversy. In 7 Vols.

XII. Deism Reveald, or the Attack on Christianity candidly review'd, its real Merits, as they stand in the celebrated Writings of Lord Herbert, Lord Shaftsbury, Hobbs, Toland. Collins, Mandeville, Dodwell, Morgan, Chubb, and others. In 2 Vols. The ad Edit:

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