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pole itself to the prevention of chose mischiets, which the variety of these herctics, and feats (though some of them cloaked with the fairett pretences) threaten to this poor Church : It is no boot for me to tell you, that the less disunion there is, the more ground of safety; and that where the holy purposes of Reformation may be effected, with the leaft change, there must nécds be the most hope of accordance.

The rest to the wise application of the powerfull and judicious ; It is enough for me to have thus boldly shot my bole amongst you ; and to have thus freely discovered my honest, and wel meant thoughts to so able judgments; What I want in my poor indevours shall be supplyed with my prayers, that God would be pleased to compose all

our miserable distractions, and to put an happy issue, to the long and perilous agitations of this wofully rottering and bleeding Crurch and Kingdome; Which the good God of Heaven vouchsafe to grant for his great mercies sake, and for the sake of the dear Son of his love Jelus Christ, the Just. Amen

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By J. H. B. of Exon.

O man may swear, or induce another man to swear una


T is no lapfull Oath that is not attended with Truth, Justice, and

Fudgemeni, fer. 4. 2. the first whereof requires that the thing sworn be true: the fecond, that is be just: the third, that it be not undue, and unmeet to be tworn and undertaken.

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70 prejudice of another mans right can be so dangerous and

sinfull, as that prejudice which is done to the right of publique and Soveraign Authority.

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He right of Soveraign Authority is highly prejudiced, when private subjects incroach upon it ; and

shall, upon luspicion of the disavowed intentions, or actions of their Princes, combine, and bind themselves to enact, establish, or alter any matters concerning Religion, without ( and therefore much more if against) the authority of their Lanfull Soveraign.

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Man is bound in Conscience to reverse and disclaim that which

he was induced unlawfully co ingage himself by Oath to perform.




Oostle is, or can be of force, that is made against a lamfull oath

formerly taken ; so as he that harb sworn Allegeance to his Soteraign, and thereby bound himself to maintain the right, power, and authority of his faid Soveraign, cannot by any second oath, be tyed to do ought that may tend to the infringement thereof: and if he have so tyed himself, the Obligation is, ipfo fa&to, void and frustrate.

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F therefore any sworn Subje& shall by pretenses and perswafions,

be drawn to bind himself by Oath or Covenant, to determine, cstablish, or alter any act concerning matter of Religion, without, or against the allowance of Soveraign Authority, the ax is unlawful and unjust, and the party so ingaged is bound in conscience to reverse and renounce his said act : Otherwise (besides the horrible scandal which he shall draw upon Religion ) he doch manifestly incurr the fin of the breach of the third and fift Commandements,

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Two, as undoubted Propositions concerning



Oman living, no History, can fhew any well-allowed and set

led National Church in the whole Christian World, thac hach becn governed otherwise then by Bisbops, in a meet and moderace impariry, ever since the times of Christ and his Apostles, untill this prelent Age.


o O man living, no record of History can shew any Lay- Presbyter

that ever was in the whole Christian Church, untill this present Age.


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Fmn would as casily learne as Christian wisdome can teach them,

to distinguish betwixr callings and perfons, bern'ixt the subftance of callings, and the not necesary appendances of them, betwixt the rules o Government, and the errors of Execution, the fe ill-raised quarrels would dye alone.

Da pacem Domine.



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1. Predestination.
2. The Extent of Christs Death.
3. Mans Free-will and corruption.
4. The manner of our conversion to God.

5. Perseverance.
Wherein is laid forth so fair an Accommodation of the different

Opinions as may content both parts and procure happy accord,

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By J. H. D. of Worcester.

Printed in the Year MDCLX.

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