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rulous answer from her, took her by the hand, and bad her be of good Comfort, for this should be the last Fit that ever she should feel of this kinde, whereto she seeined to answer, that upon that condition, she could well be content for the time, with that, or any other torment: reply was made to her, as me thought, with a redoubled afurance of that happy issue of this her last tryal ; whereat she began to conceive an unspeakable joy; which yet upon her awaking left her more disconfolate, as then conceiting her happiness imaginary, her misery real; when the very same day, she was visited by the reverend, and (in his time)famous Divine,Mr. Anthony Gilby,under. whose Ministry she lived; who, upon the Relation of this her pleasing Vision, and the contrary

effets it had in her, began to perswade her, that Dream was no other then Divine, and that she had good reason to think that gracious premonition was sent her from God himself, who, though ordinarily he keeps the common rode of his proceedings, yet sometimes in the Distresses of his Servants, he goes unusual wayes to their relief; hereupon she began to take heart, and by good Counsel and her fervent prayers, found that happy prediâion verified to her, and occafions in the remainder of her life, was ready to magnifie the mercy of her God in so senfible a deliverance : what with the tryal of both these Hands of God, so had the profited in the School of Christ, that it was hard for any friend to come from her Discourse

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no whit holier ; how often have I blessed the memory of those divine passages of experimental Divinity, which I have heard from her mouth! what day did she pass without a large task of private devotion, whence she would still come forth with a Countenance of undissembled mortification : Never any lips have read to me such feeling Le&ures of piety ; neither have I known any Soul, that more accurately practised them, then her own; Temptations, DeTertions, and Spiritual Comforts were her usual Theme. Shortly, for I can hardly take off my Pen from so exemplary a subje&, her Life and Death were Saint-like.

My Parents had from mine Infancy devoted me to this sacred Calling, whereto, by the blessing of God, I have seasonably attained; for this cause I was trained up in the publick School of the place; After I had spent some years ( not altogether indiligently) under the Ferule of such Masters as the place afford. ed, and had neer attained to some competent ripeness for the University; my School-master, being a great Adarirer of one Mfr. Pelset, who was then lately come from Cambridge, to be the publick preacher of Leicefter; (a man very eminent in those times, for the fame of his Learning, but especially for his sacred Oratory) perswaded my Father, that if I might have my Education under lo excellent and compleat a Divine, it might be both a nearer, and easier way to his purposed end, then by an Academical Institution;


The motion founded well in my fathers ears, and carried fair probabilities, neither was it other then fore-compacted betwixt my School-Master and Mr. Pelset, foas on both sides it was entertained with

great forwardness


The Gentleman, upon essay taken of my fitnefs for the use of his studies, undertakes within one seven years, to send me forth, no lesse furnished with -Arts, Languages, and grounds of Theoricall Divia nity, then the carefulleft Tutor in the stricktest Col. ledge of either University; VVhich that he might assuredly performe, to prevent the danger of any mutable thoughts in my Parents, or my self, he defired mutuall bonds to be drawn betwixt us : The great charge of my Father, (whom it pleased God to bless with twelve children) made him the more apt to yield to so likely a project for a younger son ; There, and now were all

the hopes of my future life upon blasting; the Indentures were preparing, the time was set, my suites were addressed for the journey; VVhat was the issue? O God, thy Providence made and foundii, Thou knowest how sincerely, Anno and heartily, in those my.young years, I did cast my. Ætatis. self upon thy hands ; with what faithfull resolution, 15°. I did in this particular occasion resign my to thy Disposition, earnestly begging of thee in my fervent Prayers, to order all things to the best, and confidently waiting upon thy VVill for the event ; Certainly, never did I in all my life more clearly


self over



roll my felf upon the Divine Providence, then I did in this business, and it succeeded accordingly; It fell out at this time, that my elder brother having some 'nccasions to journey unto Cambridge, was kindly entertained there, by Mr. Nath. Gilby, Fellow of Emanuel Colledge, who, for that he was born in the same Town wich me, and had conceived some good opinion of my aptnefs to Learning, inquired diligently concerning me; and hearing of the Diversion of my Fathers purposes from the University, importunately diswaded from that new course, pro. fesling to pitty the loss of so good hopes. My Bro. ther, partly moved with his words and partly wonne by his owneyes, toa great love, and reverence of an Academicall life, returning home, fell upon

his knees to my Father, and after

the report

of Mr. Gilbies words, and his own admiration of the place, carnestly befought him, that he would be pleased to alter that so prejudiciall a resolution, that he would not fuffer my hopes to be drowned in a shallow Country-channel ; but that be vvould revive bis first purposes for Cambridge ; adding in the zeal of his love, that if the chargeableness of that course yvere the hinderance, he did there humbly beseech bim, rather to sell some part of that land, vvhich himself should in course of Nature inherit, then to abridge me of that happy means to perfect my education. No sooner had he spoken those words then my


Father no less pallionately condescended, not without a vehement Protestation, that whatfvever it might cost him, I should ( God willing ) be sent to the University; neither were those words fooner out of his lips, then there was a messenger from Mr. Pellet knocking at the door, to call me to that fairer bondage, signifying, that the next day he expected me, vvith a full dispatch of all that business; To whom my Father replyed, that he came fome mi. nutes too late, that he had now otherwise determi. ned of me, and with a respective message of thanks to the Master, sent the man home empty, leaving me full of the tears of joy for so happy a change ; indeed I had been but lost, if that project had suc-cecded, as it well appeared in the experience of him who succeeded in that room, which was by me thus unexpectedly forsaken ? O God, how was I then taken up with a thankfull acknowledgment; and joyfull admiration of thy Gracious Providence over me ; And now I lived in the expectation of Cambridge ; whither ere long I happily came, under Mr. Gilbies tuition, together with my worthy friend Mr. Hugh Cholmley, who, as we had been partners ofone leffon from our Cradles, so were we now for many years partners ofone Bed; My two first years were necessarily chargeable, above the proportion of my Fathers power, whose not very large Cia stern, was to feed many pipes besides mine; His weariness of expense was wrought upon by the


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