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5 through the Coasts of Normandy and Picardy; to.

wards the end whereof, my former complaint returned upon me, and Landing with me, accompanied me to, and at my long Desired home ; In this my absence, it pleased his Majesty, graciously, to conferr upon me the Deanry of VVorcester, which being promised to me before my Departure, was deeply hazarded whiles I was out of fight, by the Importunity and underhand working of some great ones; Dr. Field, the learned and worthy Dean of Glocester, was by his potent Friends put into such assurances of it, that I heard where he took care for the furnishing that ample house; But God fercht it about for me, in that absence and Nescience of mine; and that Reverend, and better Deserving Divine, was well satisfied with greater hopes; and soon after exchanged this Mortall estate, for an Immortall and Glorious; Before I could go down through my continuing weakness, to take possession of that Dignity, his Majesty pleased to design me to his Attendance into Scotland ; where the great love, and respect that I found, both from the Ministers, and people, wrought me no small envy, from some of our own, upon a commonly received suppofition, that his Majesty would have no further use of his Chaplains, after his remove from Edenborough, ( for as much as the Divines of the Country, whereof there is great store and wor. thy choice, were allotted to every station) I easily




obtained, through the Solicitation of my ever Honoured Lord of Carlile, to return with him before fellowes. No sooner was I


then suggestions were made to his Majesty of my over plausible Demeanure and doctrine to that already prejudicate people, for which his Majesty, after a gracious acknowledgment of my good service there done, called me upon his return to a favourable and milde account ; not more freely profesfing what Informations had been given against me, then his own full Satisfaction, with my fincere and just answer; as whose excellent wisdom well faw, that such winning carriage of mine could be no binderance to those his great Designes; At the same ti ne his Majesty having secret notice, that a Letter was coming to me from Mr. VV. Struther, a Reverend and Learned Divine of Edenborough, concerning the five points, then proposed, and urged to the Church of Scotland; was pleased to impose upon me an earnest charge, to give him a full answer in satisfaction to those his modest Doubts ; and at large to declare my Judgment concerning those required Observati. ons, which I speedily perform'd with so great approbation of his Majesty, that it pleased him to commard a transcript thereof, as I was informed, publickly read in their most famous University; The effe& whereof his Majesty vouchfafed, to signifie afterwards, unto some of my


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best friends, with allowance beyond my hopes.

It was not long after, that his Majesty find. ing the exigence of the affairs, of the NetherLandish Churches to require it; both advised them to a Synodicall decision, and by his incomparable wisdom, promoted the work; My un. worthiness was named for one of the Afliftants of that honourable grave and reverend meeting, where I failed not of my best service to that wofully distra&ted Church ; By that time I had stayed some two Moneths there, the unquietness of the Nights, in those Garrison Towns, work-. ing upon the tender difpofition of my Body, brought me to such weakness through want of Rest, that it began to disable me from attending the Synod, which yet as I might, I forced my self unto as wishing that my Zeale could have discountenanced my infirmity ; where in the mean time, it is well worthy of remembrance, that being in an affifted and languishing condicion, for a fortnight together with that ficepless distemper, yet it pleased God, the very Night before I was to preach the Latin Sermon to the Synod, to bestow upon me such a comfortable refreshing of sufficient sleep, as, whereby my spirits were revived, and I was enabled with much vigour and vivacitie to perform that service; which was no sooner done then my former complaint renewed upon me, and pre


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vailed against all the remedies that the counsel of Physicians could advise me unto ; so as after long strife, I was compelled to yield unto a retirement (for the time) to the Hague, to see if change of place and more carefull attendance, which I had in the house of our Right Honour. able Ambassador, the Lord Carleton ( now Vifcount Dorchester ) might recover me ; But when notwithstanding all means, my weakness increased so farr, as that there was small like. lyhood left of so much strength remaining, as might bring me back into England, it pleased his gracious Majesty, by our Noble Ambassadors solicitation, to call me off, and to substitute a worthy Divine Mr. Dr. Goade in my unwillingly forsaken room. Returning by Dort, I fent in my fad farewell to that grave Assembly, who by common vote sent to me the President of the Synod, and the Assistants, with a respe&tive and gracious valediction ; neither did the Deputies of my

Lords the States neglect ( after a very refpe&full complement sent from them to me by Daniel Heinsius ) to visit me; and after a Noble acknowledgment of more good service from me, then I durst own, disinisled me with an Honourable retribution, and sent after me a rich Medall of Gold, the portraicture of the Synod, for a precious Monument of their respeits to my poor indeavours, who failed. not whiles I was at


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the Hague, to impart unto them my poor ad. vice, concerning the proceeding of that Synodi. call meeting ; The difficulties of my return in fuch weakness were many and great'; wherein, if ever, God manifested his speciall Providence to me, in over-ruling the cross accidents of that passage, and after many dangers and despairs, contriving my fave arrivall.

After not many years setling at home, it grieved my foul, to see our own Church begin to ficken of the same disease which we had endeavoured to cure in our Neighbours

: ;. Mr. Montagues tart and vehement affertions, of some pofitions, neer of kin to the Remonftrants of NetherJand, gave occasion of raising no finall broil in the Church; Sides were taken, Pulpits every where rang of these opinions ; but Parliaments took no. tice of the division, and questioned the Occasio. ner ; Now as one that desired to do all good offi. ces to our dear and common Mother, I set my thoughts on work, how so dangerous a quarrell might be happily composed ; and finding that mis-taking was more guilty of this diffention, then mis believing ; (since it plainly appeared to me, that Mr. Montague meant to express, not Arminins, but B. Overall, a more moderate and fafe Authour, however he sped in delivery of him ;) I wrote a little project of Pacification, wherein I desired to rectify the judgment of men,

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