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hosts. Job said, I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear; but now mine eyes have seen thee. And God spake to Moses face to face. Here you may take your oaths, and swear against Jacob, against Isaiah, against Job, and against Moses. Where the same spirit is made manifest; and who are born of God, know God face to face, as they did; but they who are born of the flesh, persecute them who are born of the spirit; and here you show yourselves to be taking oaths and swearing against them that know God, seeking to bring them to prison or bondage: so you never read in all the scriptures, that the prophets of the apostles took their oaths against any which confessed they had seen God, or put up a petition to the magistrates, or witnessed it with oaths against any of them: the ministers of God said, swear not at all. And here you

show yourselves to be no ministers of God, but without God; for the ministers of God are to bring people to know God, and to the church in God, and to the heavenly Jerusalem, and to the innumerable company of angels, and minister to that which is in prison, and in death: but if any come to witness these things fulfilled, you are witnesses against them with oaths, and would bring the bodies of such into prison, where the seed of God is raised out of prison within ; showing yourselves to be antichrists, persecutors of the power of truth, and beasts which shall make war against the saints, and against the Lamb, but the Lamb shall get the victory.

Job cried when the Lord hid his face, and David cried when the Lord hid his face, and said, O Lord, I will seek thy face. And here you show, you neither know his face, nor have seen it; but are persecutors of them who know it and seek it.

Praises, praises be to the Lord for ever.



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61): 14,7" » W P's. Vook, entitled, 'Ac Answer to Enoch Howet and Thomas cording to Truth, that quakes not, trem. Hociges,

445 bles noi, nor cuail.,'

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