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was perfect, and so became imperfect. And the light which every man that cometh into the world is enlightened with, which shineth in the darkness, will be his condemnation if he hate it, and a sure word of prophecy to him he shall find it, and will condemn him for all his faults; and it was found in their heart that gave forth scripture, which brought them to know God. He

goes unto fables who goes from the light: and all ye and the world are in fables. And the light which every man is enlightened with that cometh into the world, doth not lay waste the grace of God: but he that is in the light, seeth the covenant of grace, and receives it. And all that deny the light trample the new covenant under their feet. And the light which every man is enlightened withal, is the light of the gospel; which all men shall be judged according to, and it is it that discovers the saviour, which doth condemn.

P. He saith, “The light is an imperfect light, and it is mixed with darkness. And if the saints should say they have no sin, no darkness, they are more dark and sinful,' page 78. And. Every man is in Christ while he hath sin in him, page 79. "And the light in every man is none of the six principles in the Hebrews,' page 81.

A. The saints witnessed that the darkness was past, and the true light shined; they were not in the night: and the saints were made free from sin; and the night was over, and they were children of the day, not of the night. And the light is perfect which doth enlighten every man, &c. And all lights that were made, were made by the light Christ Jesus, that was before any thing was made; this is it that discovers them, and shows them, and this is perfect. And all are in ignorance that are out of it. And who is in Christ, doth not commit sin, is a new creature; old things pass away, the old man and his deeds. And in the light which every man is enlightened with, all the principles in the law, in the prophets, in the Hebrews, end: for it was before any words were spoken forth, glorified with the Father before the world began.

P. He saith, “No man will ever be saved by his best obedience to the light which doth enlighten,' &c. page 85.

Christ hath satisfied, and merited for a certain number of sinners their deliverance,' page 87.

A. No man is saved, or doth witness salvation, but who is in the light Christ Jesus doth enlighten him with. And they who are in the light, are in obedience of faith, and neglect not the gospel, nor the hearing the voice that speaks from heaven. But they who hate the light, neglect the gospel, and him that speaks from heaven, and do not come into the obedience of faith, but are in their own works, in the dark, without light. Christ is the offering for the sin of the whole world, not for the sins of a people, but the seed Christ, the second

Adam, overthrows all sins, is the offering for all the sins that were brought in by the first Adam, and reconciles to the Father, and is the restorer; and nothing shuts out, but unbelief in the light, for Christ saith, Believe in the light.' And so Christ is the offering for the sins of the whole world, and not for some only.

P. He saith, Christ the surety pays the elect's debt,' page 103.

A. Christ is the surety for all that dwell on the earth, that believe in him as he doth enlighten every man. And God lays no charge of sin to the elect, for it is not possible that they should be deceived. And the cause of all bringings into sects, is, that people are out of the light, and so out of unity, and see not the saviour, the redeemer, the substance of all types, figures, parables, the end of the law, that goes upon the man of strife. And so being out of the light, they are out of the unity, out of the covenant with God; in the light is the covenant of God.

P. He saith, “The whole soul and body of saints, and every faculty of the soul, and member of the body, there is some presence of sin in them all their days,' page 113.

A. The saints are sanctified, and washed, and cleansed, body, soul, and spirit, and they are made free from sin, and then can live no longer therein; and the body of sin is put off. And they witnessed the darkness was past: so then the works of the true light shined, and the day was come, and they were of one soul. And they witnessed that as he was, so were they in this present world. And he that is in Christ is a new creature. And where Christ is within, the body is dead because of sin. And he that is born of God doth not commit sin. And the saints were upon the earth when they were made free from sin, and not sin in them all their days, as thou speaks.

P. He saith, “Sin dwells in the saints; if any saint think otherwise, he knows not himself: and if he be one really sanctified, he is under a strong delusion, and drowsy dream,' page 119.

A. He that is sanctified is sanctified from sin, and washed, and cleansed; and he that is out of this sanctification is in the drowsy dream; for they who are in sanctification, are in Christ the righteousness of God, and are awakened to righteousness, out of the fall, in the second Adam, and drowsiness, and dreams, and delusions that come in the first Adam. And sin, and drowsy dreams, and delusions dwell in them that pretend they are sanctified ones, and are not really.

P. He saith, “It is a Popish tenet that sanctification is wrought within men, and justification, or a believer's being justified from sin, and ungodliness, and not in it; but the mystery of iniquity lies in this qualification,' page 120. And they that are justified by their sancti

fication, it is a falsehood. And that none are justified but saints perfect in holiness, is a notorious contradiction,' page 121.

A. He that is the sanctification, is the justification, and so by their sanctification are they justified; it is one and the same, that which sanctifies, justifies. And every man that cometh into the world has a light that cometh from Christ the sanctification, redemption, justification: but they that are not in the light, are with it condemned. And such as are in the light come into perfect holiness, and their sins are not imputed to them; but they that do not believe in the light, the spirit of truth that leads the believer into all truth, reproves them for their unbelief, and their righteousness, and their judgment, and so doth not justify, but reproves them. And the justification within, roots out all Popery, and all contradiction. But to speak of justification and sanctification without, and not manifest within, ye are yet in the first Adam, (in the Popery where ye must have a purgatory to cleanse,) and not in the righteousness of Christ, and sanctification and justification. So such are reproved that can talk of it without, sanctification without: there is the old Adam, in the sin and transgression. And all falsehood is among them that can talk of justification without them, and not witness it within them. For they who witness Christ within them, witness justification there, and sanctification; for “Abraham believed, and it was imputed to him for righteousness;' and his belief was within, and he saw Christ's glory. And such as believe come to witness the imputation; but such as come again to witness that, are nearer than when they did believe; and to witness that they have received Christ within, is the end of their belief. There they witness the righteousness itself without imputation, which is the substance, that which the promise ends in, and all the fathers hoped for, who stood in the imputation, and all the believers in him. Christ being come, the end of man's belief, the righteousness itself, here is a justification alone, without the imputation, Christ the righteousness of God: blessing and glory for ever! And a believer that is justified is a new creature, is past from the death which came by sin, and comes to enter into his rest, where sin is not. And all the falsehood and contradiction are without the possession of justification and sanctification, which reprobates and unbelievers talk of in the mystery of iniquity, who have the sheep's clothing, the outside, the clothing of the saints, yet are ravened from the spirit inwardly. These have not been like to own justification within, or sanctification there, that were inwardly ravened from the spirit of God: and all must come to that which they ravened from, and they themselves, before they feel the justification, sanctification, Christ within them, and have receiv. ed the substance, the thing the scripture speaks of. Not believing in the light, and going from it, though they get all the sheep's clothing, all

the good words, and the form of godliness, and obey not the gospel, the power of God, yet are they not thereby justified; for none obey the gospel, but who obey the light within. And who are justified it is by the faith of Christ Jesus, and without faith they cannot please him. And who are in the faith, are the believers in the light, and so justification and faith do change from the old nature and mind.

P. He saith, “They are not justified because they are new born, nor for their bz'ieving,' page 122. And I can say I am crucified with Christ, and yet I have a corrupt, rotten heart, and an old lying heart, (as before he saith,) and Christ lives in him, and there is a body of sin and death dwells in him: and the life that he now lives in the flesh, is by the faith of the son of God, page 124.

A. Where Christ is within, the body is dead because of sin;' and where the faith of the son of God is lived in, it gives victory over sin. And the life of Christ is out of Adam in the fall, in sin and transgression. And the circumcision comes to be witnessed that puts off the body of sin. And where the life of Christ is lived in, the new covenant is there, the new heart, and the rotten, corrupt, and lying is put off, the old man and his deeds, with his deceitful lusts. And he that believes is born of God,' is justified, and he comes into the faith by which he pleaseth God; and he that doth not believe is out of the faith, and it is impossible he should please God, and is out of that which should justify him.

P. He saith, Christ's works in us are not to be joined with our faith in Christ's works, for that brings into the wilderness,' page 131. And

to say that men are justified no farther than they are sanctified, is to deny Protestant doctrine,' &c.

A. Men are justified by the believing, and in the faith and by the faith, and in believing they overcome, and have victory; and there are mortification, and sanctification, and redemption, and justification, all possessed together in the one, which is Christ, and this to the particular satisfaction. And all Protestants, or whatsoever, that have a justification or sanctification, and they in the unmortified state, unsanctified, they are out of the faith that purifies, out of the belief of him that is born of God, who hath passed from death to life,' and so are out of the substance that justifies, and are without Christ, and so are reprobates; but where Christ is within, there is justification, sanctification, and redemption. And they are they that blaspheme the tabernacle of God, and them that dwell in heaven, that call good evil, and evil good,' and lead into snares, and into the wilderness, that go about to confound the justification; but they split themselves upon the rock that deny the light. And Christ is the offering for the sin of the whole world,' who doth enlighten every man that cometh into the world,' that all men might believe in him, the offering; and they are

justified in him from all things which the law could not do. And here is the covenant of God to the Jews and Gentiles, the light of the Gentiles, the glory of Israel, the new covenant to the Jews, the law in the heart and in the mind, by which people should not need to say, . Know the Lord; for all should know him from the least to the greatest,' the salvation to the ends of the earth;' where the way of redemption is the way for the ransomed to walk in; in which the fools shall not err;' in which way there is no wilderness, nor slippery places; but the path of life, the way of the just, and of holiness, and the way of sanctification, and the way of redemption and justification.

P. He saith, “Christ was a sinner hy imputation,' page 132. A. The scripture doth not speak such kind of words; but that he knew no sin, no guile was found in his mouth:' a lamb without spot or blemish, though it pleased the Father to lay the iniquity upon him, .by his stripes we are healed.' And by the one offering, he perfected for ever them that are sanctified, made himself an offering for the sins of the whole world; who breaks down the partition wall between Jews and Gentiles, slays the enmity among men, reconciles in one unto the Father by his body, his death upon the cross. of his body are all the professors, Protestants and Papists upon the earth, ignorant, of this seed that breaks the enmity; therefore are all in the enmity one among another, having sheep's clothing, but the sheep in you is not put forth; but the wolf is ravening abroad against the sheep, tearing them where the seed is risen.

P. "He that throws off imputed righteousness, may go shift for his justification where he can get it: and Christ shall profit him nothing, though he be in faith or love, and self-denial,' page 133. And it is not the work of Christ in us that justifies and reconciles our persons. I can detect this for an error, that Christ's works in us, is that which justifies our persons before God,' page 134.

A. Christ works in us faith, and is the author of it, and by faith is every one justified in the blood of the seed, the flesh of Christ, the Lord from heaven, shed for the sins of the whole world. And this faith is in the blood of the seed, not of the first Adam, nor the beasts, but the blood of the seed Christ, the precious blood which is the life of saints, and his flesh which is the food of saints, which whosoever eats and drinks, hath life in the son of God, and lives in him as he lives in the Father. And this is wrought within, and no one knows it, but as it is wrought within by the faith in the blood of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world,' the great sacrifice for the sin of the whole world,' that overthrew death and hell, bruised the serpent's head, devil, and sin, the sacrifice for the whole world, the blood shed upon the cross for the sins of the whole world. The blood of the seed, which is the life that cleanseth,

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