The Rapture Examined, Explained and Exposed

Front Cover
Salem Author Services, 2007 - Rapture (Christian eschatology) - 236 pages
The Timing of the Rapture Does Matter The Christian arguments over pre-tribulation rapture, post-tribulation rapture et al. must end! God's Word is clear on the subject but sectarianism has distorted truth to the point of confusing believers instead of informing them concerning the coming of the Lord. This work on the rapture is the most important the reader will ever encounter as it emphatically proves the timing and nature of the coming of Christ. It promises to blow away all pre-conceived and steadfast positions of those adhering to age-old traditions concerning when the rapture occurs. The book is easily readable as it is written to the laity, yet it is studious as well. It will serve well as a text for teaching the coming of the Lord as it evenly compares both post-tribulation and pre-tribulation rapture positions. The chapters "Jesus Comes with Clouds" and "The Harvest" alone is well worth the price of the book. The book promises to teach the reader more about the rapture than one has ever learned before. Warren Larry Pharr has over fifty years of diligent study of the prophetic Word of God. He has ministered and taught the Scriptures from the time he was converted at age sixteen and is regarded of his peers to be extremely knowledgeable in the prophetic Word. Being a stanch conservative concerning prophecy, he refuses to exercise speculation and date setting concerning the Scriptures and cringes at the wild and fantastic statements of modern ministers concerning last day events. His original book "I Will Come Again" is the more comprehensive study of the rapture than this present one but this work approaches the rapture question from angles seldom, if ever considered by Bible scholars.

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