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5 Lift not up your horn on high: speak not with a stiff neck.

6 For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south.

7 But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another.

8 For in the hand of the Lord there is a cup, and the wine is red; it is full of mixture; and he poureth out of the same: but the dregs thereof, all the wicked of the earth shall wring them out, and drink them.

9 But I will declare for ever; I will sing praises to the God of Jacob.

10 All the horns of the wicked also will I cut off; but the horns of the righteous shall be exalted.

Psalm 76
1 A declaration of God's majesty in the church. 11 An exhortation to serve him reverently.
To the chief Musician on Neginoth, A Psalm or Song of Asaph.
IN Judah is God known: his name is great in Israel.

2 In Salem also is his tabernacle, and his dwelling place

in Zion. 3 There brake he the arrows of the bow, the shield, and the sword, and the battle. Selah.

4 Thou art more glorious and excellent than the mountains of prey.

5 The stouthearted are spoiled, they have slept their sleep: and none of the men of might have found their hands.

6 At thy rebuke, O God of Jacob, both the chariot and horse are cast into a dead sleep.

7 Thou, even thou, art to be feared: and who may stand in thy sight when once thou art angry?

8 Thou didst cause judgment to be heard from heaven; the earth feared, and was still,

9 When God arose to judgment, to save all the meek of the earth. Selah.

10 Surely the wrath of man shall praise thee: the remainder of wrath shalt thou restrain.

11 Vow, and pay unto the LORD your God; let all that be round about him bring presents unto him that ought to be feared.

12 He shall cut off the spirit of princes: he is terrible to the kings of the earth.

Psalm 77 1 The psalmist sheweth what fierce combat he had with diffidence. 10 The victory which he had by consideration of God's great and gracious works. To the chief Musician, to Jeduthun, A Psalm of Asaph.

CRIED unto God with my voice, even unto God with my voice; and he gave ear unto me.

2 In the day of my trouble I sought the Lord: my sore ran in the night, and ceased not: my soul refused to be comforted.

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"As the word went out of the king's mouth, they covered Haman's face."-Esther, 7, 8.

COW long the guilty Haman listened before he

realized whither the queen's tale tended, we do not

know. He found no words to interrupt her, no words to answer her sudden dramatic accusation, “The adversary and the enemy is this wicked Haman.” Too late he saw the pit which he had digged for himself. The queen and Mordecai were allied. This unhappy race which he had thought to destroy so easily, proved now to have defenders more powerful than himself.

King Ahasuerus rose from the banquet in deep wrath against Haman. He suspected how the favorite had misled him, and he strode forth into the gardens in silence, seeking to clear the matter in his own mind. Haman, left alone with the queen, threw himself at her feet to beg

His was that supple pride ever ready to abase itself and fawn on those above him, even as he expected those below to humble themselves to him. So he knelt before the queen. King Ahasuerus, returning from the gardens, saw him there, while the queen

shrank away upon the couch where she reclined. The king cried out in anger, thinking that Haman meant to attack the queen

before his very eyes. At that the attendants dragged Haman away, covering his face, an oriental symbol that meant he was too vile to look upon

the king, and he must die.

for mercy.


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