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other is fulfilled for Satan's destruction, and then cometh the TREE of LIFE that was preserved as a type and shadow, with a flaming sword to cut down the adversary in the end; for, as I was lifted up by the petitions of men, so shall the prince of this world be cast out, and his power cut off by the petitions of men, the same.

Here I have given the communication that was given to me, in answer to men's mocking the sealing, to shew what is the type and shadow of the sealing; which to me appears consistent with all the ways of God throughout, when we discern through the bible, how all things stand, from types and shadows, and as the swORD turned every way to preserve the TREE of LIFE, so we may discern every way hath been the Lord's working, that he may bring in the redemption of man to inherit the tree of life. The Scriptures that I have here brought forward, I was ordered to bring forward as prophecies to men, to shew them from the Scriptures what is at hand, as they say they cannot understand the Prophecies that are given to me, they are now called to the Prophecies of the bible, that I am warned by the Spirit the Lord is now coming to fulfill.

And now I shall come to the Prophecies given to me in ninety-two, that men may discern in what likeness they stand together, and let them weigh them with the times, and what hath happened in all nations, since my visitation began that I was warned the visitation of the Lord would be upon all nations, and that he would go on till the second Psalm was fulfilled. All the wars and tumults that the Scriptures foretells there would be prior to the coming of our Lord, I was warned in ninety-two of, were hastening on to be fulfilled. Now as I have referred the readers to the Bible, I shall refer them to the Prophecies given to me at the 25th page to the 32d, (first book strange

effects of Faith ;) from this book they may see the warning, and whereto (I was answered) it would end : to the fulfillment of the Scriptures, (53d page second book) how the Roman powers must come down. Let men discern what followed the first; and then let them discern what was said to be hastening on in 1802; in the time of peace, (see 109th page, third book - 180th page, fourth book - 236th page, fifth book, and in 47th page, in the Word in Season to a Sinking Kingdom, and also the 54th page of the same; let men weigh these Prophecies that were said to be hastening on; and the other Prophecies that were given in 1803, before this war again broke out.) What fatal wars would abound in all lands, and what power Bonaparte would have to conquer the nations abroad; then, they may discern, that from ONE SPIRIT came the Prophecies of the Bible, and the Prophecies that were given to me. And let them discern how the truth of these Prophecies have been fulfilled, contrary to the judgment of men, and contrary to the judgment of men will all go on, until the whole is fulfilled. Therefore let not the wise men boast of their wisdon), or the strong man boast of his strength : for in the end the French nation that hath been victorious as foretold they would be for a while; yet, in the end their strength would be gone, and all my Prophecies will be fulfilled ; as they are now fulfilling in Spain. Here, I can prove the truth of what was before said of the war.

And now I shall come to the persecution, that was said would be in men against the visitation of the LORD when the writings went out in the world. In the 162d and the 174th pages of the fourth book, Strange Effects of Faith. In the 20th, 86th, and 87th, pages, of the first book of sealed Prophecies.

Here I shall leave the believers to refer to the

books, and see how men are worked on by the devil to act as foretold.

And, now, I shall come to the different judgment of men concerning my visitation. Some say it is from the devil, and others say the Lord hath forsaken me, and given me up to a strong delusion, that I may be for ever lost, and, instead of the Lord being my friend, he is now become my enemy, by making me believe in a lie !!! and to their judgment, I was answered from two letters of abuse, that have been sent, one was forged in the name of an enemy to the cause, and the other was forged in the name of a friend, and believer; which hath since been proved, that neither the friend or the enemy ever wrote the letters that were sent in their names.

The answer of the Spirit. From types and shadows I have placed all things to thee; and now I shall come to thy book, for what I worked in thy heart for the title to be the TRUE PICTURE of the WORLD and a LOOKING-GLASS for all men; here the true picture of the world appeareth, and the perfect likeness of what I have told thee through all thy writings, how wrongfully men had placed all to the devil; and what in the end they could never prove, which, I shall make clear before thee from these two letters. The man thou judgest thy enemy hath denied ever writing to thee. And now I shall come to thy. friend which is clearly proved to thee, no such name could be found, but the man who denied the charge, for thou well knowest the unbelievers hath nothing to do with writing thy seals, so that the letter is forged with lies in ano. ther man's name; and perfectly so all thy enemies will find in the end, that it is them, but not thee, that hath spoken in a name that is wrong;

for no more than they can prove the letter was sent by Linter, filled up with lies, saying he was paid for writing the seals, and that thou made a gain of selling them : no more than they can prove this came from him, can they prove thy writings came from the devil: both alike are the invention of men, that they cannot prove

in the end. But this is the true picture of the world which hath been in all ages, the past, and the present, to forge lies, and place things another way that cannot be proved by truth ; for I now tell thee in the like manner were my miracles placed by the Jews, saying, they were worked by the devil

, a power he had never got; neither was it in his power to cast out the Jews and keep them as a standard to this day to prove the TRUTH of MY GOSPEL; and that, in this manner they would stand till the end, when I come in POWER to bring in the redemption of man.

But now discern from this letter, it was sent in the name of a believer, to say that that believer now condemns thee and condemns Foley for believing in my visitation to thee; and so in the name of a believer all this was forged. But now discern, he was innocent of the charge; and as a believer he hath written, as being innocent, and ignorant of what charge is laid against him, which proves he had no knowledge of the thing they had forged in his name; and his observations are just, to say it was worked on by the devil to forge his name as being against thee. And now I tell thee in like manner are men forging MY NAME to say that I am against thee; but know, if I am not against thes, I must be for thee. For like the letter he hath sent to Foley all will find in the end that I shall reprove those that say I am thy enemy; but I shall prove MYSELF thy FRIEND. The type is but a shadow, the substance they will find is great, and, like his answer, they will find mine

in the end, to shew them plain it was the devil that hath been working in the hearts of men to say that I the LIVING LORD who laid the foundation of the earth in the beginning; and made the promise to the woman at first, am now become her enemy to reject her petition. at last. This is as wrong as the letter forged in Linter's name, and yet, like them to forge false names that cannot ever be proved to be true, the world now stand against thee by the same invention, ahd the same deceit. But now I ask them how they will appear, when all thy Prophecies are brought before them, and see the truth of all that hath followed on the nations abroad; and how the hearts and minds of the people do so perfectly appear as I foretold? I ask them which way they will prove this knowledge did not come from me? but to say I am thy enemy and have not spoken by thee can no more be proved than they can prove their assertions in the letter that was sent to Foley. Therefore they will find it is the world at large that is speaking blasphemy and lies in MY NAME, as they spake lies in his name, and which was proved to be false when it was tried : and so in the end all men will find.

Now here is a Looking-Glass for all Men to discern with what subtlety, with what arts, and with what invention the devil is working in the hearts of men to have my NAME blasphemed amongst them; and to have my visitation to be despised amongst them. For they will find the likeness is great, and great will be the end, because, it was a friend whose name they have forged to appear to be thy enemy, writing lies against thee. And so in like manner is all their forgery, and all their lies, to say that I am thy enemy; but they will find I am thy FRIEND: and in the end I shall confound all those that have forged MY NANE, in the like manner they have forged his name; for I

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