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But, if they place it to man, it must be to men of war; for that is one of the ways that I shewed thee in thy first visitation, I should destroy my enemies. And by my destroying angel, and the famine I should destroy them another way. Then, where is the man can boast this can be done by him? And yet, I shall make instruments of the enemies, to destroy one the other; for the hearts of men are known to me. For, as the mockery of this nation is, so would be the mockery of all nations, if these things were to fly abroad, before the nations are brought low. Therefore it is written, I shall gather them to. gether in the valley of Jehosaphat, and plead with them there; that meaneth, to bring the nations low, and then to plead with them, by the visitation of MY SPIRIT. For this is the meaning of the words. It is by man I shall plead with the nations, and shew them the TRUTH of my visitation, because I have shewn them the things that are to come; and I have shewn them what shall happen, that they may know what the latter end will be of those who look into HIM, that first brought good tidings to Jerusalem. Let them know, I shall come again to redeem it; for there is no man amongst them, neither is there a counseller that can answer a word, when I ask, why Jerusalem was destroyed? why they were scattered, and carried away? Had my will been done by them, then they must abide in Jerusalem. Let them trace my Bible back, and discern what deliverances came to the Jews, time after time, when they had provoked me to anger, to punish their transgressions. See how often have been their deliverance: but what deliverance have they had since they cried out, His BLOOD be on us and our CHILDREN ;, and despised me that brought them good tidings ? Now, from the Jews, you may see the blindness that is in mankind

But I know thy pondering lieart, and what thou sayest within : it is marvellous in thy eyes, the Jews are not jealous for themselves, to know there is some cause wherein they have offended the Lord. That in all ages back, after being punished for their crimes, they have had wondrous deliverances; but since they put me to death and clamoured hard for my blood; they have had no deliverance, no prophet, no king, and no country to call their own. This thou sayest, in thy heart, appears marvellous they do not discern it. To thy pondering thoughts I shall answer; it is marvellous in this present age, when they hear of thy visitation, that, before any thing sprung forth, I told thee of it. When they see iny visitation in the nations abroad, and surrounded with every difficulty at home; seeing the truth going on, knowing all was foretold in my Bible. Is it not marvellous that unbelief should so strong abound in the learned men of your land ? And yet, I tell thee, was the enemy to come in, and destroy your land, there are thousands in the land, that, were they to flee to another nation to save their lives, unbelief would abound the same. For unbelief blinds the eyes from seeing the truth, as much as blindness prevents a man from seeing the day-light. For, it was through uubelief, Satan gained the advantage over the woman in the fall; because, he made her believe what I said was false; and, that I should not act according to my words. And, by the same arts, he worked with the angels in heaven, to make them believe in the greatness of his power, and the happiness they would possess with him, and that their happiness could not be completed with ine. So it is with unbelief, he works in the hearts of men. And, through unbelief, the ages hath been destroyed. And now it is come to the end, unbelief will destroy the nations the same.

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S6 For, till judgments cut them off, they will never believe; neither will they wish to believe, or desire to be freed from the effects of sin and sorrow, till they are compassed round with every danger. Therefore, my Bible is written in this manner, that when your Redeemer cometh to redeem his people, that are looking and longing for ius coning, fatal judgments must come upon the earth. And now is the time I shall ful6l the

Let them look to the words of the prophet; I will give to Jerusalem one that bringeth good tidings.

Therefore, all the ends of the earth must look unto me to be saved; if they will be saved. Then let them know the tidings of my Gospel : how I promised to come again, and deliver my people that trusted in me, and looked for my coming. This I taught them to pray for; and this I taught them to believe, that I should come again, and visit my people, -and redeem them,-to give them the kingdom as it was prepared for man before the foundation of the world. I said, I come to seek and to save that which was lost, and, by the fall

, man was lost to the happiness I created him for. But I shall restore him to what I created him for, and take out of my kingdom all that offend and do wickedly. This is the tidings of my Gospel, that the wise servant shall enter into the joy of his Lord; and the wise virgins enter in with the bridegroom, when I come as the comforter, to comfort my people, to redeem them, and deliver them from every power of death, hell, and sin. This is the tidings of my Gospel : this is the tidings I brought to man, that I should do for them in the end. Then, who is the man that bringeth good tidings? In thy heart, thou answerest, the tidings of the Gospel promise redemption; and the words of the prophets I said I would fulfil. Then, now let them discern the

chapters deep, and what I said of my enemies, I shall do in the end. Mark the parable of the Lord of the vineyard—what I said, he will do unto them that destroyed the Servants, and the Son. Did I not say, he would miserably destroy these husbandmen, and give the vineyard to others ? Then, now discern my parables with the chapter : fear not, thou worm Jacob, and ye men of Israel, I will help thee, saith the Lord, and thy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel. But, mark the destruction that I said should follow upon my enemies, when I bring deliverance to my people.

Here, I have shewn thee, from my Gospel, and the words of the prophet, how they are both joined together; though they are not discerned by man ; neither is there a man, or a counsellor among them, that can answer a word to explain the chapter : for, it is not discerned, by Jews or Gentiles, how it joins with Gos pel, and speaks of the end, (see the beginning, sli. chap. 1.) Keep silence before me, O islands, and let the people renew their strength : let them come near, then let them speak : let us come near together to judgment, who raised up the righteous man from the east, &c. &c.

Then, now I ask thee, who is the righteous man from the east, called him to his foot, gave the nations before him, made him ruler over kings, who is the ruler over kings? Thou an. swerest, He that is the king of kings, and lord of lords, who made the heavens for my throne, and the carth for my footstool, who filleth the heavens with my majesty, and hath PROMISED to fill the earth with my goodness, ---- but shall tread down my enemies in my fury, and destroy them in my anger; it is I, the Lord, shall accomplish this. Then know, the just and righteous man (who is so called by man) was wounded for the transgression of man. Then mark what is said of him : he must be risen up, to be the ruler over all the kings of the earth, and call the nations all his own ; for this is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. Now come to the following chapter xlii

. Behold my servant, whom I uphold; mine elect, in whoin my soul delighteth; I have put my Spirit upon him : he shall bring forth judgment to the Gentiles.

Here, my son is called my servant; then marvel not in the other, that he is called the righteous man, to be ruler over kings, and to destroy, with the sword, all his enemies. Here I have shewn thee, from these chapters, how the wisest men, in early days, when they began their remarks from the prophets, did not deeply discern all things : for, had they deeply discerned this chapter, they would have placed it with the other, and have known, there was no righteous man that I should make ruler over kings but my Son, in whom my soul delighteth ; for he was given for the transgression of man; and it was him that brought the good tidings to the Gentiles. Then let them know, He must be risen up to have all power in his hands. Know what is written in the Psalms: The Lord said unto my Lord, set thou at my right-hand, till I make thy foes thy footstool. And know, it is written, he must put all things under him, when he claims the kingilom his own: therefore, let no man ascribe to himself what belongeth not unto man; peither let any man set himself up as a god in power; but remember the words in my Gospel, when a man setteth himself up to the highest place in a feast, I said, there might come one more honourable than he, to take ihe place; and he with shame was removed. There is not a parable, in my Gospel, but I meant to spiritualise in the end ; and this I am doing; for, it is known to me, what Scriptures men apply to themselves

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