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were not prevented by their fathers crimes to
enter into the promised land. Here stand shadows
in the beginning; and now come to my Gospel : "
Judas's betraying of me did not prevent my
faithful disciples of being with me in glory. And
this I tell thee of my faithful followers, who hath
taken the bread and wine in remembrance of me,
as a token of my dying love for them, will not
be prevented coming to my kingdom, because
theives and robbers hath joined with them; and
perfectly so I tell thee of the sealed number;
though thieves have entered in with the sheep,
sown by the devil, as tares with the WHEAT, yet
they will by no means lessen the happiness of my
sheep in the end, or destroy my wheat, though,
for a while, they are choaked with the tares.
And these things I shewed thee before: so let
not the truth wound thy heart; for, know, these
things fulfil the visions I shewed to thee, and my
Gospel, that I compared with the visions, which
could not be fulfilled if these impostors did not
appear. But let not true and faithful believers,
who are haters of these vices, and are longing for
all evil to be done away, let them not be cast
down, because they are mocked through such hy-
pocrites; but let them know, it is the fulfilment
of thy prophecies. And, as I pronounced the
black veil to be in the hearts of the fallen fruit,
like the veil I shewed thee round it, which thou
knowest I told thee was bad, so let them discern
I shewed thee other fruit that I told thee would
be GOVD; and, therefore, good will come out of
evil, and light out of darkness. The visions I
shewed thee of the different fruit that were on the
trees that were joined together; from them came
the fruit, good and bad : and, let them discern,
I shewed thee this in the beginning.

And now the different fruit appears, and great is the likeness between those that believe in elec

tion and the sealed people. There are many who judge themselves elected, from a true desire to live in ME, and to die unto sin, whose hearts are known to me to be at enmity against evil, and are desirous to walk in my ways, to live in ME, and I in them; such are some of them that believe in election, which I shall not cast out, because of the wrong judgment they have drawn from my Gospel. And perfectly so, I tell thee, of the sealed number : there are many amongst the sealed whose hearts and thoughts are known to me; they long to be freed from the evil of sin, and from the power of evil, that works within, and the evil they see without; they long for my coming, and for me to dwell in them, and them in me, that I may free them from all the burden of sin, and establish my kingdom in righteousness and peace. This is the sincere desire in the hearts of many of the sealed people ; and such will find my protection in the end. Here I have shewn thee the perfect likeness in the one and the other; for there are many, who boast of their election, will find themselves deceived in the end, and be like the fallen fruit, as I have shewn thee of the others.

Ilere I have given the communication, to shew in what manner all is explained ; and how it was shewn me in the beginning. But the Scriptures, that I was ordered to bring forward in this book, are, to shew men on what conditions all stood, in ages past, to the Jews ; so they stand in this présent age, for Jews and Gentiles, for the law of God, to returning sinners, our Saviour did not come to destroy, but to fulfil: and, as the

prophecies that are given to me are rejected, as coming from the LORD, I was ordered to bring forward the prophecies of the Bible, that they may see on what conditions good and evil stands

now before them ; so they have the prophecies given to me, and what was given to the prophets of old set before them, that they may judge for themselves, what they have to hope and fear. But one observation farther I shall make from SMITH's book : he says, “ The first Adam was the head of the generation of the children of the flesh; but the second Adam, the Lord Jesus Christ, the head and representative of the elect, according to the foreknowledge of God, who 'put them in Christ, before their natural head fell; and that eternal union which they had * with him, before chaos was formed, never could

be severed by Adam's transgression, because they were chosen in him, complete in him ; he 'became incarnate for them; they suffered in him,

obeyed the law in him, were crucified in him, were buried in him, rose from the grave in him, are glorified in him, and are made to set toge

ther in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, and 'they all shall be with him in eternal glory !!!!

Now, to this I answer, here are truths and errors blended together, which he has not discerned ; error, in saying, the elect number was with CHRIST before the world was created ; for then they must have been saints in glory, to be in union with him, like the angels in heaven; then they could not come upon earth on purpose to be sinners; and particularly, as he says, the Lord destroyed all the power of the devil, for his elect, when Christ died : so, if they were perfect in glory at first, and the power of evil was destroyed for them, then it is Christ's fruit, and his only, that must appear in them. Here are errors which no man can clear up. But now I shall shew where the truth is. As in Adam all died, even so in Christ will all be made alive ; and, it was the unbounded mercies of God, in the beginning, to look with love and pity upon man, whom he had created ; and the woman who was betrayed by the subtlety of the serpent. The man cast the blame on bis Maker, for giving him the woman; but the Lord in mercy made the promise of suffering for the transgression of man, that justice might demand, to cut off the power of the devil, in the end, that betrayed the woman. And these DECREES were made in the beginning; and, therefore, our Saviour took man's nature upon him, and suffered for the transgression of the fall. So he suffered the first to fulfil the last, and bring in an elect number to be in him, and be in them. But, when this is done, our Saviour telleth us in the Gospel, that when he comes in POWER, to fulfil the whole, he shall take out of his kingdom all that offend and do wickedly, and give his kingdom to his friends and followers, as it was prepared for man at FIRST, when man was created in innocence. But, then Satan's power will be destroyed, and then the FRUIT of Christ, and his only, will appear in man, which was his design before the foundation of the world was laid, to have a people, as Smith has described. But such a people hath not yet appeared, neither will they appear before the xxth of Revelations is fulfilled; for the power of evil to be destroyed, and man to be created anew : then will the FRUITS of righteousness appear, and the Lord will pour out his Spirit upon all flesh that will remain upon the face of the earth. And now I shall give the communication given to me upon the 20th chapter to the end of the Revelations.

XXth chap. Rev. lst verse : And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit, and a great chain in his hand, &c. and Satan was bound for a thousand years.

Now, let men mark, from this vision, and from the words that I said, of overcoming the world, and of casting out the prince of this world. See in what manner the disciples bear record of my words, from what was shewn them afterwards. Now mark from the apostle : after Satan is bound, he saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first earth was passed away, and the tabernacle of God was with man. Now mark, from these words, what is meant by the first earth being passed away : it does not mean the world as it stands, that all shall be passed away and have no form, as it now is: I tell thee no; that is not the meaning; for I created the world as I saw it was good. And so is the foundation of the earth placed, and all of its kind is good; the fruit in its kind; and every herb that groweth is good for man; and every grain of seed is good for man: therefore, it is not these things that will pass away, and be made anew, but it is the earthen vessels of men that will pass away from what they now are, and be made entirely anew in ME, that have been so tainted by the powers of darkness, by sin, and by the fall. Therefore, it is man that will be made anew when I come to bring in my kingdom, and destroy the powers of darkness, from working in man. What power has Satan to work in the earthly ground, to make it do evil? But he hath a power to work in man, that was made of the earth, to make him do evil; therefore, this is the first earth that must pass away, to be created anew, when I bring my tabernacle to dwell with men; to be their God, and they to be my people. Then will I wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death. Now, from these words, the eyes of men's understanding must be opened, to see

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