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bring in his kingdom of righteousness and peace. So all that was said to be hastening on hath hastened on; then now I ask the learned counsellot, whether he would not think it greater blasphemy in me to ascribe this wisdom and knowledge to imyself, to point out so clearly what was hastening on-would not this be more pride and vain glory to ascribe it to myself, than it is to give unto the Lord the glory and honour due unto his name, and to acknowledge that every good and perfect gift cometh down from the Father of light, in whom there is no variableness nor shadow of turning?

And now I shall come further to my prophecies. Before this last war broke out, in a book called a Word in Season to a Sinking Kingdom, in a communication given on the 23rd of March 1803, in the 16th page, they will find the destruction of Me. dina foretold, and the city to be destroyed; and that ruin would fall on the Turks, if they did not turn to the gospel. In the 54th page they will find it foretold, that two great monarchs would start with great fury to the battle, and cause much death, and wars would fast abound

“ It now is come to every land

And fast it shall appear ;
But now it England will awake,

I'll make the foes to yield:
Sennacherib bere shall not appear,

With all his boasted pride,
If England will awaken here

You know what name's apply'd,
That I compare, 1 tell you here,

With all Sennacherib's host;
But now it Eng!:nd will take care,

I'll rid bim from this coast.
But to take care thou'st ask'd me here,

What care it is I mean :
I have told thee that he is the Beast,

'Tis Buonaparte I mean :
And it his death you will bring forth

You must take care and see
That you do sign for Satan's death,

Whose power is given to he."

Now from these words is what the belieyers wish to sign, for Satan's power to be destroyed, and the kingdo u of Christ to be established. So here they may discern who is the enemy, spoken of in my writings, to be conquered in the end ; and therefore his majesty has no better subjects in his kingdom, or who wish more for the perfect happiness of the nation, than the true believers in my visitation.

From a communication given me, March the 27. 1803, which begins in the 37th page, and in the 47th page, are these words

" So now, O England, thou enlightened land,
That hath been guarded by the Gospel's pole,
You may rejo.ce and sing, while others fall;
Because the trumpet you'll hear first for war;
That foreign nations they will fast appear,
I say, for battle; you will hear the sound;
A dreadful war will in all lands abound,
While you may stand within the Gospel's pole:
And let this music now awaken all.
You need not follow to the trumpet there;
For now I tell thee it is fust for war,
And fatal wars will soon be o'er the lands
The Reve’ation tells you how it stands,
That first a power to the Beast his given;
So will the heads of all these nations fall,
And then their leader I do tell you all
That I shall tread him down beneath my

feet. Great is the mystery and you'll find it deep;

And deep you'll find that all is hastening on." How perfectly true have the words followed! And where is the man who can deny the truth, and prove that the wars have not been fatal ; and that Buonaparte's power hath not been great, like Sennacherib's host, with the nations abroad, while he hath been kept from invading our land, within these five years, wherein I was told in 1902 the dreadful war that would break out again the following year upon the nations abroad, while we should be a happy land within five years, which plainly told us the promise of protection was for five years, that no enemy should have power to come into our land? And therefore the believers

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could not understand what they read, if they feared that dangers would come within the five years ; because they may discern in the First Book of Sealed Prophecies, 11st page, these words

• Fast the storms are hastening on
Bat if Engl nd d es awake

And conie to perfect day,
'Tis other nations I shall shake;

The sunshine here you'll see.” Now we may plainly discern, that the Lord has been shaking the nations abroad, while many in this nation have awakened to discern the rod, and he that hath appointed it, to warn this nation at home ; and when we look upon the nations abroad and discern the fatal scenes that are there, we must say, this is a happy land when compured with others; though we have a burden to keep off the enemy; but the Lord has promised to remove that burden, if we turn unto him; but if the nation goes on to slight the mercies, and mock the threatenings to this nation—if they do not repent, then they will find the truth of the words in the Warning to the World, 2nd page—“Like a snare it shall come uponthem, in a day they little think of, andin an hour unawares.” And in the 16th page it is said“-All these evils shall not come in thy days; and thou tremblest to pen them; thou wilt not see the fatal end.“ So here I must reprove the believers, for pretending to draw a judgment at what time the Lord will punish the sins of this nation, if they do not repent; and it is said the judgments that are threatened will not come together at one time in this nation; and therefore it is impossible for believers to draw a clear judgment concerning' .y writings, before they see them fulllled, as they had all the things that I have mentioned placed before them, of what was hastening on, and particularly told of the nations abroad; and yet they did not draw their judgment clear ; then how can men profess to draw i heir judgment clear of the Scriptures, before they see in wliat manner the Lord will fulfil them? But here

I have clearly proved to the world that it is the Spirit of truth that visits me; and the Spirit of truth must come from the God of truth; and I should be guilty of the greatest blasphemy that could be against the Lord, was I to place this truth to the devil, who was a liar from the beginning. These things I have brought forward, to clear myself, that it is no blasplemy in me to say my visitation is from the living Loid; and I as firmly believe my visitation to be from the Lord as I believe the Scriptures were written by men inspired by the Lord ; for in one likeness they both stand. So let no one mock the believers in my visitation, because they may discern from this Book the sure grounds they have for their faith. But as I know that many have objected to my saying the words are fulfigled, which were spoken to me in May 1802, when I was warned of the dreadful war that would break out upon the nations abroad, but this would be a happy land within five years; this being explained to me is fulfilled by the Lord's defending this nation from the power of the enemy, in coming to this land to make the destruction here that he hath abroad ; but instead of allowing this a happy land, in the mercies we have received, many begin to mock their blessings, and point out every sorrow ana hurden the nation is oppressed with, without discerning how much greater would be our sorrows and oppression, if the Lord had given the enemy full power over us, according to his intention of invading this land. And to make it plain before ni I ain ordered to bring forward the parable of ny friends, which explained to me stands a likeness of the nation ; and I should bring it forward, to make it clear to mankind; and first point out the dangers my friends were in, if their eneinies had gained their fuil ends : for if the law had strengthened the hands of their enemies, to allow the usury on the two bills, then it would have encouraged the holder of the 350 1 bill to come forward, thinking, through Mr.

King's saying he had offered goods worth 1401, they should swindle them out of the bil; but my friends never knew that any thing had been offered on the bills in either goods or money; and Mr. Sharp informs me that he never intended to have all the bills negociated. The bills were made out in different sums for the convenience of the moneyed men ; it might suit a man to discount a bill of 350 1, or 2501, when he could not discount one of 500 1. and if a more opulent man was found to discount the 500 l; the others were to be returned; as he told Mr. King that his own wants did not exceed from 200 1 to 300%. But Mr. King took the advantage of having the bills in his possession, and circulated them all amongst a set of men joined with him, thinking by arts they should be able to swindle them out of the whole : and if the law had supported them in all their unjust designs, I leave the readers to judge what would have been their loss, to have had the expenses of the law added to their other loss; then their loss must have been thousands which is now only hundreds. And this is the perfect likeness of our land; we are burdened with losses to carry on the war against an inveterate enemy; but had the Lord given him power to execute his intentions of coming here to destroy our land, and make the havoc he has made abroad; had that been the case what distress would our land have been in! Here stands the perfect likeness of the nation and my friends : the laws have defended my friends from falling a prey to the ruin their enemies designed; and yet they have sustained losses, by falling into their hands ; in the perfect likeness stands the nation ; for the Lord hath defended this land from the power of the enemy in coming in to destroy it ; and yet we have sustained losses, by defending ourselves from his power, and from what has fallen into his hands of our property; and yet when we see the destruction he has made in the nations abroad, we have every reason to bless the Lord for his defence


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