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power to make use of the Serpent, and become as a life in him, of mouth and voice, to betray the WOMAN. Thus let men discern from the rod, there was no life in that, nor any form of a serpent in it, before it was worked by Satan's power to turn it into that form; now perfectly so I tell thee of the beginning, there was no knowledge given to the serpent, of any coinmand that was given to man; neither was there any understanding in the serpent what man was created for above him; he was as ignorant of knowledge, and as void of understanding, as the rod was void of life, before the subtlety of Satan's working was in him, to be life, knowledge, and understanding, and by him he used the arts to betray, as he used the arts by Pharaoh's magicians, to harden Pharaoh's heart, and make him believe there was no power superior to the power that Pharaoh worshipped before, from his wise men and soothsayers. Know, their arts I shewed to Moses, before I sent him to Pharaoh, and then I shewed him my power, how I should destroy them; and so I have told thee, in the end, I shall destroy the whole. Now, if men have wisdom to discern what I have explained to thee concerning the Serpent, and how Satan went on by arts, and what power he had to form the likeness of a serpent, where there was none, then the eyes of men's understanding would be clearly opened to discern, that in the form of a serpent he had power to betray; and from the power that was shewn by the magicians, to turn the waters into blood, it sheweth what power the devil hath had, in all ages, to work in the hearts of mankind, to cause war and bloodshed in every nation; for, though by my power I have often gained the victories in the war, for my people to overcome their enemies in the end, yet great power hath been in their enemies to go on and conquer for a while. So that as the water, that was clear at first, became as blood, by my power, and the same power was shewn by the enemy, so have the nations went on by wars and tumults in all ages; and in like manner they had power to raise the evil creatures, by their enchantments. These things are to shew mankind, that Satan hath a power to work many miracles in evil; and this was shewn unto Moses, when I gave him a Law to go and deliver my people; but when I began to restrain the powers of evil

, they could go no further; for all their power I desteoyed.–And now come further to the Law given to Moses.”

St. John, Chapter i. 17. "The Law was given to Moses, but Grace and Truth came by Jesus Christ.”


“ From the Type and Shadow of Moses being sent to deliver my people, and bring them into the promised land, it was a Type and Shadow of the End. For now I shall shew thee what were the laws given to Moses, that I shall fulfil in the end, and that I came to fulfil. Know my command of the Lamb's being slain, and I came to be the LAMB that was slain; but this let men discern, when the Lamb was slain, and the blood was sprinkled on the door-posts, Pharaoh's destruction came on, and the deliverance of the Israelites from his power took place. This was a shadow to them, which I came to fulfil; but that fulfil: ment hath not yet taken place ; neither is the grace and truth come to mankind, that I died to establish in the end. Is my Gospel fulfilled, for grace and truth to be established on the earth, by my coming to die as the PASCHAL LAMB, when they see there are but few, when compared with the whole world at large, that do believe, or rely upon or my Gospel? Do not the nations

come as a life in the WOMAN. 1 there was no lif pent in it, befoi to turn it into t thee of the beg given to the se given to man; ing in the serpei him; he was a void of underst life, before the in him, to be li and by him he i the arts by Ph: raoh's heart, at power superior shipped before, ers. Know, th fore I sent hin

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So I have tol the whole. N what I have ex pent, and how power he had where there understanding that in the for tray; and from magicians, to eth what pow work in the h bloodshed in power I have war, for the end mies


it I have already told thee I died in vain. men look to the contention of the people after I delivered them by the hand of and gave laws to him concerning them,

them into the land of Canaan, which promised land to them, let them discera is their contention and disputes, through erness, and how they departed from the hen let them look to my Gospel, in what

is the contention of mankind now, in lat profess to believe my Gospel; and how like the Jews of old, are departed from a they may see the likeness to stand to

Then now I ask mankind how they will the fulfilment of my words, if I do not h that grace and truth in the earth, that must come by ME? Let them discern, Moi the shadow, brought the children of Israel · promised land, to fulfil the words I had u by him; then know, to be the substance, I fuisl the promise made by the prophets, and ords I spoke in my gospel, to bring in the sed rest for man; and, as Moses freed them, y power

, from the hands of their temporal jes, and redeemed them from the hands of aoh, so must I free men from their spi| enemy, and redeem them according to promise, to give them the kingdom, as deed for man at first, and establish the truth he words upon the earth, to prove to mankind,

grace and truth came by ME, which is righteDess to be established with peace on the earth, | my spirit poured out upon all, to free them in evil, and establish good. Then will the of my words be fulfilled, because I have umised to fulfil them; and thus let men discern m my Gospel, what deliverance I have proised shall be in the end, of a promised rest to '?n; for, as the shadow was fulfilled by Moses, so skall go on as hardened in sin, and still to provoke and distress my people, that believe in Me and my Gospel, as the enemies went on to afflict the Jews, after they were delivered from the hands of Pharaoh ? Did they not meet with many enemies afterwards, to war with, to war against ? And did they not murmur in their own hearts, and bring evil upon their own heads, after they were delivered from the land of Egypt? They went on in the wilderness to provoke me to anger to cut thein off, never to possess the land I had promised them, though I gave it to their children. Here is a shadow of the end, and here is the likeness of my Gospel, which ye may now discern. Do the professors of my Gospel act according to my commands ? Do they not act like the Jews of old, that disagreed in the wilderness, at a discord with one the other, and condemning the prophet by whose hands I wrought their deliverance? This likeness of the Jews ye may all discern, how the likeness now appears in this nation, where my Gospel is made known unto all: some thousands are become Arians, and like the Jews of old, who condemned Moses, saying they knew not what was become of him ; when he staid in the mount from them, they made gods like calves, to go before them, and put no trust that they should be delivered by him. Now perfectly so are thousands turned away from believing in me, that I shall work their deliverance in the end, as the Jews were turned from believing in Moses; and as the contention was amongst the people concerning Moses, so is the contention amongst mankind concerning my Gospel, which thou mayest see from the different sects and parties. By some my death is made of no'effect, nor of any use to mankind, who say, it was only to save them that were saved from the foundation of the world. From such

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