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judgment I have already told thee I died in vain. Now if men look to the contention of the people of old, after I delivered them by the hand of Moses, and gave laws to him concerning them, to bring them into the land of Canaan, which was the promised land to them, let them discera what was their contention and disputes, through the wilderness, and how they departed from the laws; then let them look to my Gospel, in what manner is the contention of mankind now, in those that profess to believe my Gospel; and how many, like the Jews of old, are departed from it; then they may see the likeness to stand together. Then now I ask mankind how they will prove the fulfilment of my words, if I do not establish that grace and truth in the earth, that is said must come by ME? Let them discern, Moses, as the shadow, brought the children of Israel to the promised land, to fulfil the words I had spoken by him; then know, to be the substance, I must fulîl the promise made by the prophets, and the words I spoke in my gospel, to bring in the promised rest for man; and, as Moses freed them, by my power, from the hands of their temporal enemies, and redeemed them from the hands of Pharaoh, so must I free men from their spiritual enemy, and redeem them according to my promise, to give them the kingdom, as designed for man at first, and establish the truth of the words upon the earth, to prove to mankind, that grace and truth came by me, which is righteousness to be established with peace on the earth, and my spirit poured out upon all, to free them from evil

, and establish good. Then will the truth of my words be fulfilled, because I have promised to fulfil them; and thus let men discern from my Gospel, what deliverance I have promised shall be in the end, of a promised rest to man; for, as the shadow was fulfilled by Moses, so shall the substance be established by ME. But these things men do not discern, what judgment they draw of the Gospel, nor what are my promises, to make the truth appear, that I came to seek and to save that which was lost; that I came to Be the Saviour of the world ; that I came to cast out the prince of this world ; that I shewed them the shadows in the days of the Flesh, when I cast out the devils, that were in men, which I promised to cast out in the end from all; that I gave sight to the blind, and ears to the deaf; that I healed men of the leprosy, and so in the end I have promised to heal men of the leprosy of sin. Here let men discern how different was my wonderous working, when I became flesh and dwelt amongst men, than the power that was given to Moses; and so, they will all find in the end, is my power and working, to give a promise first to man, different from the promised land, that was given by Moses, which was not established in righteousness nor truth; because they kept not my commands, nor the laws that were given to them; therefore their enemies had power to afflict them; and by their wars and tumults, and the power of their enemies, their waters became as blood to them at last, as I had made them at first, when I cast out their enemies before them. This let men discern followed the Jews—the like. ness of the miracles I wrought by the hands of Moses, and the same likeness was shewn by their enemies; and this went on by the power their enemies gained over them, when they broke all the laws that were given them. But now let men come to my Gospel. When I worked miracles at the marriage of Cana, know I turned the water into wine. Here let men men discern the difference, what was my working to shew the end, that the best wine was reserved for the last, which no enemy could accomplish. There was no pow.

er, that could make the water wine, to work with ME, as they worked with Moses ; neither was there any evil power that could turn the wine to become water when I turned it into wine. Thus let men discern the difference between the miracles that were wrought by Moses and the miracles I wrought in my Gospel; then they may discern the difference that will take place in the end, when I establish my kingdom in every heart, of truth, righteousness and peace; then it will not be like the law that was given by Moses, but a law written in every heart. For this is the best wine, that is reserved to the last, which was not established when I became flesh and dwelt amongst men.

But now come to types and shadows from the beginning, as the unbelieving world mock my ways and my decrees concerning the SEALING, because they judge it is not a command given from the Lord, without discerning, that, in all ages of the world, when in a powerful manner I visited mankind, for any particular change, that should take place, some command or other was given to man : Noah had a command to build the Ark; Abraham had a command of Circumcision ; Moses had a command of Burnt Offerings. But know from my Gospel what was the command given by me, when I became an offering for all to take the Bread and Wine, in remembrance of my Body and Blood that was shed for the transgression of man, which I commanded them to do in remembrance of me, till I came again, in power and great glory, to bring in the Redemption of Man. But this let men discern, what was done by my enemies,--they put a Seal upon my Tomb, that I might not rise again. Now, when this was done at my death, for men to put a Seal upon my Tomb, let them not marvel that this command is given in the end, after the mannier of men, to put a Seal upon my adversary; and the adversary of mankind. Thus, if men had wisdom to discern in what manner types and shadows have stood through the scriptures, and what was the malice of my enemies, by setting a watch, and putting a seal upon my tomb, they would not marvel, that a Seal should be made for Satan's doon; for, as the creation began by types and shadows, and the command being given in the beginning, so, in like manner, from types and shadows, and a command, will the ending be. And let men discern, from my Gospel, what was done by man, worked on by the malice of hell; then let men discern from the Revelation, what was shewn to John in the Visions, now Satan was bound, and the Seal set upon him, as man before had placed it to ME. Thus, if the eyes of men's understanding were opened, to discern what men did at my death, they would clearly discern the Sealing must take place against the adversary of mankind, before I come to cast him out. Now, if men discerned, from the Scriptures, all that is spoken of things that are spiritual, there is first a shadow in things that are temporal; and what is spoken of things that are heavenly, there is first a shadow in things that are earthly; then they would discern from being saidThe LAMB slain from the foundation of the

world, and my being called the LAMB of GOD, to take away the sin of the world, these are heavenly and spiritual. But the shadow began first with what was temporal and earthly, of the Lamb being slain and offered up, before I came to be an OFFERING for all. If men clearly understood these things, and what is said of the seals in heaven, and how it was seen by John, whose revelation was to shew him the end; if men had wisdom thus to discern, they would clearly discern, that the SEALING must take place, before the ending can come to mankind. For

the Apostles themselves did not understand the meaning of their words or visions ; neither is the meaning of Paul's words understood by mankind

_" Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of Redemption.” This, thou knowest, all men have judged to have no other meaning than a spiritual sealing ; neither were the words understood by the Apostle, that any temporal sealing would be commanded by the Spirit of God to be done, before the day of redemption took place ; neither did the Apostle discern or understand the meaning of his words, any more than thou understoodest the sense and meaning of the Sealing, when I warned thee of it in the beginning, which thou understoodest nofurther than my promises being sealed up, what I should do in the end for them that believed.

But thou hadst no knowledge of the Sealing going out, for man's redemption, or Satan's destruction, for men to be redeemed from his pow. er, before I made it clear unto thee how I should go on in the manner Satan had begun, to say he would gain the kingdom, or lose it, after the manner of men, by election ; and so, after the manner of men, I ordered the Sealing to go out, to try and prove the hearts of men, and to cons found the enemy in his own wisdom. But now I shall come to the SPIRITUAL SEAL

This meaneth the heart being given up to God, to be saved with an everlasting salvation, and having a witness within, as Abraham had, that they are heirs of the promise, which is faith unto salvation, to be saved in the hour of death; and this spiritual sealing is to those that are saved in the end, who rely upon me for salvation. But however men may judge this is the meaning of the Apostle's words, to go no further than a spis ritual sense, I now tell thee, they go to both temporal and spiritual; for now is the time the


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