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God foolishly, because we ourselves have not wisdom enongh to discern all his footsteps, that are hid in the great deep; and his ways that are past man's finding out. But I shall now come to the purpose of Hann's book, where he have pointed out the prophecies as having failed. He has brought forward the 128. page. Strange effects of faith, where I drew a wrong judgment myself from a communication that had been given me, that if no one awakened to search out the truth, the Lord would begin the new century with Turee years famine, and then the major part of this

nation would awaken, to know the visitation was from the Lord. But if any awakened to search out the truth when the writings went out in the world, it would be reversed; for then the Lord would begin the century with three years plentifal harvests. Here it stood on conditions (see 18. page, first book of Strange Effects of Faith). But when I saw May was come in that year, and no one had enquired to search out the truth, I expected the threatened judgments would take place: but soon after the third book was printed, which was in that year, three Rev. Divines, with other gentlemen, sent to me to enquire into EverY TRUTH; here the conditions that were before fixed were complied with, and the promise that was made for their obedience, the Lord would fulfil his words, of sendiug three plentiful harvests, which is known to all, was fulfilled.' So let no one place my judgment to the Spirit; as the first book tells them how it stood on conditions. I have already pointed out, in my books, the wrong judge ment drawn by the prophets of old ; as they did not know how nen would act, to prevent judgments, or bring them on : in this, I have answered for myself. And now I shall come to Hanu's observation on the book called a Warning to the world. From what he have brought forward out of that book he condemns himself; as he saith the threatened judgments to this nation must have come on in 1805, 1806, 1807, and the time is past, that they ought to be fulfilled. He then brings forward the 15tb page of the same book, where it says they shall know of no time, and yet, he contends the prophecies have failed, because it is said the following years; without discerning the words that are there said: « Do men simply suppose I meant to set a sign like the * wisdom of men, to tell them in a straight line what *** should happen, and what shall come on, as your

simple wisdom is? Thou knowest I told thee it was not for the unbelieving world to know the times or the

seasons, when they would come on.” And I told thee - they would not come all at once; and yet, all at once, “they that are believers are looking for them contrary “ to what was said.” Now if the words “ following years" had meant for to come on, one after the other, regularly, it must have been in a straight line, and for every one, to know the time, and the seasons, when the threatened judgments would take place : and the words of the Spirit could not be true, if all bad come in a straight line, according to his judgment. But he says many of the believers drew the same judgment, and he blames them for their steady faith, as things did not come according to their judgment; to this I answer : all true believers had wisdom enough to see their own judgment was wrong, but that the words of the Spirit are TRUE. And this, the wise will discern, that it could not come in a straight line according to their judgment; because, it was said it should not. But the foolish will not discern, neither will they understand, the meaning of the words " the following years," for we cannot tell at what time they will begin, but they are spoken for a time that will come ; neither can we tell what is meant by years ; when they will take place, any more than the Jews could tell at what time the seventy weeks, spoken of in Daniel, would take place, that was given to him in answer to his prayer, for the deliverance of his peo. ple. He was answered, “ seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and the Holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconcileation for iniquity, and to bring in everslasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy."

Now from this answer to Daniel's prayer, they might have supposed in seventy weeks, that everlasting righteousnes would be established, and a full end made to sin, which is not done to this day: but these words were spoken for the END, when the lord cometh to make an end of sin, and establish everlasting righteousness upon the earth; and in like manner, many things are spoken of days and years in the Bible, that stand for the END. And as it is said in my writings,

That like the Bible all must come round,

And none but my sheep can judge of the sound. But if all had been spoken to come on in a straight line, according to the wisdom of men, then all could have judged of the sound, and the foolish could see as well as the wise. And now I shall come further to my prophecies, ist Book sealed writings, 41. page: it is said the storms are hastening on, and the Lord would shake other nations first to try this land.

Page 48. it is said the Lord would do like Wooland, who threatened long before he put his threats in execution.

Page 109. In a day ye little think of, and in an hour unaware, all will turn round, (alluding to the dream in page 108). Word in season, page 49. From a communication given in 1803: after the war broke out it was

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said, $

« The sword is drawn and shall go on,

The shadow doth appear;
And here's a fatal May for man,

Who now do mock me here." But men must discern from this communication, that it was not at that time, men would feel the fatal effects either of the war, or the mockery; for they must discern what was said further;

« This is a May for man,
Wherein they'll see such destiny;

Will from this May appear,
And let the newspapers be kept,

And all may now see clear. But the word now did not mean at that time; it alluded to the time when the prophecy came on, and we may now see it clear from the newspapers, and we may see the fatal effects of this war since 1803. Let us discern what is said in the Caution to the sealed ;“ every land I'll visit first, that England may awake.”

Now to judge of prophecies aright, we must discern how they are spoken ; whether they are spoken upon conditions or without conditions. What haih happened opon the nations abroad, was foretold would take place, and no conditions were fixed; and perfectly so all hath hastened on. But the threatenings to this nation stand upon conditions. In the 22nd page of Warning to the

world; it is said there were many that wonld come in by lingering judgements, coming on, one after the other; and therefore the Lord would give them time to turn unta bim. In the 2nd Book sealed prophecies, page 5, it is said, “ the Prophecies that men have expected to “ be bastily fulfilled, and because they were not, think they “ never will, as they are deferred; but I tell thee, defer

ring a thing does not mean it shall never be done ; and “all that is deferred in thy writings shall be perfectly “ fulfilled.” In this manner stand the Prophecies to THIS NATION; that no one knows the time when the Lord will visit the sins of this nation, if they go on to provoke him to anger, and harden their hearts in onbelief. lo page 177, of Strange effects of faith,

I shall make the mystery clear;

And then my foclishness you'll see,

Is wiser than you mortals be;

To try the talents high of men.
But how could the Lord try the talents of men if all
was put in a straight line? Or what mysteries could there
be for the Lord to make plain before them ? here I see
the truth of the words; that it cannot be done by the
wisdom of man, they must do as the Lord hath said.

Back the footsteps all will trace,
And marvel what they've done,
And wonder dat they could not go

In things that were so plain.
This, the wise will discern in the end, that it was
plain before them, that they could not draw a clear judy.
inent when the years mentioned for judgmeuts would tuke
place in TIIS LANE,

. In the ed book sealed prophecies 121 page, it was explained ; as it was lent tu me for a space, so it would be to the nation.

In the book called the Full Assurance, &c. page 8, it is said, “in as strange and sudden a manner shall all happen to the Nations, as it did to Minite, in a way he never expected.” Here I have shown from iny prophecies, that no man can draw a clear judgment of the time, when extraordinary events will take place in this LAND, because it is said, they will not come according to the judgment of men, in a strait line; and whieh may be clearly seen in the warning to the world, and the ocher books I have

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mentioned. Therefore it is HANN'S PROPHECY, (not mine,) that the sword, plague, and famine, will go through the land this year; and the millennium to take place next year. And now I shall come to his erroneous and foolish judgment concerning me, as he make the following observation in his first book, on my mother's prayers for me: he saith “ This spiritual pride in Joanna, I think I can trace to its original. It appears to me, that the seed of it was sown by her mother; and perhaps if you think a little on what is said in page io3, Strange Effects of Faith, you will see it as I do." To his observation I answer: the page he quoted contradicts his opinion of the advice that my mother gave me; which was "' to live in the fear of the Lord, that it I was a wrestling Jacob, I should be a prevailing Israel.” Any one who reads the page he has mentioned, will see my ponderings were only for my own salvation, as I have said there, and all her words and advice to me upon her dying bed, I looked upon the same, and wished to live in the fear of the Lord that my end might be like hers, and this was all the effects my mother's words had upon my heart to assure me that if I lived in the fear of the Lord, Į should surely die in his favour and at the end should reiga with him in glory, so that it was a comfort and consolațion to me to look forward to future happiness, whatever sorrows and disappointments I met with in this life, and to bear them with a christian fortitude, looking forward to joys that would never end. These were all the ponderings I had from my mother's words.

But Hann says, my mother's words were exactly calculated to infuse a very great degree of spiritual pride into any young person's mind,“ and while I was pondering upon her words, the devil at my elbow persuaded me to prophecy !!!"

To his folly I answer : let any man of sense read the history of my life, and the advice my mother gave me on her dying bed,—to commit all my ways unto the Lord that he would direct my goings--they would soon see the folly of his judgment, that there was no room for spiritual pride : but to keep my heart wholly fixed on the Lord, knowing if I forsook hiin he would forsake me, but as I well knew

the Lord had often answered my mother's prayers for herself, and was her director, so it led me to

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