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that I should come in power to fulfil them. For as all the mysteries of the Gospel, and the way that the words of the prophets would be fulfilled, concerning my birth and death was concealed, before I came to make it clear before them, perfectly so stands the end, the way the words of the prophets will be all fulfilled; and the meaning of their words, that stand for the end, and the meaning of my saying, the woman had wrought a good work on ME, and what I likened the kingdom

of heaven to, from the parables placed in my Gospel; as this was sealed up from the knowledge and understanding of men, before I come to make it clear, and point out a way I shall fulfil the promise made in the fall, when I come to cast out the adversary that betrayed the woman at first: all these things were sealed up from the knowledge and understanding of men; but every crooked path shall be made straight before them, and what is darkened to the understanding of men I shall enlighten and make clear to them; so that the scriptures will be no darkness to men in the end; for, what is concealed from their knou ledge is for the end. But, from the judgment and wisdom of mankind, who suppose the scriptures will never be fulfilled, that all was finished when I died on the cross; such judgment makes the scriptures unintelligible to thousands, who read and discern that they have not yet been fulfilled, according to the words spoken by the prophets, or my sayings in my Gospel, and what was spoken by my disciples after me, have never yet been fulfilled. Therefore those who judge all was finished, and the scriptures were closed, darken council without knowledge, and make the scriptures unintelligible to mankind, that are led away by such errors in

But let them know this is not done by my visitation to thee; because I have told thee the scriptures are true, they were spoken by the God of truth, who hath power to fulfil, and will ac

complish according to his promise. Therefore it is inipossible for all the arts of men and devils to cause unbelief in every mind; for then the scriptures could not be fulfilled, for men to be waiting for the coming of their Lord, or for me to be the desire of nations; all my parables must fall to the ground, it unbelief was found in all. But, from the shadow that is begun, they will find the substance to hasten on, till all my sheep are brought into my fold;

fold; and then they will find the good Shepherd to appear. But were not the days to be shortened, as lusaid in my Gospel, no flesh living would be saved, when I come in power at the end; for then the world would be like the antediluvian world of old. Infidelity is fast increasing in this nation, and all other nations; for ye know not the minds and hearts of men, nor what has been their minds from this war: the Romans, that put their trust in the pope and priests, seeing their power is cut off, that they have not power to save themselves, this worketh upon the minds of thousands not to believe in their power, as they were taught to believe; and having no other religion taught them, they turn to infidelity, not to believe in any superior power at all. For here Satan hath power to work; and so his working is strong in the nations abroad, and at home; and were things to remain as they are, and all to be settled according to the wisdom of men, all lands would be filled with infidelity, and become, as I have told thee, that no flesh would be saved. But, as I said the days should be shortened, they shall be shortened ; for I have begun, 'and will make an end. But what redemption could come to man, from the fall, to be redeemed from the power of death, hell, and sin, if unbelief was placed in all: From Hann's observations I shall confound gainsayers, and condemn thy accusers. For, without the visitation of my Spirit, they cannot prove the scriptures true; because the fulfilment must begin before I come in power to make an

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eud; and the things I have revealed to thee, and the meaning of the scriptures, that I have explained to thee, is the begining of the fulfilment of my words, and the words of the prophets.”

As Hann returned no answer to my letter sent him, January 21, I was ordered to send the following letter Mr. Llanu,

February 23, 1811. Whether you will hear, or whether you will forbear, whether you will answer, or whether you will not, this is a command of the Lore given to me, to demand of you an explanation of the scriptures I sent you in my last letter; and if you cannot explain them yourself, point out w me any man upon earth that can explain them. And a further demand is made of you, where you

will prove

it is said in my writings, that the sword, plague, and famine, should go through this land, in 1810? and where it is said, that the millennium would take place in 1811? or where it was fixed to take place in 1807 ? of where you will prove, from my writings, any time fixed that the millennium would take place? This demand is made of you to prove your assertions, from my writings, or acknowledge yourself ihe inventor of those falsehoods, wrongfully to accuse whatever spirit you judge me to be led by.. If it be of God, then you have invented them to cast an odium on the Deity; but whatever spirit I am led by, you have wrongfully accused and condemned it. An immediate answer is required of you.-


JOANNA SOUTHCOTT. The following passages of scripture were pointed out for him to answer: Isaiah, chapters ix, xi, xxv, xxxv, xli, xlii, lii, liii, liv, lv, lx, lxv, lxvi; Daniel, vii, ix, xii; Jeremiah, iii, 14th verse; Obadiah, 21st verse; Joel, ii, iii; Haggai, ii; Micah, iv; Malachi, iv; Mattheze, v; St. John, xvi, xx.

A further explanation will be given in another publication.

This taken from Joanna Southcott's mouth by me,

ANN UNDERWOOD. Witness, JANE TOWN LEY, March 1, 1811.

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