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mockery to keep a house in honour to the Lord, if it be not honoured by man, by living according to the laws of the Lord; which was not done by the Jews, either from the law or the Gospel. For as I have already told thee, and I tell thee again, the wheat and the chaff were separated amongst the Jews when I came in the flesh; and as the chaff went on to destroy the wheat, so in the end it was left for stubble, till they began to destroy theniseyves. But full as wrong as their belief was, to think that their preserving the temple was the whole, and that the Lord would preserve it for his own honour, when there was no men to honour him in it; full as wrong are the notions of thousands in this present age, who call the Church the Bride, when the Spirit of the Lord is denied to visit his church ; then I ask then, to what use is the church to be called the Bride since the Spirit is denied ? do men vainly suppose the Spirit and the Bride, alludes to the walls and the building, as the Jews judged the temple' of Jerusalem ? Here is an erroneous opinion amongst the professors of religion in this age, to rely upon the church as being th:e Bride, and denying the Spirit that is to accompany it, as it was amongst the Jews to rely upon their temple and building ; that it would be preserved for the honour of God without men to honour him in it, and as the folly of the past, so is the present in relying upon their place of worship, without by being worshipped in it by men, who believe my Gospel through and discern the words I left on record, that I should visit them again in the Spirit: and without this faith and belief, they have no more reason to rely on their churches than the Jews had to rely on their temple. And now I ask men; how they will answer, tbat my churches are honoured by men, who are, like the Jews, blind to all they protess, and refusing every warsing as they did ? If men discern my Gospel, they must observe my strict command,

to be clear in judging before they condemn : and mark deep the words that I said unto them : the Spirit of Truth that the world would not receive should come: And like the Jews they are fulfilling my words, persecuting me in the Spirit, as the Jews did in the body; and yet like the Jews of old, they are boasting in this persecution that they shall be preserved, as the Jews boasted of their temple.

So let not men marvel at unbelief; because, they will find it endure to the end in thousands, till I come to separate the wheat from the tares; and take out of my kingdom all that offend and do wickedly; then know that offenders will stand until the last, when I come to bring the change. But then like the people in Jerusalem, whose repentance in many came too late, they will find their repentance the same, according to the Parables I spoke in my Gospel :

But know I come to make all things new,
And change the scenes in every view;
For as the temple then was cast,
Wherein my worship could not last;
As men had all forsook me there
Another, way I shall appear-
ALI SATAN'S worship to destroy;
When I do come for to enjoy
The sons of men, that love my name ;
I then shall put my foes to shame,
And all the city build anew-
The shadow deep, bring to your view :
How there my enemies were cast, .
That did so strong against me burst.
And mark the drink they gave to me;
And of my blood-mark they did say
Ibat on them it should surely fall :
And in the end, they felt the whole.
And know, the gall on them did turn,
Let all mark deep the end of them,
And then, the ending all may see,
The way the turning it will be.
My temple was destroyed at first,
Because the hearts of men did burst
So strong against me, when I came
And all their hearts were set on flame,
Until, the temple they destroy'd,
And all their barbarous sins enjoy'd.



But I shall now turo back the whole
For Satan's worship so shall fall.
And then I'll build it new again,
And pour my spirit strong on men, .
Whose hearts do long to live with me
In time and thro' eternity,
They'll fiod my building all anew
Bring every shadow to your view.
The sword at first was plac'd for man,
I said the other sword must come,
The power of evil to destroy ;
And then 'tis Rian I shall enjoy ;
Because their Comforter they'li see
To come in power mankind to free
That do rely upon my word.
And judge ine as a taithful Lord
Fron first to last ; I'll say no more,
But open wide the temple door
Qf every heart, for me to come,
And then my kingdom will be known;
What different scenes there will appear,
Weigh deep the lines I've spoken here;
Then from the Jews you all may see,
The way the ending it will be.
Some saved their lives for to remain,
I say, a proyerb deep for men ;
And so the ages they've pass'd through,
That all may know my Bible's true.
And so through ages some will pass,
To prove the truth when at the last..

In the beginning of the next Year, a small Book

will be printed, of

But those who are not by Faith, are not of the Sealed Numbere

December 17, 1806.

And sold by E. J. FIELD, No. 139, near Bloomsbury Court, High Hol-

born; C. ABBOTT, opposite the London Apprentice, East End of
Old Street; W. Tozer, Lambeth Road, St. George's Fields ;
Also by W. SYMORDS, Gandy Lane; and the Miss EYELEIGHS,
St. Sidwell's, Exeter; SAMUEL HIRST, Leeds; J. MIDDLETON,
York; and JAMES LIGHT, Coventry Street, Stourbridgs, Worcese


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