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because they have drawn a wrong judgment, and stumbled themselves; while others, having more wisdom hath stood; and happy is the man that enduretlı to the end. For now I tell thee of the others, who stand out in unbelief like the Jews, like the Jews they will find their destruction, though not in the same manner, yet sudden destruction will come in the end upon thousands, as it did on Jerusalem, when my chariot wheels are near to bring in my Kingdom of Peace to mankind. Then will destruction come upon all those that nuock the visitation of my Spirit, as it then came upon the Jews, And like Jews, ihe TURKS may fear when she New JERUSALEM comes to man. And now mark many of their words--their boasting of religion, and saving the Temple, when they were in the midst of dangers; and had mocked all the warnings that were given them. Let their words be copied off, and I shall answer thee again, to shew the perfect likeness of the Jews in their age, and the professed christians in this. But know, I have told thee, there are some minds that are so blind, and so darkened, that nothing will convince them ; whatever prophecies, signs, and wonders come before them, they can no more see the hand of God in than a blind man can see the sun in the firmament; and yet, like the Jews, they will go on to boast of their religion. So let no man marvel at this present age, that the same fallen nature, the same different spirits, and the same working of Satan is with the present age, as it was with the past. With those under the Gospel, as it was with the Jews under the law: for they were under the laws of the Lord, whose laws they had broken, and whose prophets they had destroyed. And now those that are under the Gospel, seeing my Gospel plain before them, and what is abroad in every nation as I foretold them, being warned by the visitation of my Spirit, that all these things were at hand; yet all this, like the Jews, is mccked and



despised. And now I shall come to their observa-
tion of the Temple.—A man named Joseph, one of
the Jews who foretold their destruction and had fled
to the Romans, and who was looked upon as a pro-
Het amongst them; but when the Romans saw the
fatal destruction the Jews were bringing on them-
selves, by massacreing one another within the walls,
and starving on account of the famine within the
citr, Titus began to feel compassion for them, and
wished to bring them to reason. Therefore he em-
ployed Joseph to speak to the Jews in their own
language ; which he did, in a most affecting man-
ner, and pointed out to them the former favours they
had received of the Lord, and how he would now
be their friend if they turned unto him; he also
pointed out the danger of their obstinacy and rebel-
lion, but all his words had no weight with them,
and yet with confidence they said, “they had no
doubt, but the Almighty would protect his own
House, as they depended upon him for protection;
nor feared they the threatenings of the Romans,
which God would never permit to be carried into
execution," that the Temple of Jerusalem should
be destroyed. This, was their confidence; while at
the same time they were provoking the Lord daily
by the blackest of crimes,-with murders, and cruelty
one against another, prophaning the Temple with
their blood, and making it a den of theives as our
Saviour had told thent, and as they rejected the
things that would make for their peace, (see xix
Luke) we may clearly discern 'they were hid
froin their eyes, and the words of our Saviour were
fully verified concerning Jerusalem ; for He said
the days shall come upon thee, ihat thine enemies
shall cast a treuch about thee, and compass thee
round, and keep thee in on every side, and shall lay.
thee even with the ground, and ihy children within
thee, and they shall not leave in thee one stone
upou another, because thou knowest not the time

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of thy visitation. And they shall fall by the edge
of the sword and shall be led away captive into all
nations; and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of
the Gentiles until the tiincs of the Gentilis le
fulfilled. Luke xxi. xxiv. Now from ihe book of
Josephus, the history he gives of the destruction
of the Jews and Jerusalem, we find every word
perfectly fulfilled in the manner our Saviour
foretold; for their eneinies did entrench them on
every side; they fell by the cuge of the sivord ; they
were blind to their own destruction, and they were
carried away captive into all nations..

Thus the first of our Saviour's predictions came upon the Jews. It is now necessary for us to look to what follows next, prior to our Saviour's second coming : disti esses of nations iviili perplexities; men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the eartir; for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. And then shall they see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory; and when these things, begin to come to pass, then look up and lift up your heads, for your redemption draweth niyh; then know ve that the Kingdom of God is nigh at hand. Nov if we take a serious survey of all that hath happened abroad, and at home, and the dreadful war that is now on the continent, as it was in the time wiren Jerusalem was destroyed, and clearly consider low all was foretold-left on record by our Saviour adi now warned of again by the visita.ion of his SPIRIT that the end is at hand : that the Scriptures should be fulólled; that he would go on to crush them erery where till the Second Psalm was fulfilled, to hare the heathens for his inheritance, and the littermost parts of the earth for his possession, and fulf! the words of the prophers to bung all the earth to know the Lord; for thereto the end should conie.

Now uhen we consider ail ilin Wijoreivid lyile
Spirit of prophecy, that we are ordered not to quench

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or despise ; and before they sprang forth, men were warned of them : now, when men weigh the whole together, they must be as blind as the Jews were, if they cannot see the days of their visitation; and discern that the end is at hand, and from what Spirit the warning came.

Therefore I inay say to the unbelieving world who condemn the blindness and unbelief of the Jews ; as our Saviour said to the people when they condemned the woman: he that is without sin, let hiin cast the first stone : but he that is blinded like the Jews, and cannot see now, when the truth is before them in every land; and Bonaparte conquering like Sennacharib as foretold, who hath the POWER of the beast given him; if they cannot discern this, let them not blame the Jews for being blind when every truth stood before them, and when they saw the words of our Saviour perfectly fulfilled in their destruction. Yet the remaining part of them are still blind, and hardened in únbelief; so if unbelief be an honour to mankind and

proves their wisdom and good sense to think that no change will ever take place, or that any visitation is from the Lord; but that prophecies came from the Devil when they see the truth follow if this be wisdom in man to believe, then we must give wisdom and honour to the Jews for their standing out in unbelief; but if we see it was wrong in them, and do discern their blindness not to know from whence the warning came, that foretold them every truth, what should come upon them for their unbelief; now if we blame them, let us take heed to ourselves that we are not blinded likewise, till destruction come upon us; and let us consider in the end how much greater the destruction is threatened to those that mock the coming of their Lord, when he cometh to take out of his kingdom all that offend and do wickedly; and to establish in righteousness, peace, and happiness, those that are waiting for their Lord ta bring in their redemption : for these are the promises that stand on record, and these things I was warned of in the beginning, that the Lord was hastening on to fulfil; and which would begin by wars, and tumults, distresses and perplexities of nations, which would go from nation to nation till the nations were brought low, and began to turn unto the Lord; and then he would save the remnant of his people that turned unto him: and they should beat their swords into ploughshares, and their spears into pruning hooks, that nation should not lift up sword against nation, neither should they learn war any more; for the power of evil should be destroyed, and righteousness and peace established in the carth ; and the Lord's delight would be with the remnant of his people, to pour out his Spirit upon all flesh that remained; and the root of evil should be destroyed; these were my prophecies in the begianiog, and the Lord is going on the way he foretold to fulfil them. Then now let us take the warning lest we are destroyed, as the Jews were, and not boast of our religion as the Jews boasted of their temple, that the Lord would preserve it for his own honour. To which I was answered from the folly of the Jews, who believing the Lord would save their temple because it was built in honour to him, to their folly I was answered.

THE ANSWER OF THE SPIRIT. They did not consider that the Temple of God was not the work of men's hands that was built in honour to his name, without their hearts had been fit temples for the Lord to dwell in. Therefore it is the Hearts men ought to make the temple of the Lord to be united together ; or the temple made with hands was of no use. Therefore they could not suppose, if their understanding had not been darkened, that I should preserve the walls, and the buildings of the temple, that was made with lands to be kept up in mockery! because I tell there it is

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