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Son to die for the transgressions of man, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to the knowledge of the truth, and be saved? When we trace the Scriptures through and see the love of God for man, and look to the love of a crucified Saviour, wlio gave up his life for us, that by his stripes we all might be healed, we may say with the prophet Isaiah, -What could the Lord have done for bis vineyard that he hath not done? and with the apostle Stephen it is man resists the Holy Ghost, and the influence of the Spirit of vie Lord, by following the vices and temptations of the devil; and all men will find the Lord to be clear from the blood of all men, and reward every man according to his works in the awful day of judgment; but no minister can say, he can justify God and himself before his hearers, if he tells them the Lord hath decreed their destruction; if they seek him he will not be found of them. This is acting like the servant, whom our Saviour condemned for hiding his lord's money, saying, I knew thou wast an austere man, reaping where thou hast not sown, gathering were thou hast not strewn ; and therefore I hid thy money. And perfectly so do many preachers of election hide the mercies of God from man, telling them the Lord is like an austere master, instead of being a merciful God; that if they turn unto him, he will not have mercy on them. But we must know from the Gospel, how that servant was condemned-But here I must come to a conclusion, as the purport of my letter is for you to answer for yourself, how you will justify the Lord to confound the sinners in the day of judgment, and say you are clear from the blood of all men, when they will rise in judgment against you, and say you cast their blame on your Maker, while, on the other hand, I believe, in the day of judgment there will be thousands and tens of thousands who hare boasted of their being elected as children of the kingdom to be cast out, as our Saviour said,

while other fearful Christians will come from the East and from the West, and sit down in the Kingdom of Heaven. I know every word of St. Pauls and every Scripture that men build their faith upon, concerning election and reprobation ; but these Scriptures they do not understand; and the Apostle saw but through a glass darkly; saw but in part, and prophesied but in part; but when that which is perfect should come, then that which was imperfect should be done away; and was not the Spirit of truth to come from the Father as our Saviour said to lead us into all truths, and reveal the hidden mysteries that men do not understand, I am clearly convinced men would soon get into the greatest errors, and split against that Rock they ought to build upon. Now if you judge this reproof is not consistent with the justice of the Lord, then I must desire you will reprore me, by clearing yourself, that you can justify yourself from the Scriptures in every thing I have laid to your charge, and I shall be happy to receive your answer, directed for J. Southcott, William Sharp's, Esq. No. 50, Titchfield Street, Mary-le-bone.

Whether you hear, or wliether you for bear, I am clear, by obeying the command given to me, to send you this letter.

I remain, Rev. Sir, your wellwisher,

J. SOUTHCOTT. This is the doctrine Mr. Iluntington was reproved for, preaching of which he can never justify himself in ; but he thought he was justified in treating the reproof with scorn and contempt, without descerning the falsehood of the Calvinist doctrine, and the injury it does to mankind; and how much they dishonour the Lord thereby, in wresting the Scriptures which through blindness they do not sce; and yet, at the same time they profess to see with open eyes

into the wrong manner Mr. Brothers had placed the Scriptures to himself; but they do not discern that in the like manner they place the Scriptures in their saying the elect means themselves, and were predestinated before the foundation of the world; as Mr. Brothers says he is predestinated to be the restorer of the Jews from the covenant made to David. So if men discern them both, and weigh them together, they may clearly see the wisdom of the Lord in his visitation to a man like Brothers, to shew them how wrong they place the Scriptures, from his likeness : and the same we may discern from the Romans how wrong they have placed the Scriptures from our Saviour's words, when he said unto his disciples whom say Ye that I am ? Peter answered thou art the Christ the Son of the living God. Jesus answered, and said unto him, blessed art thou Simon Bar-Jona, for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven: I say unto thee thou art Peter, upon this Rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Now let us consider what that Rock was: it was not Peter, as a man, more than another; but the revelation he had from the Lord. When that our Saviour said flesh and blood hath not revealed it to thee, but the Spirit of the LIVING GOD, and this is the Rock the church of Christ must stand upon, which is a revelation from the Spirit of God : and this is the church that must stand in the END, to have a knowledge of God, as Peter had, that the gates of hell cannot prevail against. Now I shall come to a farther observation from our Saviour's words to his Disciples when he breathed on them ; and said unto them. Receive ye the Holy Ghost : whosoever sins ye remit they are remitted unto them, and whosoeyer sins ye retain they are regained.

And here are the very Scriptures that the Ro

( 45 ) mans Have pointed out, which they place to themselves, as their priests and Pope bave placed their selves in the disciples' room; and by placing these scriptures to themselves, they say it is in their power to forgive sins; and it is on these words they have built their church, without considering they were spoken to the disciples who was with our Saviour in the days of the flesh, and he then gave them power in his NAME to cast out devils, to heal the sick, to shew his wonderous working by them, to convince the unbelieving world that he was the Son of God! and who could give power to his disciples to work miracles in his name as he had done before ; and this power he gave to his disciples to teach in his name; and to heal in his name those that had PAITH to believe in them: but here is the error of the Romans, who have turned the meaning of the words, to judge they were meant to all that should come after the disciples ; not considering the very same power must be given to them as was given to the Lord's disciples to heal the sick, to cast out devils, and to do wonderous works in his name, but all this men do not discern, nor how the Romans place these Scriptures to themselves, and who take upon them the name of the disciples, to be able to forgive sins, without having any power to prove they were authorized by the Lord as the disciples had; and yet from these words they go on to deceive the people who are also se blind, as not to discern what power was given to the Lord's disciples, and how our Saviour sent them out in his Move to du the wonderous works, that lre had sheen there before : and all this our Saviour did to establish bis Gospel, by his clisciples whom he had chosen : and yet, if we discern the preaching of the apostles they do not tell their hearts to trust in them for sale rion, because they told them there was no other Name given under Heaven whereby a sinner can be


saved, but in, and through Jesus Christ : and it was to him ONLY, and not to themselves, they taught their hearers all to look to; and if we discern their preaching throughout, we shall not find any where, that they taught men to look unto them for salvation, but taught them all to look unto a crucified Saviour; but here it was that the Romans began to build their church, pretending to have power to forgive sins, which they took from the words that our Saviour said to his disciples, and to them only, “whose sins ye remit they shall be remitted,” without considering, when our Saviour cured the man that · was sick of the palsy, he said, “thy 'sins be forgiven thee;" and when the Scribes murmured at these his words, Jesus answered, Whether is it casier to say thy sins be forgiven thee, or to say, Arise and walk, that ye may know the Son of Man hath power on earth to forgive sins; and from these words of our Saviour's saying, “Thy sins are forgiverf thee,” when He healed him; plainly shews he had the same meaning to bis disciples, when he told them to heal the sick and cast out Devils, as he had when he told them, whose sins ye remit they shall be remitted. So if our Saviour's words had both one and the same meaning, when he said thy sins are forgiven thee, as when he said arise and walk. And we may clearly discern his meaning was the same to his disciples, when he said, he gave them power to heal the sick and cast out deyils, as when he said, whose sins ye remit they shall be remitted. So no man can place himself to be in any likeness with the disciples of forgiving sins, without having their power of working miracles at the same time;

since these two, were joined together from our Saviour's words when he worked the miracle of healing the sick. But here we may discern how men turn the Scriptures a different way, to place them to themselves, pretending to make it appear

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