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In pursuance of an Order, bearing date the sixth instant, for my perusal of a Treatise by Dr. N. Homes, and to report my opinion concerning the same, I certify as follows:

That all the saints shall reign with Christ a thousand years on earth, both in a visible and spiritual glorious manner, before the time of the ultimate and general resurrection, is a position, which (though not a few have hesitated about and opposed it) has gained ground in the hearts and judgments of very many, both grave and godly men, who have left us divers essays and discourses upon this subject. And (having perused the learned and laborious work of this author) I conceive, that the church of God hath not hitherto seen this point so clearly stated, so largely discussed, and so strongly confirmed-not only by the testimony of ancient and modern writers of all sorts, but by the holy Scriptures throughout-as it is presented in this Book. Wherein also divers other considerable points are collaterally handled, all tending to set forth the catastrophe and result of the troubles and hopes of such as fear God, as the preface to their eternal bliss. And whereas some have been, and still are, apt to abuse this doctrine, by making it an occasion to the flesh, and of heating themselves in the expectation of a carnal liberty and worldly glory; I find that this author hath cautiously forelaid and prevented all such abuses, by shewing the exceeding spirituality and holiness of this state: to which, as none but the truly holy can attain; so, having attained it, they shall walk in the height of holiness. And therefore I judge this book very useful for the saints, and worthy of public view.

October 13, 1653.



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