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counteractive of the spirit of poetry. They have no childhood of society to go back to for legends of the dimly distant past, where romance blends with history. They have no relics of feudal tyranny and papal superstition, scattered over their landscapes, to please the

eye of taste, and to form an index to past times, while, as being ruins, they yield a feeling of complacency. They have none of the master-peices of Art, to rekindle, by the power of sympathy, the high creative imaginings which live in the sculptured or pictured originals. They have fewer of the delusions of half-defined sentiment spread over the scenes of real life. Perhaps the deficiency of sentiment, or rather, of that which is the source of sentiment. that which excites and feeds the finer sensibilities of our nature, the imagination, is the most striking deficiency in the American character. Women, and Home, are not the same words-do not comprehend the same associations on the other side of the Atlantic as they do with us: the notions there prevailing, are more nearly allied to those of the Parisians. Country does not mean the same: it cannot, so long as half the population consists of slaves; nor can Man mean the same in their pronunciation of the word, who do not recognise the rights of man. When to these considerations we add the habit of relying upon an imported literature, arising from the consciousness of native poverty and inferiority, and a calculating indolence which seeks to supply its wants at the cheapest rate of exertion, it is not to be wondered at that America has hitherto produced no genuine poet, scarcely any one, indeed, who has been able to make his name heard across the ocean.

Mr. Paulding, however, deserves to be heard and honoured as a brilliant exception, &c.

ART. XI.—Literary Information from England. Dr. Burrows's work on Insanity is in liar to the age in which they were writ. considerable forwardness, and may be ten; and the most interesting parts of expected in the ensuing season. that popular book called “The Welch

Mrs. Graham, author of a Journal man's Candle,” will be given in a moof a Residence in India, who is now in dern dress. The preface will contain a Italy, is preparing for the press, Two new and enlarged accountof the Vicar, Months' Residence in the Mountains and the whole will be illustrated with near Rome, with some account of the copious notes, partly relating to the Peasantry, and also of the Banditti that progress and present state of religion in infest that neighbourhood.

the principality. The same lady has also been em- In the press, an Introduction to the ploying her time upon a life of Nicho. Writing of Latin; containing easy exlas Poussio.

ercises on all the declineables, with arThe Rev. Mr. Bulmer, of Haverford ranged lists of the indeclineable parts west, is preparing for publication, in one of speech. Adapted to the Eton Latin volume 8vo, The Vicar of Landovery; Grammar. By James Mitchell. or light from the Welcbman's Candle. The Rev. George Crolay, author of In this work the“ Divine Poems” of the “ Paris," a poem, is preparing for the Rev. Rees Prichard, the celebrated Vi. press Specimens of the Living British car of Landovery, will be divested of Poets, with biographical notices and numerous repetitions and defects, pecu- ' critical remarks,

The Rev. Mark Wilks will soon pub- with considerable additions and correclish, some Account of the Present State tions, is nearly ready. of France, and of the recent persecu. Also, the Instructive Pocket Compations in the South.

nion, containing a great variety of AnG. A. Robinson, Esq. is preparing for ecdotes, Observations, Maxims, Calpublication, Gleanings in Africa, col- culations and Experiments, Philosolected during a long residence and ma- phical, Historical, Literary, and Sciny trading voyages in that country, entific, from the most eminent authors. particularly between Cape Verd and By Joseph Taylor. the river Congo.

The new edition of Mr. M'Lean's vaM. Lavaysse's Political and Com luable Commentary on the Epistle to mercial Account of Venezuela, Trini- the Hebrews, in two octavo volumes, is dad, and other adjacent Islands, trans- in a state of considerable forwardness, lated from the French, with notes and and will be ready for publication on the illustrations, is in the press.

1st of November. The work is issued in Mr. James Hogg, author of the parts, of which the fourth is now ready; “Queen's Wake, is printing in two it will be completed in six. duodecimo volumes, Winter Evening The Art of Instructing the Infant Tales, collected in the south of Scot- Deaf and Dumb, by Mr. Arrowsmith, land.

illustrated with copper-plates, drawn Mr. John Wilson, author of the “ Isle and engraved by the author's brother, of Palms,” will soon publish, Lays an artist born deaf and dumb, will be from Fairy Land.

published in a few weeks. A History of the House of Austria, In the press, America and the British from the foundation of the Monarchy, Colonies; or an abstract of all the most by Rodolph, to the death of Leopold II. useful information relative to the United 1218 to 1792, is printing in five octavo States of America, and the British Covolumes.

lonies of Canada, the Cape of Good The author of “ Letters from Para- Hope, New South Wales, and Van Die-, guay,” will soon publish, in an octavo man's Island; exhibiting at one view, volume, Letters from Buenos Ayres the comparative adv: tages and disadand Chili, with a history of the latter vantages each couniry offers for emicountry, illustrated by engravings. gration: collected from the most valua

Twenty-two Sermons, by the late ble and recent publications; with notes Rev. James Stillingfleet, Prebendary and observations by William Kingdom, of Worcester: with a memoir and por- junior. trait, will soon appear in an octavo vo- In a few days will be published, a. lume.

New Dictionary of Classical Quotations Dr. Watkins has in great forward- on an improved plan, accompanied by ness, a new edition of the General Bi- corresponding paraphrases, or translaographical and Historical Dictionary, tions from the works of celebrated Brirevised and continued to the present tish poets. By F. W. Blagdon, author time.

of the “ French Interpreter,” &c. Mr. L. J. Mac Henry bas in the We have the pleasure to learn that press, nearly ready, a third edition of the impatience of the subscribers to Dr. his improved Spanish Grammar, de- Rees's Cyclopædia, is daily expected to signed especially for Self-instruction. be gratified by the publication of the

In a few days will be published, conclusion of that valuable work. Christian Missions vindicated and en- In a few days will be published, the couraged; a Sermon preached at third edition of King Coal's Levee, or Queen-street Chapel, Lincolos-Inn. Geological Etiquette. With explanaFields, on Wednesday morning, June tory notes, and the council of the me23d. By Thomas Edmonds, A.M. tals; to which is added, Baron Basalt's

The Juvenile Miscellany, containing tour. Geography, Astronomy, Chronology, Mr. Taylor has published the first Trade and Commerce, &c. &c. Adapt- part of his Historical Account of the ed for the use of schools, and private University of Dublin, (to consist of 12 tuition. By R. Humber. Second edition, parts) on an uniform plan with Mt.

Ackerman's Histories of the Oxford and The Young Musician, or the Science Cambridge Universities. It is illustrated of Music, familiarly explained; with with three richly coloured engravings a glossary of musical terms and phrases. and twenty-four pages of descriptive 18mo. 3s. half-bound. letter-press. A part will be published Remarks on the Conduct of Man to every two months, till the whole is com- inferior Animals; on the Primeval pleted. The work is intended to contain State of Man; arguments from Scripabout thirty coloured views, &c. and ture, Reason, Fact, and Experience, three hundred pages of letter-press. The in favour of a Vegetable Diet; on the subscription continues open to Decem- Effects of Food; on the Practice of ber 31st, after which the parts will be Nations and Individuals: Objections advanced. In the course of the work, answered, &c. By G. Nicholson. 18mo. several essays will be contributed, each 58. boards. by an eminent professor, on a science The Authoress, a Tale. By the Auimmediately connected with his own thor of Rachel. f cap. 8vo. 58. department.

Elec. Rev. A Manual of Directions, for forming

a school according to the National or List of the principal new British Pub- Madras System. By the Rev. G. I. lications.

Bevan, A. M. Vicar of Crickhowel. A Memoir of the Most Renowned 12mo. 2s. James Graham, Marquis of Montrose, The Instructive Pocket Companion; translated from the Latin of the Re- containing a great variety of anecdotes, verend Dr. George Wishart, afterward observations, maxims, calculations and Bishop of Edinburgh. To which are experiments, philosophical, historical added, sundry Original Letters and literary, and scientific, from the most Papers, never before published. With eminent Authors. By Joseph Taylor. a portrait of Montrose. 8vo. 12s. With an engraved frontispeice, repre

A Memoir of Charles Louis Sand; senting a portable sun-dial. f. cap. 8vo. including a Narrative of the Circum- 48. boards. stances attending the Death of Augus. Parga, a poem, with illustrative tus Von Kotzebue: also, a defence of Notes. 8vo. 58. 6d. the German Universities. With an in- Musæ Biblicæ, or, The Poetry of the troduction and explanatory notes by Bible. A selection of the most elegant the Editor. 8vo. 58. 6d.

poetical translations, paraphrases, and Volume I. Part II, of Bibliotheca imitations of the Sacred Scriptures. Britannica; or, a General Index to the With beautiful vignette title page by Literature of Great Britain and Ireland Charles Heath. 18mo. 6s. ancient and Modern, with such foreign A system of Theology, in a series of works as have been translated into Sermons. By the late Timothy Dwight, English, or printed in the British Do D.D. President of Yale College, Conminions; including also a copious se- necticut. With a life and portrait of lection from the writings of the most the Author. 5 vols. 8vo. celebrated Authors of all ages and Tales of the Hall. By the Rev. nations. By Robert Watt, M.D. 4to. George Crabbe, 2 vols. 8 vo. 24s. 11. 18. boards.

The Court of England in the Reign The Theory of Elocution; exhibited of Charles the First. Being a translaid connexion with a new and philoso- tion of Marschal Bassompiere's acphical account of the nature of institu- count of his Embassy to London, with ted language. By B. H. Smart, Profes. Notes and commentaries. 8vo. 9s. 6d. sor of Elocution, and Public Reader of View of the State of Europe during Shakspeare, 8vo. 78. boards.

the Middle Ages. By Henry Hallam, The Sufferings and Fate of the Ex- Esq. A Second Edition, in 3 vols. 8vo. pedition which sailed from England in 36s. Nov. 1817, to the rivegi Oronoco and Emmeline, an unfinished Tale, with Apure, and joined the Patriotic Forces some other Pieces. By the late Mrs. in Venezuela and Caraccas. By G. Brunton, Author of į Self-Control,” Hippisley, Esq. late colonel of the 1st and" Discipline:" To which is prefixVenezuelan Hussars. 8vo. 158.

ed,a Memoir of her Life, including some

Extracts from her Correspondence. jesty's Service for the Oriental LanWith a Portrait. Post 8vo. 10s, 6d. guages, who accompanied his Lordship

The Court and Parliament of Beasts; for the subsequent Negotiations with translated from the Animali Parlanti the Dey. Published by Permission. of Giambattista Casti. By William With Plates. 8vo. 158. Stewart Rose, f. cap. 8vo. 6s. 6d.

Account of the Mission from Cape Poems. By Robert Charles Dallas, Coast Castle to the Kingdom of Ashan. youngest Son of Sir George Dallas, tee, with a Statistical Account of that Bart. With a Portrait. Small &vo. 8s. 6d. Kingdom, and Geograbical Notes of

A Chronological History of Voyages other Parts of the Interior of Africa. By into the Polar Regions; undertaken Thomas Edward Bowdich, Conductor chiefly for the purpose of discovering a and Chief of the Embassy. With SixNoth East North-West, or Polar Pas- teen coloured Plates, Maps, Woodsage. By John Barrow, F.R.S.8vo. 12s. Cuts, &c. 4to. 31. 38.

A History of North-Eastern Voyages Second Memoir on Babylon. By of Discovery, comprehending the early Claudius James Rich, Esq. 8vo. 8s. 6d. Eastern Navigations of the Russians, Transactions of the Literary Socieand the attempts which have been ty of Bombay, with Plates, 4to. 21. 125. made by Ships of other Nations for the 6d. Discovery of a Passage by the North- Transactions of the Royal Society of East from the Atlantic Ocean to China. Edinburgh. Illustrated with Engrave The whole in Chronological order. By ings. Vol. VIII. Part II. 4to. 1l. 58. Captain Jame Burney, F. R. S. 8vo. Transactions of the Royal Society of 12s. 6d.

Dublin. 4to. Vol. XIII. Part I. 158. Journal of a Tour in Germany, Swe- First Impressions; on a Tour upon den, Russia, Poland. By J. T. James, the Continent, in the Summer of 1818, A. M. Third Edition. 2 vols. 8vo., with through part of France, Italy, SwitzerPlates, 30s.

land, the Borders of Germany, and a Journey from Moscow to Constanti- part of French Flanders. By Marianne nople. With a Continuation of the Baillie, 8vo. With Plates. 158. Route to Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, The History of Persia, from the most Petra Damascus, Balbec, Palmyra, early Period to the present time. With &c.; in the Years 1817, 1818. By Wil- an Account of the Religion, Governliam Macmichael, M. D. F. R. Š., one ment, Usages, and Character of the Inof Dr. Radcliffe's Travelling Fellows, babitants of that Kingdom. By Col. Sir from the University of Oxford. With John Malcolm, K. C. B. and K. L. S., Six Plates, 4to. 11 11s. 6d.

late Minister to the Court of Persia The Antiquities of Sicily, consisting from the Supreme Government of India. of the most interesting Views, Plans, 2 vols. royal 4to., with a Map, and

with Descriptions, etched by Pin. Twenty-two Engravings. 81. 88. elli of Rome, from Drawings. By John The Unedited Antiquities of Attica; Goldicutt, Architect, Member of the comprising the Architectural Remains Academy of St. Luke, at Rome, folio, of Eleusis, Rhamnus, Sunium,and Thocomplete in three parts, 1l. 58. each. ricus. By the Dilettanti Society. Print

Journey Over Land from India, ed uniformly with Stuart's Athens, with through Egypt, to England in the Year 84 Plates, in folio. 101. 10s. 1818. By Lieut. -Col. Fitz-Clarence, The Antiquities, Arts, and Literawith Maps; Plans, and Views, 4to. 2. ture of Italy. By Joseph Forsyth, Esq. 18s.

Second Edition. With numerous and Letters from the North of Italy, ad- important corrections and additions, dressed to Henry Hallam, Esq. By made by the Author previous to his reWilliam Stewart Rose. 2 vols. 8vo. 18s. cent decease, and a Life of the Author.

Narrative of the Expedition to Al- 8vo. 158. giers, in the Year 1816, under the Paganism and Christianity Comparcommand of the Right Honourable Ad- ed, in a Course of Lectures to the miral Viscount Exmouth. By Mr. A. King's Scholars at Westminster, in the Salame', a Native of Alexandria in years 1806-7-8. By John Ireland, DD. Egypt, Interpreter in His Britanic Ma-. % vo. 108. 6d.



Late Russian Publication.

Two of the most remarkable producBroemsen's Russland fc.-A geo- tions of the American press, during graphical manuel of the Empire of Rus- the last month are Dr. Ramsay's, (possia, by Charles Maurice de Broemsen, thumous) “ Universal History Ameri2 vols. The author employed for twen- canized.and Mr. Breckenridge's work ty years in the Russian army, traversed on south America. Report speaks not a great part of the countries which his

very favourably of the first. Or the latbook describes. Besides the geogra- ter we shall present our opinion in detail phical portion of the work, it contains next month. Meantime we recommend information respecting the productions it to the perusal of all American readers. of the soil, the industry, commerce, Some wags in Baltimore have com manners, and customs of the inhabi- menced a periodical Jeu d'esprit called tants, &c. Revue Encyclopedique. the “ Red Book.It evinces humour,

talent, and in the poetical department, New German Works.

good taste, but is it not a misapplication

of all those qualities? The gentlemen Vierthelers Geschichte der Menscher who write for the Red Book and the auund Valker.-Philosopical History of thor of Salmagundi(second series)—are men and nations, by F. W. Vierthe- wasting upon productions in their very ler, 6th vol. containing the history of nature ephemeral and useless powers of the Greeks from Phoroneus to Aristo- intellect; that otherwise applied might

prove a lasting benefit and honour to Passon's Turnziel. Considerations ibemselves and their country. on the purposes of gymnastic exerci- In Hartford Connecticut, two of these ses, &c. by Dr. Passon, professor in the little periodicals, have appeared. The University of Breslaw.

Round Table and the Square Table. Drais Geschichte von Baden unter 'The first conducted, as pretended, by Carl Friedrick.--History of Baden, an association of bachelors, and the &c. 12th volume, by C. W. F. C. Ba- other by a similar company of ladiesrop Drais, president of the supreme tri- The first No. of each is rather dull and bunal at Baden.


The splendid edition of the British New Italian and Sicilian Publications. Poets publishing by Messrs. Mitchell

Ames and White, is in great forwardMemoria storica-fisico, &c.--Historical ness. Mr. Walsh bas succeeded Mr. and physical memoir upon the Earth- Sanford (whose ill health has obliged quake, which occurred: Februrary 20th him to seek a southern climate) in the 1818, by Augostino Longo, published composition of the lives of the poets, at Catana, near Mount Etna.

and the engravings do credit to the Nuovo Meccanismo &c.—New me- numerous artists engaged in furnishing thod of obtaining the most advantage- the embellishments. ous combustion of hydrogen and oxy- Mr. Sanderson's proposed Biography gen. Discourse read by Professor An- of the Signers of the declaration of thony Crivelli to the Italian Institute. Independence has a large subscription

Milan, 8vo. &c. list, and bids fair to be a very popular Nuovi commentari di Medicina e di work. Chirurgia --By M. V. L. Bnera. A Biography of Commodore Perry

Principi di Legislazione criminale. is also advertised. -Principles of Criminal Law, by P. The London Literary Gazette and Fodera, Palermo.

Edinburgh Magazine contain very Proposta di alcune correzioni, &c.— complimentary notices of Mr. Irving's Proposed corrections and additions to “ Sketch Book.” the de la Cruscan vocabulary. By the There is said to be a Fourth Series celebrated poet V. Monti. Milan. of Tales of My Landlord in preparation,


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