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The completion of the XXXVth Volume of THE GOSPEL HERALD demands from the Editors a grateful acknowledgment of the kind aid received from their numerous correspondents and friends, during the year, by which they have been greatly encouraged in their labours, and are stimulated to persevere in their efforts to increase the efficiency and acceptableness of the Magazine.

Through the good hand of the Lord working with them, and the cordial co-operation of their friends and supporters, the Editors rejoice to be able to say, that former obstacles have been surmounted, the pecuniary difficulties experienced have become greatly diminished, and the work is established on a firmer basis than for many years past, Not only among the churches in the County of Suffolk have increased efforts been successfully made to promote the extension of the circulation, but in various other parts of the United Kingdom the same gradual and encouraging progress has strengthened the hands of the Editors in their labours. It is, therefore, hoped that their endeavours to increase the efficiency of the work have met with the candid and kind appreciation of the Strict Baptist Churches; and they cheerfully acknowledge that the expressions of approbation with which they have been frequently favoured are very highly appreciated.

We refer with pleasure to the many beautiful and truly spiritual pieces of real Poetry with which we have this year been furnished, and

are glad to announce that we have prospect of being able still further to enhance the value of this department in our future numbers.

To correspondents who transmit intelligence of local occurrences the Magazine is highly indebted, and of such communications the Editors


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