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théréality of his Body after his Refurre&ion doch as strongly prove the reality of Bread and Wine after Consecration. But our Saviour's Argoment was most infallibly good and true, and therefore the Do&rine of Transubftantiation is undoubtedly false.

Upon the whole matter I fall only say this, that some other Points between us and the Church of Rome are managed by some kind of wit and subtilty, but this of Transubftantiation is car: ried out by meer dint of impudence and facing down of Mankind.

And of this the more difcerning Persons of that Church are of late grown so sensible, that they -would now be glad to be rid of this odious and ridiculous Do&rine. But the Council of Trent hath rivetted it so fast into their Religion, and made it fo necessary and effential a Point of their belief, that they cannot now part with it if they would; it is like a Mill-stone hung about the Neck of Popery, which will fink it at the last. 1

And though fome of their greateft Wits, as Cardinal Perron, and of late Monsieur Arnauld, have undertaken the defence of it in great Volumes; yet it is an absurdity of that monstrous and mally weight, that no Human Authority or Wit are able to support it: It will make the very Pillars of St. Peter's crack, and requires more Volumes to make it good than would 611 the Vatican.

And now I would apply my self to the poor deluded People of that Church, if they were either permitted by their Priests, or durft venture without their leave, to look into their Religion and to examine the Do&trines of ir. Consider, And jew your felves Mon. Do not suffer your



felves any longer to be led blindfold, and by an implicit Faith in your Priefts, into the belief of nonsense and contradi&tion. Think it enough and too much to let them rook you out of your money for pretended Pardons and counterfeic Reliques, but let not the Authority of any Priest or Church perfuade you out of your Senfes. Credality is certainly a fault as well as: Infidelity: and he who said, Blessed are they that bave Hot seen and yet have believed; hath no where said, Blefjed are they that bave seen and yet bave not believed; much less, Blefjed are they that believe directly contrary to what they fee."

To conclude this Discourse. By, what hath been said upon this Argument it will appear, with how little Truth, and Reason, and regard to the interest of our common Christianity, it is so often said by our Adversaries, that there are as good Arguments for the belief of Transubftantiation as of the Do&rine of the Trinity : When they_themselves do acknowledge with us that the Do&rine of the Trinity is grounded upon the Scriptures, and that according to the Interpretation of them by the consent of the ancient Fathers : But their Do&trine of Transubftantiation I have plainly thewn to have no such Ground, and that this is acknowledged by very many learned Men of their own Church. And this Do&trine of theirs being firft plainly proved by us to be destitute of all

Divine Warrant and Authority, our Objections against it from the manifold contradi&tions of it to Reason and Sense, are so many Demonstrations of the fallhood of it. Against all

which they have nothing to put in the oppofte Scale but the Infallibility of their Church, for which there is even

lefs lefs colour of proof from Scriptore than for Tranfubftantiation it felf. But fo fond are they of their own Innovations and Errors, that rathet than the Dictates of their Church, how groundless and absurd foever, should be call in ques ftion; rather than not have their will of us in impofing upon us what they please, they will overthrow any Article of the Christian Faith, and shake the very foundations of our common Religion: A clear Evidence that the Church of Rame is not the true Mother, since the can be fo well contented that Chriftianity should be destroyed rather than the point in question fhould be decided againkt her

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