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From Rev. G. F. Daris, D. D., pastor of the First Baptist Church

in Hartford. I have examined a considerable portion of “The Antidote, or Infidelity Repulsed and Revelation Defended,” in a course of lectures, by Rev. George Coles. I have carefully read the Introductory Lecture, and the lectures on the Inspiration of the Scriptures, the Folly of Infidelity, the Wisdom of Believing, the Divinity of Christ, the Personality, Divinity, and Offices of the Holy Spirit, the Attributes of God, Human Depravity, and the Atonement of Christ.

Judging from those lectures that I have read, I feel no hesitation in recommending the Antidote as a valuable production, and well adapted to do good in these days of infidelity, heresy, and irreligion. The plan is natural, the style perspicuous, the argument logical, the illustrations familiar and forcible. The reader will find the sentiments of the author, on the most im. portant subjects, sustained by abundant scriptural proofs, and numerous quo. tations from some of the most learned and respectable authors. The writer modestly remarks that his “ Lectures are not intended to supercede the ne. cessity of consulting larger works, but are rather intended to direct the atten. tion to those works.” li must be adnited that his selections are as judicious and appropriate as they are ample.

All who are desirous of checking the progress of infidelity, now stalking abroad in our land, and asserting its claims with unblushing effrontery; and all who would counteract the baletul influence of those heretical opinions which various errorists are broaching and endeavoring 10 establish in our American Israel, will do well to give countenance and patronage to this course of lectures.

GUSTAVUS F. DAVIS. Hartford, Sept. 1835.

From the Rer. T. C. Browne ll, D. D. LL. D., Bishop of the Protestant

Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Connecticut, gc, Rev, and Dear Sir,I am just about to leave home, on a long visitation, and have not time 10 examine the manuscript of your proposed « ANTIDOTE.” I perceive that the table of contents embraces a series of interesting topics; and I think such a work is particularly called for by the circumstances of the times. Hoping it may do much good, I remain, very truly, Your Friend and Brother,

T. C. BROWNELL. Hartford, Oct. 8, 1835. Rev. MR. COLES.

From Rev. Wilbur Fisk, D. D. President of the Wesleyan University,

Middletown. Rev, and Dear Sir,Having read parts of your manuscript lectures, entitled, “Revelation De. fended and Infidelity Repulsed,” and having examined the general arrangement of the work, and your manner of executing it, I take pleasure in ex.

pressing to you my opinion, that it is calculated to be useful to the public, and I should recommend you to have it published. Whoever reads the work will, I doubt not, find therein, interest and instruction. Affectionately yours,

W. FISK. Wesleyan University, Middletown, Ct. Aug. 21, 1835.

From the Red. F. Reed, Agent of the Wesleyan University. Having read a part of the manuscript, I cheerfully concur in the above re. commendation.


From the Rev. J. Holdich, A. M. Professor of Intellectual and Moral

Philosophy and Belles Lettres in the Wesleyan University. Rev, and Dear Brother,Having examined, as far as opportunity would permit, the M8., I am pre. pared to say, that I believe your production well calculated to benefit the rising generation, for whose sake chiefly, you design to publish. The sub. ject is highly important and interesting ; and to fortify the youthful mind against the seducing spirit of the age, by the implantation of sound religious principle, is essential to their happiness and welfare in this world, and in that which is to come.

I therefore sincerely wish you success in your undertaking; and that your work may be the means of unspeakable benefit to many. I am, with sincere respect, yours, truly,


From the Rev. S. Martindale, Presiding Elder of the New Haven District.

Rev. G. Coles, Sir,-Having heard you read several parts of a manuscript entitled, “ The Antidote,” I think, at this time, such a work is likely to do good. Our country seems to be overrun with a low infidelity, which I think your lec. tures are calculated to meet with some effect.

Yours truly,

S. MARTINDALE. Middletown Conn. Nov. 8, 1835.

From Mrs. Sigourney. I have read, with pleasure, such parts of the “Lectures" of the Rev. Mr. Coles, as have been submitted to my perusal; and think that the extensive biblical knowledge and research which they display, as well as the collateral evidence which they exhibit, from the annals of history, and the writings of illustrious men, constitute a powerful and lucid body of argument, in proof of the authenticity of that sacred word in which is our hope.



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* The man who studies Scripture with the humility and the reverence to which alone its ful. ness will be expanded, is constantly struck with indications of facts beyond the direct grasp of the understanding."-REV. G. CROLY.


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