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in causing Jesus to be put to death for blasphemy-That He and his apostles have led us into a complicated and pernicious error_That there is no agreement between the Old and the New Testament-And, that neither the ancient Jewish, nor the Christian Religion, is attended with sufficient criteria to distinguish it from impofture.

-In proving that these are the necessary consequences of the Socinian and Arian systems, and in answering the principal objections of his opponents; he discovers such fertility of invention, originality of thought, and strength cf reasoning powers, as comparatively few enjoy. The generality of writers on this very interesting lubject, do little more than collect and retail the thoughts of others, which they express in a different style and method. Not so Dr. ABBADIE. For the reader of this malierly performance, if not poffeffed of uncommon penetration, is entertained with ideas entirely new, as well as with arguments irrefragably strong, in every Section, and in almost every Chapter: fo that, if he lore the adorable Jesus and “ rejoice in his Highness," he finds himself instructed, amazed, delighted.

Though the book be exceedingly scarce, and, at this time, very little known in England; the abilities of the Writer and the merit of the Treatise have received the inost honourable testimonies from various pens. Abbé Houteville, for instance, when speaking of our Author's work, on the truth of the Christian Religion ; of which elaborate performance this is generally reckoned the third volume, says; • The most shining of those

treatises in defence of the Christian Religion, which

were published by the Protestants, is that written by • Mr. ABBADIE. The favourable reception it met with ;

the sword,—but by that one truth, in the Alcoran, the inity

of God;' that is, as well in Person, as in Essence. And then he represents the Tartars as acting more rationally, in embracing what he calls, the more plausible sect of Mahomet, than they i would have done, in receiving the Christian faith of the Trinity,

Incarnation, &c.' In LESLIE, as above, p. 28.

the praises it received, almost without example, imme'• diately after its publication ; and the universal approba• tion it ftill meets with, render it unnecessary for me * to join my commendations, which would add fo little

to the merit of so great an author. In the firit part he combats the Atheilts, the Deists in the fecond, and the Socinians in the third *.'_Voltaire also, who cannot be suspected of a predilection for ABBADIB, on account of his writing in defence of revealed truth; informs us, that he was celebrated for his Treatise on • the Christian Religion fi'-And the Rev. Mr. Venn thus recommends the work; • It is a book in the highest • form for reputation, in all the Protestant countries * abroad; a book, in which the horrid absurdities of all,

who, under pretence of being more rational in religion, ' reject the counsel of God, are exposed in a most • masterly manner f.'-Such is the character of the Author, among those who know his abilities; and such the elteem which this performance of his has obtained.

The style of the English translation, which, on account of its many inaccuracies, represented the work to great disadrantage, the Editor has attempted to correct; and, where it did not affect the argument, he has abridged the book, that the size and price of it might be reduced. He has also taken the liberty, in some places, of throwing in an additional thought ; with a view, either to elucidate the Author's meaning, or to enforce his argument. How far his endeavours to render the book more generally known, and the translation of it more agreeable, may obtain the approbation of the religious public, he cannot pretend to say. He is not, however, without a pleasing persuasion, that many will read the work with delight and profit--that many, who love our LORD

* Article ABBADIE, New and Gen. Biograph. Diet. Note. + Age of Lewis XIV, Vol. II. p. 274. * Exam. of Dr. Prieffley's Address or the Lord's Supper, p. 22,

23. Note,

« JESUS CHRIST in sincerity," will rejoice to see his Divine Dignity so well defended, against the infinuating artifices of pernicious error, and the bold attacks of open blasphemy. And it is his ardent prayer that God OUR SAVIOUR, to whom the Author dedicates the work *, would condescend to use it as a mean of his own glory, and of the church's good. To Him, therefore, "

IS OVER ALL, GOD BLESSED FOR EVER," it is once more commended.


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If Jesus Christ be not the true God,

of the same effence with his Father,
the Mahometan religion is preferable
to the Christian religion, and Jesus

CHRIST inferior to Mahomet.
Chap, I. If Jesus Cerist be not of the fame essence

with his father, the Christianity we profess is a
corruption of the Christian religion, and Mahomet-

anism the re-establishment of it. CHAP. II. If Jesus CHRIST be not of the same essence

with his father, Mahomet was a teacher raised up

of God to instruct mankind. Chat. III. If Jesus CHRI$T be not of the same essence

with his father, Mahomet was a great prophet, the

greatest of.prophets, and preferable to Jesus Christ. CHAP. IV. if JESUS CHRIST be not of the same

essence with his father, Mahomet was more true,
more wise, more concerned for the good of mankind,
and more zealous for the glory of God, than he.

If Jesus Christ be not the true God,

of the same effence with his Father,
the Sanhedrim did an act of Justice
in causing him to be put to death;
and the Jews had sufficient reason to
reject the preaching of his apostles,
when they called them to believe on


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CHAP. I. Jesus Christ is called Go».

Cuap. 11. The argument continued.

Chap. II. The principal l'itles and Charaders which,

in the writings of the Prophets, form the idea of the

true , applied to $ .
CHAP. IV. 'Jesus Curut declared to be Egnal with


Cuap. V. Jesus CHRIST received Religious Worship.

Chap. VI The characters of JEHOVAH's glory in the

ancient Oracles, applied to Jesus CHRIS ; and the
argument arising from that application illuftrated.


If Jesus Christ be not the true God,

of the same essence with his Father,

He and his apostles have led us into a

complicated and pernicious error.

CHAP. I. The principles which we oppose, obscure,

depreciate, destroy, those exalted ideas which JE SUS

gives us of his Father's Love and of his own Compaf.

Lon to finful men.

Char. II. The do&rine of our adverfaries destroys the

idea which the Scriptures give us, of the Greatness

of Gospel mysteries, and the Nature of true Faith.

CHAP, III. The hypothesis of our adversaries deprives

Jesus Christ of his highest honour; by making

him possess those Titles in a metaphorical sense, which

the Scripture applies to him in one that is proper.

This proved by two instances.

Chap. IV. According to the sentiments of our adver.

saries, the Death of CHRIST has no real Usefulness

in it.

CAAP. V. The sentiments of our adversaries render the

language of Scripture obscure and false, absurd and


CHAP. VI. Evidences of the same truth, arising from

those passages of Scripture, which express the Pre-

existence of Jesus Christ,

CHAP. VII. The same Truth evinced, from Phil. ii.

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