Bell's Classical Arrangement of Fugitive Poetry, Volumes 11-12

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Page 91 - THY spirit, Independence ! let me share, Lord of the lion-heart and eagle-eye ; Thy steps I follow with my bosom bare, Nor heed the storm that howls along the sky.
Page 89 - To-day though gales propitious blow, And Peace, soft gliding down the sky, Lead Love along and Harmony, To-morrow the gay scene deforms ; Then all around The thunder's sound Rolls rattling on through heaven's profound, And down rush all the storms. Ye days, that balmy influence shed, When sweet Childhood, ever sprightly, In paths of pleasure sported lightly, Whither, ah, whither are ye fled...
Page 63 - O lover of the desert, hail ! Say, in what deep and pathless vale, Or on what hoary mountain's side...
Page 65 - A thousand widows' shrieks I hear, Give me another horse, I cry, lo t the base GALLIC squadrons fly ; Whence is this rage ?—what spirit, say, To battle hurries me away ? 'Tis FANCY, in her fiery car, Transports me to the thickest war, There whirls me o'er the hills of slain, Where Tumult and Destruction reign; Where mad with pain, the wounded steed Tramples the dying and the dead ; Where giant Terror stalks around, With sullen joy surveys the ground, And pointing to th
Page 133 - Through this still valley let me stray, Rapt in some strain of pensive GRAY: Whose lofty genius bears along The conscious dignity of Song; And, scorning from the sacred store To waste a note on Pride or Power, Roves...
Page 64 - Peace resort, And Venus keeps her festive court, Where Mirth and Youth each evening meet, And lightly trip with nimble feet, Nodding their lily-crowned heads, Where Laughter rose-lipp'd Hebe leads ; Where Echo walks steep hills among, Listening to the shepherd's song.
Page 89 - Woe, and groan of grim Despair. Lo, wizard Envy from his serpent eye Darts quick destruction in each baleful glance ; Pride smiling stern, and yellow Jealousy, Frowning Disdain, and haggard Hate advance; Behold, amidst the dire array, Pale wither'd Care his giant-stature rears, And lo, his iron hand prepares To grasp its feeble prey.
Page 25 - Hercules," she said With manly tone, " thy birth of heav'nly race ; Thy tender age that lov'd Instruction's voice, Promis'd thee generous, patient, brave, and wise; When manhood should confirm thy glorious choice ; Now expectation waits to see thee rise. Rise, youth ! exalt thyself, and me : approve Thy high descent from heav'n ; and dare be worthy Jove.
Page 89 - Who now will guard bewilder'd youth Safe from the fierce assault of hostile rage ? Such war can Virtue wage, Virtue, that bears the sacred shield of Truth ? Alas ! full oft on Guilt's victorious car, The spoils of Virtue are in triumph borne ; While the fair captive, mark'd with many a scar, In long obscurity, oppress'd, forlorn, Resigns to tears her angel form.
Page 62 - O'er all my artless songs preside, My footsteps to thy temple guide, To offer at thy turf-built shrine, In golden cups no costly wine, No murdered fatling of the flock, But flowers and honey from the rock.

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