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Aspersion, sprinkling.
Assay, test.
Assinego, a he-ass.

Assurance, conveyance or deed.
Assured, affianced.
Astringer, a falconer.

Ates, instigation from Ate, the mischievous goddess that incites bloodshed.

Atomies, minute particles discernible in a stream of sunshine that breaks into a darkened room, atoms. Atone, to reconcile.

Attasked, reprehended, corrected Attended, waited for. Attent, attentive. Attorney, deputation. Attorneyship, the discretional agency of another. Attornied, supplied by substitution of embassies. Attributive, that which attributes or gives. Avaunt,contemptuous dismission Averring, confirming. Audacious, spirited, animated. Audrey, a corruption of Etheldreda.

Augurs, auguries or prognostications.

Aukward, adverse.

Authentic, an epithet applied to the learned.

Awful, reverend, worshipful. Awless, not producing awe.


Baccare, stand back, give place.
Bale, misery, calamity.
Baleful, baneful.
Balked, bathed or piled up.
Balm, the oil of consecration.
Band, bond.

Bandog, village dog or mastiff.
Bank, to sail along the banks.
Banning, cursing.

Banquet, a slight refection, a de


Bans, curses

[blocks in formation]

Cotsale, Cotswood in Gloucester-

Cursed, under the influence of

Covered, hollow.

Count, to make account, to rec-
kon upon.

Curst, petulant, crabbed, shrewd-
ish or mischievous, severe,
harsh, vehemently angry.


Count Confect, a specious noble- Curstness, ill-humour.
Curtail, a cur of little value.
Curtal, a docked horse.
Curtle-ax, or cutlace, a broad-

Countenance, false appearance,


Corinthian, a wencher.

Corky, dry, withered, husky.
Corners, by-places.

Corollary, surplus.

Coronet, a crown.
Corrigible, corrected.
Costard, the head.

Counterfeit, a likeness, a por


Counterpoints, counterpanes.
County, count, earl.

Cower, to sink by bending the

Cowl-staff, a staff for carrying a
large tub.

Coy, to soothe or stroke.
Coyed, condescended unwil-

Coystril, a coward cock, a mean
or drunken fellow.

Cranks, windings.
Crants, chants.


Daff or doff, to do off, to put

Dally, to play or trifle
Damn, condemn.

Cozier, a tailor or botcher.

Crab, a wild apple.
Crack, dissolution.

Danger, reach or control.
Dank, wet, rotten.

Crack, a boy or child, a boy- Danskers, natives of Denmark.
Dare, to challenge or incite.

Dark-house, a house made gloomy

[blocks in formation]

Crow, to exult over.
Crow-keeper, a scare-crow.
Crown, to conclude.
Crowned, dignified, adorned.
Crownet, last purpose.
Cry, a troop or pack.
Cue, in stage cant, the last words
of the preceding speech.
Cuisses, armour for the thighs.
Cullion, a despicable fellow.
Cunning, sagacity, knowledge.
Curb, to bend or truckle.

Coster-monger, meanly, merce- Curiosity, finical delicacy, scru

Custard-coffin, the crust of a cus-
tard or pie.

pulousness or captiousness. Curious, scrupulous.

nary. Cote, to overtake. Coted, quoted, observed, or re- Curled, ostentatiously dressed. garded. Currents, occurrences.

Customer, a common woman.
Cut, a horse.

Cyprus, a transparent stuff.

by discontent.
Darkling, in the dark.

Darraign, to arrange, put in or-

Daub, to disguise.

Daubery, falsehood and imposi-

Day-bed, a couch.
Day-light, broad-day.
Day-woman, dairy-maid.
Dear, best, important, dire.
Dearn, lonely, solitary.
Death-tokens, spots appearing on
those infected by the plague.
Deboshed, debauched.
Decay, misfortunes.
Deceivable, deceptious.
Deck, to cover, a pack.
Decline, to run through from first
to last.

Declined, the fallen.
Deem, opinion, surmise.
Defeat, destruction.

Defeatures, features, change of
features for the worse.
Defence, art of fencing.
Defend, to forbid.

Defensible, furnishing the means
of defence.

Defiance, refusal.
Deformed, deforming.

Deftly, dexterously, with adroit


Defy, to refuse, to disdain.
Degrees, steps.
Delay, to let slip.
Demerits, merits.
Demise, to grant.
Demurely, solemnly
Denay, denial.

Denied,disbelieved or contemned.

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Denier, the twelfth part of a Doff, see Daff.

French sou.

Denotements, indications or dis- | Dolphin, the Dauphin of France.
Don, to do on, to put on.
Done, expended, consumed.
Dotant, dotard.

Double, full of duplicity.
Doubt, to fear.

Dout, to do out, extinguish
Doule, a feather.
Down-gyved, hanging down like
what confines the fetters round
the ancles.

Discontenting, discontented.
Discontents, malcontents.

Deny, to refuse.

Depart, to part.
Departing, separation.
Depend, to be in service.
Deprive, to disinherit.

Deracinate, to force up by the


Derogate, degraded, blasted

Descant, a term in music.
Desert, merit.

Deserred, deserving.
Design, to mark out.
Despatched, bereft.

Desperate, bold, adventurous.

Detected, charged or guilty.
Determined, ended.

Dribbling, a term of contempt.
Drive, to fly with impetuosity.

Dibble, an instrument used by Drollery, a show performed by

Dich, dit or do it.

puppets. Drugs, drudges,

Dickon, familiarly for Richard.

Drumble, to act lazily and stu

Die, gaming.


Diet, regimen.

Diet, to oblige to fast.

Diffused, extravagant, irregular.
Digress, to deviate from the right.
Digression, transgression.
Dint, impression.
Direction, judgment, skill.
Disable, to undervalue.
Disappointed, unprepared.
Disclose, to hatch.

[blocks in formation]

Dole, lot, allowance.

rate bodies. Distraught, distracted.

Diverted, turned out of the course of nature.

Drab, whoring.
Draught, the jakes.
Drawn, embowelled,exenterated.
Dread, epithet applied to kings.
Drew, assembled.

Dry, thirsty.

Ducdame, duc ad me,

bring him

to me.

Dudgeon, the handle of a dagger.
Due, to endue, to deck, to grace.
Dull, melancholy, gentle, sooth-

Dull, to render callous, insen-

Dullard, a person stupidly un-

Dump, a mournful elegy.
Dup, to do up, to lift up.


Eager, sour, sharp, harsh.
Eanlings, lambs just dropt.
Ear, to plough.
Easy, slight, inconsiderable.
Eche, to eke out.

Ecstacy, alienation of mind, mad


Effects, affects, or affections, ac-
tions, deeds effect ed.
Eftest, deftest, readiest.
Egypt, a gipsy.

Eld, old time, or persons.
Element, initiation, previous

Embossed, inclosed,swollen,puffy.
Embowelled, exhausted.
Embraced, indulged in.
Eminence, high honours.
Empery, dominion, sovereign

Emulation, rivalry, envy, facti-
ous contention.
Emulous, jealous of higher au-

Divilable, divided.

Dirision, the pauses or parts of Encave, to hide.
musical composition.
Dirulgel, spoker of
Doctrine, skill.

Enfeoff, to invest with possession.
Engine, instrument of war, mili-
tary machine, the rack.

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