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Peat, a word of endearment.
Perlascule, a pedant.

Peer, to come out, to appear.
Peevish, foolish.

Peize, to balance, to keep in sus-
pense, to weigh down.
Pelting, paltry, petty, inconsi-

Pennons, small flags.

Penthesilia, Amazon.

Perch, a measure of five yards Possessed, acquainted with, fully and a half.


[blocks in formation]

Pomewater, a species of apple.
Poor-john, hake dried and salted.
Popinjay, a parrot.
Popularity, plebeian intercourse.
Port, external pomp, figure.
Port, a gate.
Portable, bearable.

Portance, carriage, behaviour.
Possess, to inform, to make to


Plainly, openly.

Plaited, complicated, involved.
Planched, made of brands.
Plant, the foot.

Platforms, plans, schemes. Plausive, gracious, pleasing, popular.

Pleached, folded together.

Possessed, afflicted with madness.
Potch, to push violently.
Potents, potentates.
Pouncet-box, a small box for per-

Prone, sometimes humble.
Prone, forward.

Proof, confirmed state of man-

Propagate, to advance or im-

Power, forces, an army.
Practice, unlawful or insidious


Propagation, getting.
Proper, well-looking, handsome.
Proper-false, proper or fair, and
false or deceitful.
Propertied, taken possession of.
Properties, incidental necessaries
to a theatre.

Practise, to employ unwarrant

able arts.

Practisants, confederates in stra-

Prank, to adorn, to dress osten-
tatiously, to plume.
Precedent, original draft.
Precept, a justice's warrant.
Precisian, a great pretender to

Prefer, to recommend, to ad


Pregnancy, readiness.
Pregnant, ready, plain, evident,

Pregnant enemy, the enemy of

Premised, sent before the time
Prenominate, already named.
Pre-ordinance, ordinance already

consecrated host was kept.
Placket, a petticoat.
Plague, to punish.

Pretence, design, intention.
Pretend, to intend, design.

Plain song, the chant, in plano Pretended, purposed or intended.

Presence, the presence-cham-
ber, a public room.
Presence, dignity of mien, form,
Prest, ready.

Proface, much good may it do


Profane, love of talk, gross of language.

Profession, end and purpose of coming.

Prevent, to anticipate.
Prick, the point on the dial.
Pricks, prickles, skewers.
Pride, haughty power.
Prig, to filch.

Progress, a royal journey of state
Project, to shape or form.
Prompture, suggestion, tempta-


[blocks in formation]

Putter-on, one who instigates.
Putter-out, one who places out
money at interest.
Putting-on, spur, incitement.
Puttock, a degenerate species of

Prime, youth, the vigour of life.
Prime, prompt.

Primer, more urgent, more im-
Primero, a game at cards.

Plot, piece or portion.

Point, a metal hook fastened to Principality, the first or princi-
the hose or breeches.
Point, the utmost height.
Point-de-rice, with the utmost
possible exactness.
Points, tags to the laces.
Poize, weight or moment.
Polled, bared, cleared.
Pomander, a ball made of per-

pal of women.
Principals, rafters of a building.
Princox, a coxcomb, or spoiled
Probal, probable.
Process, summons.
Procure, to bring.

Prodigious, portentous, omi- Quarrel, a quarreller, the cause

of a quarrel


Quail, to faint, languish.
Quaint, fantastical, graceful.
Quaint-mazes, a game running
the figure of eight

Quaked, thrown into trepidation.
Qualify, to lessen, moderate.
Quality, confederates.

Quality, profession, condition of life.

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Sheriff s-post, a large post set up
at the door of that officer for
affixing proclamations, &c.
Shive, a slice.
Shot, shooter.
Shovel-board, a game.

Seel, to close up.

Seeling, blinding.

Sith, since.

Seeming, specious, hypocriti- Sithence, thence.


Seeming, seemly.

Seen, versed, practised.
Seld, seldom.

Setebos, a species of devil.
Several, separated, appropriated.
Sewer, an officer who placed the
dishes on the table.
Shame, to disgrace.
Shame, modesty.
Shard-borne, born by shards or

Shoughs, shocks, a species of dog.
Shouldered, rudely thrust into.
Shrewd, having the qualities of a

scaly wings.

Shards, the wings of a beetle.
Shards, broken pots or tiles.
Sharked, picked up as a shark

collects his prey.
Sheen, shining, splendour, lustre.
Sheer, pellucid, transparent.
Shent, scolded,rebuked, ashamed,

Shent, to reprove harshly.

Shrift, confession.

Shrive to confess, to call to

Shut-up, to conclude.
Side-sleeves, long sleeves.
Siege, stool, seat, rank.
Sight, the perforated part of a

Sightless, unsightly.
Sign, to show, to denote.
Silly, simple or rustic.

Silly, sooth, plain, simple truth.
Sincere, honest.
Sinew, strength.

Single, weak, debile, small, void
of duplicity or guile.
Sink-a-pace,cinque-pace,a dance.
Sir, the designation of a parson.
Sir-reverence, a corruption of

feeling, sensual passion.
Sensible, having sensation.
Septentrion, the north.
Sequestration, separation.
Sere or sear, dry.

Sledded, riding in a sled or sledge
Slights, arts, subtle practices.
Slips, a contrivance of leather, to
start two dogs at the same time.
Sliver, to cut a piece or slice.
Slops, loose breeches, or trow-
sers, tawdry dress.

Serjeant, a bailiff or sheriff's of- Slough, the skin which the ser



Sizes, allowances of victuals.
Skains-mates, loose companions.
Skirr, to scour, to ride hastily.
Slack, to neglect.
Slave, to treat as a slave.
Sleave, the ravelled knotty part

of the silk.

pent annually throws off.
Slower, more serious.
Slubber, to do any thing care-
lessly, imperfectly, to obscure.
Smilingly, with signs of pleasure.
Smirched, soiled or obscured.
Smoothed, to stroke, to caress,
to fondle.

Sneap, to check or rebuke, a re-

Sneaping, nipping.
Sneck-up, a cant-phrase,
hang yourself."
Snuff, hasty anger.
Snuffs, dislikes.

Soil, spot, turpitude, reproach.
Solely, alone.
Solicit, courtship.
Solicit, to excite.
Soliciting, information.
Solidares, an unknown coin.
Sometimes, formerly.



[blocks in formation]

States, persons of high rank.
Station, the act of standing.
Statist, statesman.

Statue, a portrait.

Stares, the wood of the lances.
Stay, a hinderer, a supporter.
Stead, to assist, or help.
Sticking-place, the stop in a ma-

Sticklers, arbitrators, judges,

Stigmatical, marked or stigma


Stigmatick, one on whom nature
has set a mark of deformity.
Still, constant or continual.
Stilly, gently, lowly.
Stint, to stop, to retard.
Stith, an anvil.

Stoccata, a thrust or stab with a

Stock, a term in fencing.
Stock, stocking.
Stomach, passion, pride, stub-
born resolution, constancy, re-

Stoop, a measure somewhat more
than half a gallon.
Stover, a kind of thatch.

Strict, hard.

Strive, to contend.

Stuck, a thrust in fencing. See
Stoccata. Stock.

Stuff, baggage.

Stuff, substance or essence.
Stuffed, plenty, more than enough.
Subscribe, to agree to.
Subscribe, to yield, to surren-


Suggest, to tempt, to prompt, to
Suggestion, hint.
Suggestions, temptations.
Suited, dressed.

Sullen, obstinately troublesome.
Summer-swelling, that which
swells or expands in summer.
Summoners, summoning officers.
Sumpter, a horse that carries ne-

cessaries on a journey.
Superfluous, over-clothed.
Superstitious, serving with super-for.
stitious attention.

Stoup, a kind of flagon.


Sweeting, a species of apple.
Swift, ready.

Strachy, probably some kind of Sway, the whole weight, mo-
domestic office.
Straight, immediately.
Strain, descent, lineage.
Strain, difficulty, doubt.
Strait, narrow, avaricious.
Straited, put to difficulties.
Strange, odd, different from.
Strange, alien, becoming a stran-
ger, a stranger.
Strangely, wonderfully.
Strangeness, shyness, distant be-

Swinge-buckiers, rakes, rioters.
Swoop, the descent of a bird of


Subscription, obedience.

Submerged, whelmed under wa

Supposed, counterfeited, ima-


Subtilty, deception.
Subtle, smooth, level.
Success, succession.
Successive, belonging to the suc-

Successively, by order of succes.


Sudden, violent.
Sufficiency, abilities.

Sure, safe, out of danger, surely.
Sur-reined, over-worked, or rid-

Suspire, to breathe.

Swaggerer, a roaring, fighting

Swart, or swarth, black, or dark

Swarth, or swath, as much grass
or corn as a mower cuts down
at one stroke of his scythe.
Swashing, noisy, bullying.
Swath, the dress of a new-born

Stranger, an alien.

Strangle, to suppress.

Stratagem, great or dreadful Tabourine, a small drum.



Table, the palm of the hand ex-

Table, a picture.
Tables, table-books, memoran-

Tag, the lowest of the populace.
Taint, to throw a slur upon.
Take, to strike with a disease, to

[blocks in formation]

Taurus, sides and heart in medi. dical astrology.

Tawdry, a kind of necklaces
worn by country girls.
Taxation, censure or satire
Teen, sorrow, grief.
Temper, to mould like wax.
Temper, temperament, constitu-

Temperance, temperature.
Tempered, rendered pliable
Tend, to attend upon, to wait

Tender, to regard with affection. Tend'ring, watching with ten derness.

[blocks in formation]

Take-in, to conquer, to get the
better of.

Take up, to contradict, to call to

an account.

Take-up, to levy.

Tall, stout, bold, courageous.
Tallow keech, the fat of an ox or


Timeless, untimely.
Tinct, tincture.

Tame, ineffectual.

Tame snake, a contemptible tel- Tire, head dress.

Tharborough, thirdborough, a
peace officer.
Theme, a subject.
Theorick, theory.
Thewes, muscular strength.
Thick, in quick succession.
Thick-pleached, thickly inter-


Thill, the shafts of a cart.
Thirdborough. See Tharborough
Thought, melancholy.
Thrasonical, boastful, bragging.
Thread, fibre or part
Thread, to pass through.
Three-man-beetle, an implement
used for driving piles.
Three-pile, rich velvet.
Thrift, a state of prosperity.
Throes, emits as in parturition.
Thrum, the extremity of a weav-
er's warp.

Thrummed, made of coarse wool-
len cloth.

Tib, a strumpet.
Tickle, ticklish.

Tickle-brain, some strong liquor.
Tight, handy, adroit.
Tightly, cleverly, adroitly.
Tilly-valley, an interjection of
Tilth, tillage.

Tire, to fasten, to fix the talons


Tire, to be idly employed on.
Tired, adorned with ribands.
Tod, to yield or produce a tod, or
twenty-eight pounds.
Tokened, spotted as in the plague
Toll, to enter on the toll-book
Tolling, taking toll.

Tomboy,a masculine, forward girl. |
Topless, that which has nothing
above it, supreme.
Topple, to tumble.

Touch, sensation, sense, or feel

Touch, exploit or stroke.
Touch, a spice or particle.
Touch, touchstone.

Touches, features.

Touched, tried.

Toward, in a state of readiness.
Toys, rumours, idle reports, fan-
cies, freaks of imagination.
Toze, to pull or pluck.
Trace, to follow.

Trade, a custom, an established habit.

Tradition, traditional practices. Traditional, adherent to old customs.

Trail, the scent left by the passage of the game.

Traitress, a term of endearment.
Tranect, a ferry.
Translate, to transfer, to explain.
Trash, a hunting phrase, to cor-


Travel, to stroll.

Traverse, a term in military exercise.

Traversed, across.

Tray-trip, some kind of game.
Treachers, treacherous persons.
Trenched, cut, carved.
Trick, trick of the times.
Trick, peculiarity of voice, face,

Trick, smeared, painted, in he-
Tricking, dress.

Tricksy, clever, adroit. Triumphs, masques, revels, public exhibitions.

Trojan, cant word for a thief.
Troll, to dismiss trippingly from
the tongue.
Trol-my-dames, a game.
Trossers, trowsers.
Trow, to believe.

Truth, honesty.

Tucket, or tucket sonnuance, a flourish.

Turlygood, or turlupin, a species of gipsy.

Turn, to become acescent. Turquoise, a precious stone. Tuangling, an expression of con

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Untrimmed, undressed.
Untruth, disloyalty, treachery.
Unvalued, invaluable.
Up-spring, upstart.

Urchins, hedge-hogs, or perhaps fairies.

Usance, usury.

Use, practice long countenarced by custom.

Use, to make a practice of
Use, interest.
Used, behaved.
Usurping, false.

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