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Perch, a measure of five yards Possessed, acquainted with, fully

and a half.

Perdurable, lasting.

Perdy, par Dieu, a French oath.
Perfect, certain, well informed.
Perfections, liver, brain, and

Perjure, a perjured person.
Periapts, charms sewed up and
worn about the neck.
Perspectives, certain optical glas-


Pervert, to avert.
Pew-fellow, a companion.
Pheere. See Feere.
Pheeze, to teaze or beat, to comb
or curry.

Pia mater, the membrane covering the substance of the brain. Pick, to pitch.

Picked, nicely dressed, foppish. Pickers, the hands.

Picking, piddling, insignificant. Pickt-hatch, a place noted for brothels.

Piece, a word of contempt for a


Pield, shaven.

Pight, pitched, fixed.
Pilcher, a pilche, the scabbard.
Pilled, pillaged.

Pin and web, disorders of the


Pinnace, a small ship of burthen. Piz, a small chest in which the consecrated host was kept. Placket, a petticoat.

Plague, to punish.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Proface, much good may it do

you. Profane, love of talk, gross of language.

Profession, end and purpose of coming.

Progress,a royal journey of state
Project, to shape or form.
Prompture, suggestion, tempta-

Prone, sometimes humble.
Prone, forward.

Proof, confirmed state of manhood.

Propagate, to advance or improve.

Propagation, getting. Proper, well-looking, handsome. Proper-false, proper or fair, and false or deceitful. Propertied, taken possession of. Properties, incidental necessaries to a theatre.

Property, due performance. Property, a thing quite at disposal.

Propose, to image, to imagine.
Proposing, conversing.
Propriety, regular and proper


Prorogue, to lengthen or prolong.
Provand, provender.
Provencial, Provençal, from Pro-


Provincial, belonging to one's province.

Provost, sheriff or gaoler.
Prune, to plume.

Puck, or hobgoblin in fairv
Pugging, thievish.
Pun, to pound.

Purchase, stolen goods.
Purchased, acquired by unjust


Purlieu, border, enclosure.
Pursuivants, heralds.

Put to know, compelled to acknowledge.

Putter-on, one who instigates. Putter-out, one who places out money at interest.

Putting-on, spur, incitement. Puttock, a degenerate species of hawk.

[blocks in formation]

Prodigious, portentous, omi- Quarrel, a quarreller, the cause of a quarrel


[blocks in formation]

Quests, reports.

Quick, lively, spritely, living.
Quicken, to animate.
Quiddits, subtilties.
Quillets, law chicane.

Quintain, a post set up for va

rious exercises.

Quips, reproaches and scoffs.
Quire, to play in concert.

Quit, quitted.

Quit, to requite or answer.
Quittance, return of obligations.
Quiver, nimble, active.
Quote, to observe.


Rabato, an ornament for the neck.
Rabbet-sucker, a sucking rabbit.
Race, original disposition, inborn
qualities, a smack or flavour.
Rack, wreck.

Rack, to exaggerate.
Rack, to harass by exactions.
Rack, the fleeting away of the


Racking, in rapid motion.
Rag, an opprobrious epithet.
Ragged, rugged.

Rake, to cover.

Rank, rate or pace.

Rank, grown up to a great height
and strength.

Rapt, rapturously affected.
Rapture, a fit.

Rarely, curiously, happily.

Rascal, applied to lean deer.

Rash, heady, thoughtless, quick, violent.

Reason, to talk, to argue for.
Rebeck, an old musical instru-


Receiving, ready apprehension.
Receipt, receptacle.
Recheate, a sound by which the

dogs are called back.

Reck, to care for, to mind, to at-
tend to.

Reckless, careless, heedless.
Recollected, studied or often re-

Record, to sing.

Rivals, partners

Rive, to burst, to fire.

Road, the haven where ships ride
at anchor.

Rogues, vagrants.
Romage, rummage.

Ronyon, a scurvy woman.
Rood, the cross.

Rook, to squat down
Ropery, roguery.

Rope-tricks, abusive language.
Round, a diadem.

Round, rough, unceremonious.

Recorder, a kind of flute or fla- Rounded, whispered.


Recure, to recover.

Red-lattice, the sign of an ale


Reduce, to bring back.

Rounding, whispering.
Roundel, a country-dance.
Roundure, circle.

Rouse, a draught of jollity.
Royal, due to a king.

Reechy, discoloured by smoke, Royalize, to make royal.

smoky, greasy.

Refell, to refute.
Refer, to reserve to.
Regard, look.

Regiment, government, authority.
Regreet, exchange of salutation.
Reguerdon, recompense, return.
Relative, nearly related, or con-

Remembered, remembering.
Remembrance, admonition.
Remorse,pity, tenderness of heart.
Remotion, removal or remoteness.
Remored, remote, sequestered.
Render, to describe.
Render, a confession, an account.
Renege, to renounce.
Repair, to renovate.
Repeal, to recall.
Reports, reporters.
Reproof, confutation.
Repugn, to resist.
Reputing, boasting of.

Requiem, a mass for the soul of
a person deceased.
Resolve, to be firmly persuaded,

Resolve, to dissolve.
Respect, consideration, caution.
Respective, respectable, respect-
ful, formal.

Respective, cool, considerate.
Respectively, respectfully.
Retailed, handed down.

| Retire, to draw back.

Reverb, to reverberate.

[blocks in formation]

Royalty, nobleness, supreme ex-

Roynish, mangy or scabby.
Ruddock, the redbreast.

Ruff, the folding of the tops of

Ruffle, to riot, to create disturb

[blocks in formation]

Right-drawn, drawn in a right Scamble, to scramble.


Rigol, a circle.

Ringed, environed, encircled.
Ripe, come to the height
Rivage, the bank or shore.
Rivality, equal rauk.

Scan, to examine nicely.

Scant, to be deficient in, to con


Scantling, measure, proportion
Scapes of wit, sallies, irregulari-


[blocks in formation]

Serjeant, a bailiff or sheriff's of- Slough, the skin which the ser

[blocks in formation]

Setebos, a species of devil.
Several, separated, appropriated.
Sewer, an officer who placed the
dishes on the table.
Shame, to disgrace.
Shame, modesty.
Shard-borne, born by shards or
scaly wings.

Shards, the wings of a beetle.
Shards, broken pots or tiles.
Sharked, picked up as a shark
collects his prey.
Sheen, shining, splendour, lustre.
Sheer, pellucid, transparent.
Shent, scolded,rebuked, ashamed,
Shent, to reprove harshly.

pent annually throws off. Slower, more serious. Slubber, to do any thing care

lessly, imperfectly, to obscure. Smilingly, with signs of pleasure. Smirched, soiled or obscured. Smoothed, to stroke, to caress, to fondle.

Sneap, to check or rebuke, a rebuke.

Sneaping, nipping.
Sneck-up, a cant-phrase,
hang yourself.”
Snuff, hasty anger.
Snuffs, dislikes.

Soil, spot, turpitude, reproach.
Solely, alone.
Solicit, courtship.
Solicit, to excite.
Soliciting, information,
Solidares, an unknown coin.
Sometimes, formerly.


Sooth, truth.

Sooth, sweetness.

Sorriest, worthless, vile. Sorry, sorrowful or dismal. Sort, to choose out.

Sort, a company, a pack, ranks
and degrees of men.
Sort, to happen, to agree.
Sort, the lot.

Sort and suit, figure and rank.
Sot, a fool.

Soul-fearing, soul-appalling.
Sound, to declare or publish.
Sound, soundly.

Soul, to pull by the ears.
Sowter, perhaps the name of a

Spanned, measured.
Specialty, particular rights.
Sped, the fate decided.
Speed, event.

Sperr, to shut up, defend by bars, &c.

Spleen, humour, caprice, spirit.

[blocks in formation]

Spot, stain or disgrace.
Spotted, wicked.

Sprag, or spackt, apt to learn.
Spread, to stand separately.
Sprighted, haunted.
Sprights, spirits.
Springhalt, a disease incident to

Springing, blooming, in the
spring of life.
Sprightly, ghostly.
Spurs, the longest and largest
roots of trees.
Square, to quarrel.
Square, regular, equitable, just,

Square, compass, comprehen-
sion, or complement.
Squarer, a quarrelsome fellow.
Squash, an immature peascod.
Squiny, to look asquint.
Squire, a square or rule.
Staggers, delirious perturbation.
Stale, a bait or decoy to catch

Stale, a pretence.
Stale, to allure.

Stand, to withstand, to resist. Standing bowls, bowls elevated on feet.

Stannyal, the common stone

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Tomboy,a masculine, forward girl. | Vain, vanity.

Topless, that which has nothing
above it, supreme.
Topple, to tumble.

Touch, sensation, sense, or feel

Touch, exploit or stroke.

Touch, a spice or particle.
Touch, touchstone.
Touches, features.
Touched, tried.

Toward, in a state of readiness.
Toys, rumours, idle reports, fan-
cies, freaks of imagination.
Toze, to pull or pluck.
Trace, to follow.

Trade, a custom, an established

Tradition, traditional practices.
Traditional, adherent to old cus-


Trail, the scent left by the passage of the game.

Traitress, a term of endearment. Tranect, a ferry.

Translate, to transfer, to explain. Trash, a hunting phrase, to correct.

Travel, to stroll.

Traverse, a term in military exercise.

Traversed, across.

Tray-trip, some kind of game.
Treachers, treacherous persons.
Trenched, cut, carved.
Trick, trick of the times.
Trick, peculiarity of voice, face,

Trick, smeared, painted, in he-
Tricking, dress.

Tricksy, clever, adroit.
Triumphs, masques, revels, pub-
lic exhibitions.
Trojan, cant word for a thief.
Troll, to dismiss trippingly from

the tongue.
Trol-my-dames, a game.
Trossers, trowsers.
Trow, to believe.

Truth, honesty.

Tucket, or tucket sonnuance, a flourish.

Turlygood, or turlupin, a species

of gipsy.

Turn, to become acescent.

[blocks in formation]

Vain, light of tongue, not veracious.

Valance, fringed with a beard.
Validity, value.
Vanity, illusion.

Vantage, convenience, opportunity, advantage.

Vantbrace, armour for the arm. Varlet, a servant or footman to

a warrior.

Vast, waste, dreary.

Vaunt, the avant, what went before.

Vaward, the fore part.
Velure, velvet.

Venew, a bout, a term in fencing
Vengeance, mischief.

Vent, rumour, matter for dis


Ventages, the holes of a flute
Venys, hits in fencing
Verbal, verbose, full of talk.
Verify, to bear true witness.
Very, immediate.

Via, a cant phrase of exultation.
Vice, the fool of the old moralities.
Vice, to advise.

Vice, grasp.

Vie, to contend in rivalry.
Vied, bragged.

Viewless, unseen, invisible.
Villain, a worthless fellow, a ser-


Virginalling, playing on the virginal, a spinnet.

Virtue, the most efficacious part,


Virtuous, salutiferous.
Virtuous, belonging to good-

Vixen, or fixen, a female fox.
Vizaments, advisements.
Voluntary, voluntarily.
Votarist, supplicant.
Vouchsafed, vouchsafing.
Vox, tone or voice.
Vulgar, common.
Vulgarly, publicly.


[blocks in formation]

Uncharged, unattacked.

Unclew, to draw out, to exhaust. Uncoined, real, unrefined, unadorned.

Unconfirmed, unpractised in the ways of the world.

Under generation, the antipodes Undergo, to be subject to. Under-skinker, a tapster, an un derdrawer.

Undertaker, one who takes upon

himself the quarrel of another Underwrite, to subscribe,to obey. Under-wrought, under-worked, undetermined.

Undeserving, undeserved.
Unearned, not deserved.
Uneath, scarcely, not easily.
Unexpressive, inexpressible.
Unhappy,mischievously waggish,

Unhidden, open, clear.

Unhoused, free from domestic

[blocks in formation]

Unsmirched, clean, not defiled. Unsquared, unadapted to their subject.

Unstanched, incontinent. Untempering, not tempering, not softening.

Untraced, singular, not in com

mon use.

Untrimmed, undressed.

Untruth, disloyalty, treachery.
Unvalued, invaluable.

Up-spring, upstart.

Urchins, hedge-hogs, or perhaps fairies.

Usance, usury.

Use, practice long countenar ced by custom.

Use, to make a practice of
Use, interest.

Used, behaved.

Usurping, false.

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