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much how far the wit of man could wrest the meaning of any particular text to a sense different from what it is brought to prove; but to consider what is the plain, natural, obvious meaning of all the various texts brought together in proof of the point proposed; for this surely must be presumed to be the sense intended by the Holy Ghost,








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Q. 1. WHAT is God?

A. God is a spirit infinitely perfect, the Creator and Sovereign Lord of all things.

Q. 2. What do you mean by a Spirit ?

A. An immaterial being, quite distinct from body. Now God is a most pure uncreated Spirit, without any body; and those expressions of Scripture where mention is made of the hands of God, or his feet, or the like, are only figurative ways of speaking, accommodated to our weak understandings.

Q. 3. What do you mean by infinitely perfect?

A. I mean that all possible perfections essentially belong to God, and are in him in an infinite degree, without bounds or limitation.

Q. 4. What are the perfections of God ?

A. Power, wisdom, goodness, justice, mercy, holiness, truth, beauty, eternity, immensity, and numbers of others, of which we can have no idea. So that God is infinitely powerful, infinitely wise, infinitely good, infinitely just, infinitely merciful, infinitely holy, infinitely true, infinitely beautiful, eternal and immense, and unchangeable.

Q.5. What do you mean by infinitely powerful?'

A. I mean that God can do all things whatsoever he pleases, and in what manner he pleases; so that nothing is impossible or difficult to him.

Q. 6. How does this appear from Scripture ?

A. On this head the Scripture declares, (1.) That “ with God all things are possible,” Matt. xix. 26. and that “no word shall be impossible with God,” Luke i. 37. (2.) That he created this world, and all that it contains, out of nothing, by his word alone; for, “in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth," Gen. i. 1. made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all things that are in them," Ps. cxlv. 6. “In him were all things created, in heaven and in earth, visible or invisible, whether thrones or dominations, or principalities or powers, all things were: created by him and in him," Col. i. 16. spoke the word, and they were made; he commanded, and they were created," Psal. cxlviii. 5. (3.) That he can do in all creatures whatsoever he pleases; for “whatsoever the Lord pleased, he hath done in heaven, in earth, in the sea, and in all the depths,” Ps. cxxxv. 6. (4.) That “all things are in his power, and that there is none that can resist his will,” Esther xiii, 9. for “he

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