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ang 1929

James M. Paton
Miss Lucy a. Paton,


Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1846, oy

A. W. MITCHELL, in the Office of the Clerk of the District Court for the Eastern

District of Pennsylvania.


In venturing to give this work to the public, the Author complies with repeated and earnest solicitations. The subject is of sufficient importance to have employed the pen of abler men ; nor does he doubt that abler thinkers, and students of greater research and more leisure, will find abundant cause for animadversion in the following pages. They have been prepared amid the undiminished labours of the pulpit; and now that he has committed them to the press, more deeply than ever does he desire that his time and engagements permitted him to give them a more careful revision. Though very many of the thoughts here presented are not new, he is not aware that the train of thought and illustration has ever been presented before. So far as this humble and imperfect effort may tend to such a result, his earnest desire has been to exalt and honour the Holy Scriptures, more especially in the estimation of the young. With the fervent prayer to their God, and their fathers' God, that it may be thus directed, he submits it to their attention.


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