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HE gospel religion is very precious, being inwardly felt and ex-
perienced in the life and power of it; but a bare profession of it

, out
of the life and power of godliness, is of no value in the light of God, nor
is it of any profit or advantage to the foul.


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S E C O N D V O L U M E.

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CHRIST, which is the true faving

Knowledge of Christ, and which not,
4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. II. Queries con-
cerning Christ, and his Appearances,
15. Concerning Christ, 24. What
it is to be United to Chrift, 41. What
is the true Confeffion of Christ, 43.
Which died at Jerusalem the Quakers
own, 104.

The Way of knowing
Christ's Spirit, -113. Christ Jesus the
Redeemer and Saviour, 154. A few
Words concerning the true Christ, and
how it may be known which is he, 242.
Of the Flesh and Blood of Christ, in
Answer to T. Hickes, 250, &c. Con-
cerning Christ's Righteousness, 318.
517. Concerning Christ, 453. Čon-
cerning the Spirit of Chrift, 496. The
Law of Christ, 509. His Ministry or
Priesthood, 515. Of the true Know-

ledge of Christ, ibid. Concerning the
Offering of Chrift without the Gates
of Jerusalem, 615. The Mystery of
Christ, and of his Enlightening,
Quickening, Circumcising, and Bap-

tizing, from fome Scriptures, 642.
CHURCH, fome Propofitions concerning

Church Worships and Ordinances, 28.
Concerning the Primitive Church, and
the Apoftafy, 39. Questions and An-
swers concerning the Church of the
New Covenant, 64. Queries concern-
ing the False Church, 67. Of the
true and false Church, 72. Of the:
Church in its first and pure State, 75.-
in its declining State, 80. In its declin-
ed and fallen State, 83. In its Reco-
very, 85. What is the true Church,
206. Concerning the true Church,
290. 312. 320. Some Queries con-
cerning the State of the Church, as it
was in the Apostles Days and was to be

afterwards, 360.
COVENANT of Life opened, 87. Quef-

tions and Answers concerning the
Church of the New Covenant, 64.
Queries concerning the New Covenant,
96. 125. Concerning the Now Co-
venant, 146. 350. 470. Knowledge
of it, 213. Fear of it, 214. Con-
cerning the Old and New Covenant,

435. Concerning the Rule of the New
Covenant, 451. The Two Covenants,

Cross of Christ, what it is, 208. The
Author's Experience concerning it, 225. Jews, somewhat in the Love of God to

the Jews Natural, 274. Somewhat of

Concern to the Jews spiritual, 280.

IMPUTATION of Righteousness, con-

cerning, 448. 492. 616.

INWARD Impressions, concerning, 455.
ELECTION and REPROBATIon con- Joy, which is the true Joy, 215.

cerning, 91. 92. How a Man muft JUDGING, what the Author has expe-
make his Calling and Election sure, rienced concerning it, 228.
209. Election, a Question or two con- JUSTIFICATION witnessed by the Obe.
cerning it answered, 335. The Way dient, 141. What it is, 211. Juftifica-
to know one's Election, &c. 391. tion and Sanctification, the Author's

Experience of, 221. Concerning Justi-
fication, 369. 462. 469.


FAITH, what the true Faith is, 250.

The Author's Experience concerning LAMB'S WAR, concerning, 293.

it, 222. Concerning Faith, 599. Law, inward and outward, 202. How
FEAR, concerning the true Fear, 600. God Writes his Law in the Heart, 204.
Free Will, and Falling from Grace, Light within asserted, 173. What it
concerning, 95.

doth inwardly in the Heart, 177. How
the Mind comes to be enlightened, 179.

How the Light, or Candle of the Lord

is diminished and extinguished, 180.

Concerning the Light of God's Spirit,
God's Love, the Universality of it, 89. 204. Concerning the Light, 458.472.

192. Concerning God's Power, 219. 490.
A Question answered, about knowing Love, what the true Love is, 212. 600.

God's Spirit, 230. **
Gospel, concerning the Gospel-State,
408. A Question about Preaching the

Everlasting Gospel, answered, 513.

Of the Grace of the Gospel, 520. MANKIND, concerning God's Love to
GOVERNMENT, concerning Church them, 463.
Government, 567. 586.

MEETINGS Silent, concerning, 352.
MINISTRY, Work of the true Mini-

ftry, 63. Concerning the true Mini-

ftry, 76. 170. 205. 291. 321. 433.

Hat, Reason of taking it off in Time MIRACLES, a Question concerning,
of Prayer, 563

answered, 348.
HOLINESS, What it is, 208. 523. Motions inward, to know whence they
HOPE, What is the true Hope, 214. are, 115.

Mystery of Life, and Mystery of the
HUMILITY, concerning Poverty of Fellowship which is therein. 227.
Spirit, and Humility, 216.


PERSECUTION, concerning, 60. Some

Queries concerning Compulsion in Mat-

ters of Religion, 660.

PRAYER, concerning it, 108. What
Notes and OBSERVATIONS on Pas- is true Prayer, 209. The Author's

sages of Scripture, Phil. iii. 3. Heb. Experience of, 220. How God teacheth
vi. 4. 5: John x. Isaiah liv. lviii. p. to Pray, 403. 406.
129. 131. 2 Pet. i. 18, 19. Rom. PRINCIPLE of Darkness, and of
ix. 18. John xvii. 3. 1 Cor. xii. 3. the pure heavenly Light, 123.
John vi. 45: 1 John v. 12. John vi. PROMISES, concerning applying them,
55, 56. Pfal
. xxxvi. 9. Ifa. lv. 1,

2, 3. John iv. 14. I 'John i. 2, 3.

1 John i. 2, 3. PROPHECY, Confiderations of the more
Matt. xi. 28, 29, 30. 1 John v. 20.

fure Word of Prophecy, 185.
2 Cor. iv. 6. 2 Cor. iii. 14. John
viii. 31, 32. Rom. vi. 14. Ifa. iv. 5.
Isa. xii. 1, 2, 3. Rev. iii. 18.

1 John

ii. 27. Pfal. Ixxxv. 9. Rev. iii. 20.
See Observations on the above Paffages, QUAKERS, what they have witnessed,
pages 233 to 241. Psal. xlvi. page

24. What their Religion is, 59. 163.
289. Some Queries on Chap. xxix How they were visited, 168. Brief
and xxx, of Deut. compared with Account of them, 259. A few Words
Rom. x. p. 362. Some Queries on concerning the Doings and Sufferings of
Col. i. 27, 28, 29. page 365. Ob- the People

called Quakers, 266. Con-
servations on 2 Peter iii. 14, 15, cerning God's gathering them Home to
16. page 431. Queries on Rom. vi. himself, 526. What they fought after,
vii. and viii. page 437. Query on


Matt. vi. 33.


REFORMATION, concerning the Time
OBEDIENCE, what it is, 201. Some and Work of it, 493.
Experiences concerning, 224.

REGENERATION, concerning, 208.
ORDINANCES and APPOINTMENTS RELIGION, of Certainty, and rightly
of God to the Jews, concerning, 106. grounded Assurance in Matters of Re-

ligion, 57:

REPENTANCE, What is true Repen-

tance, 210.

RIGHTEOUSNESS, concerning, 139.
PAPISTS, something to, 309.

Of Man's Righteousness, 151. How
PATIENCE, what the true Meekness and to learn Righteousness, 243.

Patience is, 213. 601.
Paul's EXPERIENCE explained, 158.
What Paul was, 65.

Peace, which is True, 215. A few

Words concerning the Way of Peace, SABBATH, or Gospel-Rest, concerning,

PENINGTON ISAAC, Account of his SALVATION, how witnessed, 207.

Experiences, 3. 49. 110. 162. 165. SCRIPTURES, Quakers own them, 105.
168. 218. 273. 300. 359. 474. 476. Concerning Understanding them aright,
483. 511. 619. 670.

201, 202. Whether the Scripture be
PERFECTION, concerning, 464. 490. the Sun or Fountain, 203. Whether


the Declaration of Scripture is the Word. Truth, a Guidance to the Principle 204. Whether all things neceffary be

and Path of it, 33. therein contained, 206. Concerning the Grounds of Mens Misunderstand ing and Wresting them, 336. Con

U. cerning Misunderstanding the Scriptures, 476. Concerning Reading them aright, UNIFORMITY, an Objection answered 532.

concerning it, 584. Seed of the KINGDOM, concerning,

218. 230.

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SEPARATION, concerning, 60.
SHEPHERD and SHEEP, concerning,

SOUL's Food, 218.

WILL (FREE), concerning, 478.
WISDOM of Man to be turned from, 184.
WORDS, concerning the Form of Sound

Words, 453
WORKS, what good Works are, 212.

Works of the Old and New Covenant,

473 WORSHIT, "Account of the Ground of

our Worthip, 444.

TEMPTATIONS, the Author's Expe

rience concerning, 219. TRINITY, the Author's Experience con

cerning it, &c. 615.

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