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HERE is a word of advice in my heart to thee, which it behoveth thee seriously and uprightly to wait on the Lord, to be made able to weigh and confider aright; it is this. Take heed of fetting up the let ter above or against the Spirit (for that is not right in the fight of God); and take heed alfo of fetting up thine own wifdom, conceivings, and apprehenfions above both; for that is a dangerous way of erring, and may prove a great snare to thy foul, as it hath been formerly, and is at this day to many. If ye had known what this meaneth (faid Chrift) I will have mercy, and not facrifice, ye would not have condemned the guiltlefs. We own the fcriptures truly and fingly, being taught of God fo to do, and do not hold forth any thing contrary thereto, or deny any thing therein contained; but are witneffes (living witneffes) of the truths expreffed and related therein, but mens meanings and conceivings thereupon (who, though they will acknowledge, that a man cannot understand the fcriptures without the Spirit, yet will venture, in their own wifdom, fpirit, and under ftanding, to expound and give meanings) we cannot own, nor them, in fuch their apprehenfions and practices.

That in thee, or any, which breathes after the Lord, we have unity with, but that wisdom and comprehenfion which is above it, and a veil over it, and contrary to is nature, and which is a limit and bond to the precious feed, we cannot have unity with, because it is of the fame nature with that which the Lord hath condemned and destroyed in us, and he will not fuffer it to live in others, where his life and power prevails.



Concerning fome of the






Given forth in true and tender Love, for the Help of any fuch of the Race of the true Travellers as may stand in need thereof,




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T hath pleased the Lord to unfeal and open the fountain of life in the midst of his heritage, fo that in his light do they fee light, and in his life do they reap and enjoy life. And the precious promifes are fulfilled in the midst of them, of fending the Comforter, and pouring out of the Holy Spirit, so that he that believeth, "out of his belly do flow rivers of living "water." Yea, the Lord hath a vineyard, which he keepeth night and day (left any hurt it), and watereth every moment. Oh! the ftreams of life, the ftreams of love, the ftreams of grace, the ftreams of mercy, the ftreams of peace, the ftreams of joy and confolation, which flow from him into the bofoms of his children! Indeed grace, and mercy, and peace are multiplied from God our Father, in and through the Lord Jefus Chrift daily, infomuch as that faying of Chrift to his difciples (John xiv. 26, 27.) is now fulfilled, "I fay not that I will pray the Father for you; for the Fa"ther himself loveth you," &c. The Father, in his love, hath brought us to the Son; and the Son, in the fame love, hath brought us back to the Father; and now the love flows from the Father in and through the Son, moft naturally and abundantly. And where the heart is circumcifed, and much forgiven, there love returns back moft truly and abundantly; fo that the Lord our God, in the Lord Jefus Chrift, is loved, with all the heart, and with all the foul, and nothing is thought too good to facrifice to him, nor nothing too much to fuffer for him. Oh! the pure love that fprings and flows between the heavenly Father and the spiritual child! The best love that is to be found in this world (in the men of the world) is not worthy to be a fhadow of it. God is love, and his children are of him, and partake of, and dwell in, the fame love; though the enmity, and highest wif dom of this world, know them not; as it never could know the children of the true wifdom.

Now from this fountain do not only iffue fprings and ftreams of life to refresh our own hearts; but teftimonies concerning the life which we feel



and partake of, and concerning our travels from the dark land through the valley of tears (where he that gave us life was our well) towards our restingplace.

Thefe alfo fpring up in us for the fakes of others; of which nature are he things which follow, in this little treatise. For not for my own fake only did they spring up in me, but to fignify to others of the mercy the Lord hath fhewn me, and the way wherein he hath led me, and what he hath given me to taste. of and experience in the way; which will answer every true palate, every palate that is feafoned with life, and with true experience. And having received them from the Lord for this very end, to hold them forth to others, in love and in tenderness of spirit my heart is freely given up to him therein; not aiming at any thing thereby but his glory fingly, and the good of fuch fouls to whom he fhall pleafe to extend favour and fhew mercy, in opening the heavenly mystery of life and salvation.


I have often said in my heart, Who bath begotten me there? Who would have faid that Sarah fhould have given children fuck? My wound was deep, and feemed incurable; but blessed be the Lord, who hath made known to me the phyfician of value, for whom no difeafe is too hard, but he is able to cure every fickness, and to relieve and rescue all that are captived and oppreffed by the devil, that come unto him, and wait upon him, in the way of his righteous judgments and most tender mercies. For after all my religion and deep exercifes, and inward experiences and knowledge, I came to fuch a loss of what I once had, that I fenfibly felt I knew not the Lord, and lay continually groaning and mourning after him, and deeply afflicted for want of him. Oh! the pure, living, and precious life, and fweet prefence of my God, that my foul wanted! infomuch as my moisture was turned into the drought of fummer, and my bones grown dry and withered ! But at length the Lord, in his goodness (Oh! bleffed for ever be his name!) breathed upon the dry bones, and I felt life enter from him into me, and the days of deep forrow and diftrefs were at length forgotten, because a heavenly birth was at length conceived and brought forth. And now where is the fackcloth? Where are the afhes? Oh! there is beauty in life, instead of the afhes in the ftate without life; and the garment of praise, instead of the spirit of heaviness! O glory, glory, to the binder up of the bruised and broken-ones, to the Redeemer of the captives, to the repairer of the breaches, to the builder up of the wafted and defolate-ones! Glory to his tender mercy, glory to his grace, glory to his love, glory to his wisdom, glory to his power, for ever and ever. Amen.

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A faithful Teftimony concerning the True and Pure Way of Life; with Breatheings for fuch as have Defires after it, and yet are Strangers to it.


HIS hath been the cry of my foul from my childhood, even after holinefs, after the prefence of the Lord, after union with him, after the nature and image of his Son, after a feparation from what was contrary to him, and a being brought forth in the power of his life.

Now bleffed be the Lord, that is revealed which anfwers the cry; which fo far as my foul comes to partake of, it is refreshed and fatisfied with the supply of that, which it thirsted and cried after.

And all that have felt the true cry, Oh! that they might also be taught of God, and learn aright how to wait upon him, and to walk humbly and in fear before him, that nothing might come between them and the cry of their fouls; but they might be led by him into the enjoyment and poffeffion of that, which the true birth (which is born of the Spirit, and is Spirit) naturally longs after.

Now truly there is no other way to life and fatisfaction, than by believing in that power, and following that power, which raifed Chrift from the dead; for that is to work the work in all that are faved. To feel this power revealed within, to have the mind turned to this power, to follow this power in the regenerating work and path, is the way to partake of its virtue, and to experience the redemption which is thereby and therefrom.

And he that is born of the Spirit, and hath his eye opened by the Spirit, and daily exercised thereby; he knoweth the Spirit, and is acquainted with

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