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An Appeal to God's Witness in all Confciences

Naked Truth, or Truth Nakedly Manifefting itself,

Some Experiences added,

A few Words concerning the true Chrift,

A few Words to my Native Country,

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IX. Some Queries concerning the Spirit of Chrift, &c.


X. Of the true Way (the Way of Holiness, the Way of Life) and of the True Teaching and Knowledge,


XI. Concerning Separation from the Spirit and Ways of the World, A Treatise concerning God's Teachings and Chrift's Law, &c.


I. Concerning God's Teachings,

II. Concerning the Law of Chrift,


III. A brief Relation concerning myself, in Reference to what has befallen me in my Purfuit after Truth,

IV. A Question about Preaching the Everlasting Gospel, answered,

V. Concerning Chrift's Miniftry, or Priesthood,

VI. Concerning the true Knowledge of Chrift,

VIII. Concerning Chrift's Righteousness, &c.

IX. Of the Grace of the Gospel,

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VII. A few Words more concerning the Right Way of Knowing, as it is witneffed to in the Scriptures, and experienced in the Hearts of those that truly and livingly know the Lord,

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X. A Question answered, concerning Real Holiness,


XI. Concerning the Law of Sin in the Fleshly Mind, and the Law of Life and Holiness in the Renewed Mind; and whence each have their Strength 524 XII. Concerning God's gathering us Home to himself, who are a People defpifed

and rejected of Men, and in Scorn by them called Quakers, 526 XIII. A few Words concerning the Worship which our God hath taught us, 530 A Question answered concerning Reading the Scriptures Aright,

A few Words to fuch as Complain for Want of Power, Somewhat Relating to Church Government, &c.

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Remarks upon fome Paffages, in a late Book Entituled, " Antichrift's Transfor

"mations Within, &c."

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Some Mifrepresentations of Me concerning Church Government, &c. 565 The Seed of God, and of his Kingdom, treated and teftified of according to the Scriptures of Truth, and according to True Experience, felt in the Heart from the God of Truth,

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I. What is Hid or Wrapped up in this precious Heavenly Seed,
II. The Nature of this Seed


III. Of the Effects,

Some Queries concerning God's Kingdom, whereby the Seed thereof may be the better Illuftrated and Underftood,



An Epistle to all Serious Profeffors of the Chriftian Religion,

A Reply to an Answer of fome Queries, given forth by me I. P. concerning the Gospel-Baptifm; with Answers to fome other Queries returned, in a Paper fubfcribed N. B.


Epiftles to Friends,

Some Queries concerning Compulfion in Religion,

Concerning the Difpenfation of the Gofpel, or the Dispensation of the Son in Spirit, which is the laft Difpenfation,


Some Experiences which it hath Pleafed the Lord to Give me, concerning his Way, his Truth, his Church, and People, &c. 670 Concerning the Times and Seasons, both which have been, and which are yet to



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They have the true, living, powerful, faving Knowledge of CHRIST, or no?


Some QUERIES.Concerning CHRIST, and his APPEARANCES; his taking upon him our Flesh; as alfo concerning his Flesh and Blood, and our being formed thereof, and feeding thereon.


An Incitation to Profeffors seriously to confider, whether they or we fail in the true Acknowledgment and owning of the CHRIST which died at Jerufalem.


Some Propofitions and Confiderations concerning the Nature of ChurchWorships and Ordinances fince the Death of the Apoftles, for the fake of the Simplicity, which hath been long held captive therein.


The Sounding of Bowels towards thee, O ENGLAND!

Alfo a faithful Guidance to the Principle and Path of TRUTH.


Some fenfible experimental QUESTIONS and ANSWERS from the Tenth
Chapter of JOHN.


Prisoner in AYLESBURY, who (by the Counsel of the LORD) hath chofen rather to fuffer Affliction with the despised People of GOD, than to enjoy the Pleasures of Sin for a Season.



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