Three Sermons on the Evidences of the Gospel: Preached at Northampton. By P. Doddridge, ..., Part 4

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J. Waugh, 1752 - Apologetics - 194 pages

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Page 70 - Such undoubtedly there are in our own age and nation ; and surely we should sometimes bestow a compassionate thought upon them, and lift up an humble prayer for them: if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth ; that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are now led captive by him at his pleasure.
Page 68 - Through the tender mercy of our God : whereby the day-spring from on high hath visited us ; To give light to them that sit in darkness, and in the shadow of death : and to guide our feet into the way of peace.
Page 66 - The cause of Christianity has greatly gained by debate, and the Gospel comes like fine gold out of the furnace, which the more it is tried, the more it is approved.
Page 63 - We must not, however, forget to mention the confirmation it receives from the methods which its enemies have taken to destroy it; and these have generally . been either persecution or falsehood, or cavilling at some particulars in revelation, without entering into the grand argument on which it is built, and fairly debating what is offered in its defence.
Page 24 - ... they possibly be adulterated ? Is it a thing to be supposed, or imagined, that thousands and millions of people should have come together from distant countries ; and that, with all their diversities of language, and customs, and I may add, of sentiments too, they should have agreed on corrupting a book, which they all acknowledged to be the rule of their faith, and their manners, and the great charter by which they held their eternal hopes. It were madness to believe it : Especially when we...
Page 60 - Jewish and contemporary historian; and the description he has given of this terrible calamity so perfectly corresponds with our Saviour's prophecy, that one would have thought, had we not known the contrary, that it had been written by a Christian, on purpose to illustrate that prediction. This power of...
Page 68 - ... of your redemption; when you feel the burden of your guilt removed, the freedom of your address to the throne of grace encouraged, and see the prospect of a fair inheritance of eternal glory opening upon you ; then, in the pleasing...
Page 71 - Above all, let it be your care to act on the rules which are here laid down • and then you will find your faith growing in a happy proportion, and will experience the truth of our Saviour's declaration, that if any man will resolutely and faithfully do his will, he shall know of the Christian doctrine whether it be of God. I verily believe, it is the purity of its precepts which lies at the bottom of most men's opposition to it; or a natural pride of heart, which gives them an aversion to so humbling...
Page 68 - We should be daily adoring the God of nature, for lighting up the sun, that glorious though imperfect image of his own unapproachable lustre ; and appointing it to gild the earth with its various rays, to cheer us with its benign influences, and to guide and direct us, in our journeys, and our labours.
Page 25 - I say, in the main, because we readily allow that the hand of a printer or of a transcriber, might chance in some places, to insert one letter or word for another, and the various readings of this, as well as of all other ancient books, prove, that this has sometimes been the case. Nevertheless, those various readings are generally of so little importance, that he who can urge them as an objection against the assertion we are now maintaining, must have little judgment or little integrity. And indeed,...

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