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Serm.might speedily come ; that it would XV. please God fortly to accomplish the

Number of his Elect, and to basten his Kingdom : According to that pathetick conclusion of the book of the Revelation, ch. xxii. 20. He which teftifietb these things, faith, Surely I come quickly : Amen; even so come, Lord Jesus. And though (God be Thanked ) We are not Now under such continual and such fa vere Persecution, as the Primitive and Better Christians were; yet whosoever has a just sense of the Vanity and Diforders of this present World, and the Glory of the World to come ; whosoever observes what St Paul foretels, 2 Tim. ü. 12. rea, and All that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution ; and considers the Difficulties continually arising to upright and sincere men in Every Station of Life, from the numeTous Errors and Corruptions, evil Cuf

and debauched Practices, of an ignorant, superstitious, and tyrannical

will fee reason to think it still and ever, a most natural and

proper part of the Prayer of every Good




Christian, that the Kingdom of God may SER M. come ; even That New Heavens and New XV. Earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.

To which, that we may All at length arrive, God of his infinite Mercy grant, &c.

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Of the KINGDOM of GOD.

St Matt. vi. 33.

But seek ye forjt the Kingdom of

God, and bis Righteousness, and
all tbefe things shall be added

unto you.

UR Saviour in the 24thS er mm verse of this chapter, warns XVI. his Disciples of the absolute Impossibility, of their being

at the same time servants of God, and flaves to the pleasures of this



Aa 2

Serm.present corrupt World. No man, says he, XVI.

can serve two Masters; No man can, at one and the same time obey two Persons of a contrary disposition ; The Judgment and Affections of his Heart and Soul, cannot at once be fixt and settled, upon things of a different and inconsistent nature : For either he will hate the one, and love the other ; ' or else be will hold to the one, and despise the other. He must of necessity, by obeying the one, disobey and neglect the other; and then, bis Servant only he is, to whom he obeys. re cannot serve God and Mammon ; ye cannot be truly religious and sincere servants of God, while your Hearts and Affections are too intently and infeperably fixt upon the vanities of the present sinful World; For in all probability there will sometime or other așise a competition between them; and then he that cannot part with those injoyments of the World, which are inconsistent with his Religion, muft neglect his duty towards God; and he that will upon no Account neglect his Duty to wards God, must be content to part with


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