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derstanding figurative Expressions lite-Serm. rally and absurdly, "contend that wick- XIV. ed Men have no Power to do any thing towards their own Conversion; and consequently ascribe the Cause of Men's Impenitency, to God's not giving them (as they call it) the Grace to Repent: Which is a very great Abuse of a Scripture-expreffion. For, God's giving or granting Men Repentance, signifies (in Scripture ) his granting them the Fa. vour to have their Repentance accepted to the Forgiveness of past Sins, or als lowed instead of Innocence ; and not his conferring Repentance upon them, as an external Donation : Which is altogether Unintelligible. Nor is it.. less absurd, from those passages where very bad Men are said to be dead in trespasses and fins; and that when they amend, God creates in them a new Heart; to conclude literally, that

that wicked Men have no more Power to amend their manners than to raise themselves from the dead, or to create themselves anew. Which Doctrine, must of necessity make Men very slothful Seryants.

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Serm. 2dly, THE fecond, Ufe proper to be XIV.

made of the explication now given of the words of the Text, is to Exhort Men to be diligent in working

own Salvation by the Use of those Means which God has worked or implanted in them. Which exhortation cannot be better expressed, than in the words of the Author of the Book of Wisdom, ch, i. 12. Seek not Death in the Errour of your life ; and pull not upon yourselves destruction with the works of your

band. For God made not Death, neither has be pleasure in the destruction of the living. But ungodly Men with their works and words called it unto them. And Ecclus. XV. II. Say not thou, the Lord has caused me to err ; for he hath no need of the finful

The Lord bateth all abomination and they that fear God, love it not.


He bimself made Men from the beginning, and left them in the hands of his counfel; if thou wilt, to keep the Commandments, and to perform acceptable. Faithfulness. He hath set fire and water before thee ; stretch forth thy hand unta



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whether thou wilt. Before man is Life Serm.
and Death ; and whether bim liketh skall XIV.
be given him. For the Wisdom of the
Lord is great; and he is mighty in
Power, and beholdeth all things. And
his Eyes are upon them that fear him,
and be knoweth every work of Man. He
hath commanded no man to do wickedly,
neither has be given any man licence to


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Thy Kingdom come.
HOUGH every Christian ac-Serm.

knowledges this Prayer of our XV. T

Lord's composing, to be
complete Pattern and Direc-

tion, as to the Subject-mat-
ter of the things we are to pray for;
yet Many, very Many, 'tis to be feared,
perpetually repeat the Words, with very
little Attention to the. Sense expressed by
them : Not considering, that All Devo


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