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that which is not thinking: then 'tis certain, that there is Liberty, in a Supreme and most Perfect Degree, in that Being which made us Free; even as tis alfo demonftrable, he must be Thoughtful and Intelligent, because he has made us fo. And if this be true, then I need not fay any more to prove, that this Notion of producing by mere Abfolute Neceffity of Nature, is falfe and impoffible, as being utterly inconfiftent with the Perfection of that Being.

And then, as to the Neceffary Self-existence of Matter, the Phenomena of the Universe, are palpable Demonstrations, of the Infinite Abfurdity of fuch a Suppofition. I shall only mention one, viz. The different Specifick Gravity of Bodies.

Portions of Matter of the fame Bulk, are unequally Heavy.

Therefore under the fame Dimensions, there is not the fame Quantity of Matter.

Therefore there are Vacuities; or Spaces not replete with Matter.

Therefore Matter does not exist every where. Therefore Matter does not neceffarily exift: For what neceffarily exifts, muft exist every where, and every where alike.

Therefore neither is it, a Self-existent Subftance; nor did it exift from Eternity; nor is it any Part or Attribute of the Divine Effence.

The Mechanical People, have been often nibling at this Argument, for proving a Vacuity, drawn from the different Specifick Gravities of Matter: but it concludes with too much Evidence and Strength, ever to be fhaken, by all their little unphilofophical Attempts; and I make no fcruple to affert, that that Phenomenon of the different Weights of Bodies, can never be folv'd, by any


Mechanical Hypothesis of Gravitation whatsoever, let them go which way to work they can.



O conclude all: Such a Being as God is ; Infinitely Perfect, Immenfe, Intelligent, fuft, Free, Good, Provident and Careful, of all his Creatures; deferves our highest Praise and Admiration, our Love and Gratitude, our Fear and Obedience, our Truft and Dependance.

It's reasonable that we direct all our Actions to his Glory, and make the Serving of Him, the chief Bufinefs of Life.

That we be Humble and Modeft, in all our Speeches and Conceptions of Him, in all our Reafonings about his Incomprehenfible Effence, and our Enquiries into his Ways and Difpenfations.

That we do not oppofe our own Understandings, to his Unfearchable Wisdom, bring him down to our Schemes and Measures; or conclude that is fittest and most worthy of him to do, that we judg to be best and fitteft, in our fhallow Capacities, or our byafs'd and prejudiced Judgments.

The undoubted and demonftrable Perfections of his Nature, are the only fure NATURAL Foundation for us to go upon, in the way of Thinking and Conceiving of him, and of behaving our felves aright towards him.

And if from a due and ferious Confideration of thofe demonftrable Attributes and Perfections of his Nature; we shall find it highly agreeable and reasonable to believe, that SUCH A BEING AS HE, fhould out of his Infinite Love and Care of his Creatures, make any SUPERNATURAL RE

VELATIONS OF HIS MIND AND WILL, in order to the retrieving the Disorders of the World, and making Mankind fully and compleatly hap py: then we should be exceeding cautious, how we fet up any Schemes or Notions of our own, in oppofition to fuch Revelations or Discoveries; and if we have any of us begun to do fo, fhould withdraw from all fuch Methods in good time, that we may not lose the BENEFIT of what he has REVEAL'D.

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