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Such is the language of history, adopting undesignedly as its own almost the very words of prophecy. From the fatal battle of Zenta, the Turks may be said to have run an almost uninterrupted course of adversity : and, after accumulating loss upon loss, so far from being any longer a victorious and overbearing woe to the Roman Empire, they, who once threatened universal subjugation, now precariously subsist, rather by the jealous sufferance of their powerful neighbours who apparently find it difficult to arrange a satisfactory scheme of partition, than by any principle of native and inherent vigour.

(5.) Plausible, however, as the foregoing arrangement may be, it cannot be adopted unless it shall be found to quadrate with certain other prophetic marks which indicate and attend upon the passing away of the second woe.

We are taught, that, immediately before its expiration, the two apocalyptic witnesses are slain ; that they lie dead, during the space of three prophetic days and a half; that they are restored to life at the close of that term; and that they finally ascend to heaven in a cloud, before the very eyes of their enemies. We are further taught, that, synchronically with these remarkable events, a great earthquake, or a great political revolution, takes place; which overthrows the tenth part of the mystical Babylon, or which ultimately subverts the ecclesiastical dominance of Rome in some one of the ten Gothico-Roman kingdoms. Then it is added :

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Page 4, line 12 note. For Kaliage read Kali age. 18,

10. Insert the reference ' after Scythia. 134, 1 note. Insert of after symbol.

7. For strongly read clearly. 229, · 24. For Jocobinism, read Jacobinism. 232, 3. For developement, read development. 266, 19. Por Lepeux's, read Lepaux's.

17. For locust, read locusts. 401, 4. For overrun, read overran.

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28. For Kashjar, read Kashgar. 433, 9. For the comma after Bosnia, supply a period.


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