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The author of " THE SACRED LYRE” has had no wish thus to appear before the public. And he has been induced to engage in its preparation, solely by his own conviction, and the oft-ex pressed conviction of others, that such a work was needed. It has been supposed, also, that his long pastoral labors, extensive acquaintance with revivals, knowledge of music, and familiarity with the wants and wishes of the churches in different sections of the land, qualified him in some good degree for this service. It has been his anxious desire to prepare just such a work as is needed; and he has exercised his best discrimination in its accomplishment. How far he has succeeded in meeting the demand, others must judge.

The Hymns, it is believed, will be found a judicious selection from the best authors, arranged under appropriate heads, embracing a rich and full variety, on the most important subjects; especially in connection with Social WORSHIP, REVIVALS, and MISSIONARY PRAYER MEETINGS. It may be thought by some, that more hymns have been selected than are necessary. But, such is the great diversity of tastes and preferences, that a large variety is demanded to meet only a considerable portion of these; and still, all the favorite hymns of some may not be found. For the same reason, longer hymns have been inserted, as different verses are preferred by different individuals.

It has been the aim of the compiler to select such music as

is best adapted to social worship; simple, interesting, and soulstirring- such as has ever rendered the praying circle both attractive and useful. This, it is believed, is the character of a large portion of the tunes here inserted. Quite a number of these are those popular airs which may have long been sung, but never before harmonized or given to the public. For this service many may be grateful to the author.

For the selected music, the compiler would here express his grateful acknowledgments to the authors of the Wesleyan S. Harp, the proprietors of the American Vocalist, Dr. T. Hastings, and others, who have kindly allowed the use of their tunes in this work.

Occasional rehearsals by those who are to use the book in social meetings, will be found conducive to the most pleasing and effective performance. The tunes in the minor key, to which some may object, will, by a familiar acquaintance, become favor. ites with all natural singers.

May the use of these sacred songs serve to enkindle the devotional feelings of the pilgrims for Zion, and be blessed in leading wanderers back to God, and fitting them !0 join in the endless song of Heaven.


Words by

R. TURNBULL D.D. For the commencement of an evening Conference Meeting.


1. Come, come, come. come to the place of pray’r, The day is past and gone, And

2. Yes! tuneful is the sound Of Christians as they sing; Wel. 3. Earth with her dreams shall fade, And our bodies turn to dust; But

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ant the heart's low sigh, The glow within our breast, And the hope beyond the sky. aught on earth e'er gave, Our yearning souls shall fill in the world beyond the grave. lihe hills our fathers trod, To the quiet of the skies, To the Sabbath of our God.

2 Solemn Review. 6s. 1 The light of Sabbath eve

Is fading fast away ;
What record will it leave,

To crown the closing day?
Is it a Sabbath spent,

Of fruitless time destroyed ; Or have these moments lent,

Been sacredly employed ? 2 How dreadful and how drear,

In yon dark world of pain, Will Sabbaths lost appear,

That cannot come again!

Then, in that hopeless place,

The wretched soul will say, “ I had those hours of grace,

But cast them all away.” 3 To waste these Sabbath hours,

O, may we never dare ;
Nor taint with thoughts of ours,

These sacred days of prayer:
But may our Sabbaths here

Inspire our hearts with love; And prove a foretaste clear

Of that sweet rest above.

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1. Where two or three, with sweet accord, 0 - bedient to their sovereign Lord,

2. “There,” says the Saviour, will I be,

Amid this lit - tle com-pa - ny;

3. We meet at thy command, dear Lord, Re- lying on thy faithful word;

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Prayer for Christ's Presence. WATTS. | 6 Preparation for Worship. 1

1 Come, dearest Lord, descend and dwell, Come, Holy Spirit, calm each mind, By faith and love, in every breast;

And fit us to approach our God; Then shall we know, and taste, and feel Remove each vain, each worldly thought, The joys that cannot be expressed.

And lead us to thy blest abode. 2

2 Come, fill our hearts with inward strength; Hast thou imparted to our souls

Make our enlarged souls possess, [length A living spark of holy fire ? And learn the height, and breadth, and Oh, kindle now the sacred flame; Of thine unmeasurable grace.

Make us to burn with pure desire 3

3 Now to the God whose power can do Still brighter faith and hope impart,

More than our thoughts or wishes know, And let us now our Saviour see; Be everlasting honors done

0, soothe and cheer each burdened heart, By all the church through Christ his Son. And bid our spirits rest in thee.

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