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A charge to keep I have. 225 Rev. C. Wesley Laban

L. Mason A parting hymn we sing. 277 Rev. A. R. Wolfe Dennis

Arr. fr. Nageli Abide with me! fast falls. 20 Rev. H. F. Lyte Eventide

W. H. Monk According to Thy gracious.. 280 J. Montgomery

St. John

J. Turle Again the morn of gladness.. 312 Rev. J. Ellerton

Morn of Gladness A. Cottman All glory, laud, and honor.. 71 Rev. J. M. Neale Lancashire

H. Smart All hail the power of Jesus'. 87 E. Perronnet Coronation

0. Holden All is bright and cheerful. 323 Rev. J. M. Neale Adrian

Sir R. P. Stewart All my heart this night.. 65 Rev. P. Gerhardt Stella

H. W. Parker All praise to Thee, my God.. 24 Bp. Thos. Ken Evening Hymn Arr. fr. T. Tallis Alleluia! Alleluia! The strife 83 Tr. Rev. F. Pott Victory

Fr. Palestrina Am I a soldier of the cross.. 221 Rev. 1. Watts Mirfield

A. Cottman Ancient of days who sittest.. 8 Bp. W. C. Doane Ancient of Days J. A. Jeffery Angel voices ever singing. 44 Rev. F. Pott Angel Voices Sir A. „Sullivan Another year is dawning. 291 F. R. Havergal Aurelia

S. S. Wesley Approach, my soul, the mercy 191 Rev. J. Newton Dalehurst

A. Cottman Arm of the Lord, awake.. 255 W. Shrubsole Truro

C. Burney Around the throne of God.. 343 A. II. Shepherd Children's Praises H. E. Matthews

s Bullinger 1 E. W. Bullinger Art thou weary, art thou... 124 Rev. J. M. Neale

Stephanos 2 Sir H. W. Baker As with gladness men of old 67 W. C. Dix


C. Kocher Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep. 289 M. Mackay


W. B. Bradbury At the name of Jesus..

88 C. M. Noel


H. A. Prothero Awake, my soul, in joyful lays 169 Rev. S. Medley Park Street

F. M. A. Venua Awake, my soul, stretch every 224 Rev. P. Doddridge Christmas


Begin, my tongue, some. 40 Rev. 1. Watts Manoah

Arr. Fr. Rossini Behold, a stranger at the door 129 Rev. J. Grigg Bera

J. E. Gould Behold, the Master passeth by 130 Bp. W. W. How Federal Street H. K. Oliver Beneath the cross of Jesus.. 136 E. C. Clephane St. Christopher F. C. Maker Beneath the shadow of the... 284 Rev. S. Longfellow St. Agnes

Rev. J. B. Dykes Blessed are the sons of God.. 185 Rev. J. Humphreys Rosefield

H. A. C. Malan Blessed Saviour, Thee I love. 177 Rev. G. Duffield Spanish Hymn Spanish Mel. Blest be the tie that binds.. 187 Rev. J. Fawcett Boylston

L. Mason Bread of the world in mercy. 282 Bp. R. Heber

Eucharistic Hymn J. S. B. Hodges Break Thou the bread of.. 106 M. A. Lathbury Bread of Life W. F. Sherwin Brightest and best of the Sons 66 Bp. R. Heber Brightest and Best Rev. J. F. Thrupp Brightly gleams our banner.. 331 Rev. T. J. Potter St. Theresa Sir A. Sullivan By Christ redeemed, in Christ 283 G. Rawson

In Memoriam F. C. Maker

Calm me, O God, and keep... 160 Rev. H. Bonar Lambeth

W. Schulthes Can a little child like me.. 347 M. M. Dodge Thanksgiving W. H. Bassford Cast thy burden on the Lord. 158 Rev. J. Cennick St. Bees

Rev. J. B. Dykes Cast thy care on Jesus.. 153 Canon F. Scott Eripe Me

H. Crossley Children of the heavenly King 139 Rev. J. Cennick Pleyel's Hymn 1. Pleyel Christ for the world we sing. 262 Rev. S. Wolcott St. Ambrose W. H. Monk Christ is risen! Christ is risen 84 Rev. A. T. Gurney Resurrexit

Sir A. Sullivan Christ the Lord is risen to-day 85 Rev. C. Wesley University College H. J. Gauntlett






R. Jackson
C. G. Gläser
C. G. Gläser
W. B. Bradbury


F. de Giardini
E. P. Parker

Christian, rise and act thy.. 229 F. A. R. Russell Cressbrook
Come let us join our cheerful. 57 Rev. I. Watts Azmon
Come let us join with faithful 244 W. G. Tarrant Azmon
Come, my soul, thy suit..... 196 Rev. J. Newton Aletta
“Come,” said Jesus' sacred

128 A. L. Barbauld

S Mabyn 1

Horton 2 Come, Thou Almighty King.. 47 Rev. C. Wesley Italian Hymn Come to Jesus, ye who labor. 126 Rev. E. P. Parker Bushnell Come, Thou fount of every

See, Saviour, source of every 54 Rev. R. Robinson St. Oswald Come to our poor nature's.. 99 G. Rawson

Paraclete Come to the Saviour now... 117 J. M. Wigner Maker Come unto Me, ye weary:

118 W. C. Dix

Vox Jesu Come, we who love the Lord. 51 Rev. 1. Watts St. Thomas Come, ye disconsolate... 123 T. Moore

Consolator Come, ye faithful, raise.. 81 Rev. J. M. Neale St. Kevin Come, ye lofty, come ye lowly 348 Anon

Christmas-tide Come, ye thankful people... 301 Rev. H. Alford St. George's Coming, coming, yes they are. 252 J. W. MacGill Coming Consider the lilies..

330 A. W. Brotherton Thecla Courage, brother, do not. 241 Rey. N. Macleod

Cross of Jesus, cross of. 78 J. S. Simpson Cross of Jesus
Crown Him with many crowns

5 M. Bridges


Rev. J. B. Dykes
U. C. Burnap
F. C. Maker
Rev. J. B. Dykes
A. Williams
s. Webbe
Sir A. Sullivan
G. A. Burdett
Sir G. J. Elvey
Rev. E. Husband
H. E. Nichol
Sir A. Sullivan
Sir J. Stainer
Sir G. J. Elvey

Day is dying in the west. 23 M. A. Lathbury
Dear Lord and Father.. 199 J. G. Whittier
Dear refuge of my weary soul 178 A. Steele
Do no sinful action..

339 C. F. Alexander


W. F. Sherwin
F. C. Maker
J. P. Holbrook
L. J. Hutton

Eternal Father; strong to save 307 W. Whiting Melita
Eternal Light! Eternal Light 46 Rev. T. Binney Newcastle
Every morning mercies new. 16 Rev. G. Phillimore Kelso
Every morning the red sun.. 327 C. F. Alexander Eternity

Rev. J. B. Dykes
H. E. Morley
E. J. Hopkins
L. J. Hutton

Far out on the desolate billow 320 R. W. Raymond Lorelei

F. Silcher Father, gracious Father. 325 Rev. F. W. Faber Fides

Bible Class Mag. Father, whate'er of earthly bliss

148 A. Steele


H. G. Nägell Fight the good fight with all. 223 Rev.J.S. B. Monsell Pentecost

W. Boyd Fling out the banner!.. 259 Bp. G. W. Doane Waltham

J. B. Calkin Follow me, the Master said.. 217 Anon


A. Cottman For all the saints, who from. 188 Bp. W. W. How Sarum

Sir J. Barnby For thee, O dear, dear country 267 Rev. J. M. Neale Glory

C. Vincent Fountain of good, to own Thy 222 Rev. P. Doddridge Sawley

J. Walch From all that dwell below... 52 Rev. 1. Watts old Hundredth L. Bourgeois

r old Chapel 1 E. Andrew From every stormy wind.... 190 Rev. H. Stowell

> Retreat 2 T. Hastings From Greenland's icy ... 254 Bp. R. IIeber Missionary Hymn L. Mason From the eastern mountains. 61 Rev. G. Thring Princethorpe W. Pitts

Galilee, bright Galilee.... 319 W. F. Sherwin Galilee (Sherwin) W. F. Sherwin
Glory, and praise, and honor
See, All glory, laud... 71 Rev. J. M. Neale Lancashire

H. Smart
Glory to Thee my God this
See, All praise to Thee my

24 Bp. T. Ken

Evening Hymn IT. Tallis






Go labor on, spend and be.. 226 Rev. H. Bonar Pentecost

Rev. W. Boyd God be with you till we meet. 13 Rev. J. Rankin Farewell

W. G. Tomer God bless our native land... 299 Rev. C. T. Brooks New America L. B. Longacre God, in the gospel of His Son. 107 Rev. B. Beddome Rockingham (Old) E. Miller God is love, His mercy.. 41 Sir J. Bowring Carter

Rev. E. S. Carter God make my life a little light 338 M. B. Edwards Sawley

J. Walch God moves in a mysterious.. 149 W. Cowper


Arr. fr. C. Tye God, my Father, hear me pray 189 Rev. J. Holme Illuminatio

Sir G. J. Elvey God, my King, Thy might... 55 Bp. R. Mant Carter

Rev. E. S. Carter Goodly were thy tents... 250 Rev. S. Wolcott Woodside

J. T. Grimley Grace, 'tis a charming sound. 114 Rev. P. Doddridge Silver Street I. Smith Gracious Saviour, Who didst. 306 E. L. Shirreff Motherhood

Rev. L. M. White Gracious Spirit, dwell with. 94 Rev. T. T. Lynch


R. Redhead Gracious Spirit, Love divine.. 97 John Stocker Buckland

Rev. L. G. Hayne Great God, we sing that. 293 Rev. P. Doddridge Duke Street

J. Hatton Guide me, 0 Thou great.... 155 Rev. R. Williams Wrentham

R. H. Woodman

H. P. Main
T. A. Willis
Rev. J. B. Dykes
L. Mason
Arr. fr. Mozart
H. E. Nichol
W. B. Bradbury
D. E. Jones
Rev. R. F. Hurndell
F. A. J. Hervey

Happy little Pilgrims.

345 F. J. Crosby Little Pilgrims
Hark! a thrilling voice. 91 Tr. Rev. E. Caswell Lucerne
Hark! hark! my soul. 269 Rev. F. W. Faber Angelica
Hark! my soul, it is the Lord 127 W. Cowper

St. Bees
Hark! ten thousand harps... 89 Rev. T. Kelly Harwell
Hark! the herald angels sing 64 Rev. C. Wesley Mendelssohn
Hark! the song of Jubilee... 264 J. Montgomery Jubilee
Hark! the voice of Jesus... 214 Rev. D. March Lowell
He leadeth me; O blessed. 152 Rev. J.H. Gilmore He Leadeth Me
He that goeth forth with.... 218 T. Hastings Stockwell
Hear our prayer, O Heav'nly 26 H. Parr

Holy Father, hear my cry....

95 Rev. H. Bonar Lonsdale Holy Ghost, the infinite See, Come to our poor.

99 G. Rawson

Paraclete Holy Ghost, with light divine. 98 Rev. A. Reed Mercy Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God.. 6 Bp. R. Heber

Nicae Holy Spirit, truth divine.. 96 Rev. S. Longfellow Haven Hosanna! loud hosanna.

70 J. Threlfall

Hosanna to the living Lord!. 3 Bp. R. Heber Hosanna
How firm a foundation... 151 G. Keene

Adeste Fideles
How gentle God's commands. 162 Rev. P. Doddridge Dennis
How precious is the book... 103 Rev. J. Fawcett Farrant
How sweet the name of Jesus. 176 Rev. J. Newton St. Peter
Hushed was the evening hymn 324 Rev. J. D. Burns Samuel

U. C. Burnap
L. M. Gottschalk
Rev. J. B. Dykes
E. Lemare
Rev. J. B. Dykes
H. G. Nägeli
R. Farrant
A. R. Reinagle
Sir A. Sullivan

I am trusting Thee, Lord... 159 F. R. Havergal St. Helen's
I lay my sins on Jesus.. 200 Rev. H. Bonar St. Cosmas
I look to Thee in every need. 156 Rev. S. Longfellow Woodbridge
I love Thy Kingdom, Lord.. 247 Rev. T. Dwight State Street
I love to tell the story. 167 K. Hankey

I need Thee every hour. 198 A. S. Hawks Need
I sought the Lord, and. 137 Anon

I think when I read that. 315 J. Luke

Sweet Story
I was a wandering sheep. 133 Rev. H. Bonar Lebanon
I'm but a stranger here... 270 Rev. T. R. Taylor My IIome
Immortal Love, forever full.. 69 J. G. Whittier

| Beatitudo 1

7 Serenity 2
In memory of the Saviour's.. 279 Rev. T. Cotterill St. Peter
In the cross of Christ, I glory 77 Sir J. Bowring Rathbun
In the hour of trial..

181 J. Montgomery Penitence

Sir R. P. Stewart
A. Patton
F. S. Hunnewell
J. C. Woodman
W. G. Fischer
Rev. R. Lowry
G. W. Chadwick
J. Zundel
Sir A. Sullivan
Rev. J. B. Dykes
Fr. W. W. Wallace
A. R. Reinagle
I. Conkey
S. Lane






It came upon the midnight.. 60 Rev. E. H. Sears Carol
It is not death to die... 288 H. A. C. Malan Greenwood
I've found a friend, O such.. 173 Rev. J. G. Small Constance

R. S. Willis
J. E. Sweetser
Sir A. Sullivan

Jerusalem, the golden.. 266 Bernard of Cluny Ewing

A. Ewing Jesus, and shall it ever be.. 171 Rev. J. Grigg Federal Street H. K. Oliver Jesus bids us shine...

346 E. H. Miller Jesus bids us shine Anon.

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Jesus calls us; o'er the.... 125 C. F. Alexander Galilee (Jude) W. H. Jude
Jesus Christ is passing by.. 112 Rev. J. D. Smith Lonsdale

Rev. F. A. G. Hervey
Jesus Christ is risen to-day 82 Tate and Brady Worgan

Lyra Davidica Jesus, from Thy throne on.. 337 Rev. T. B. Pollock Litany

W. S. Hoyte Jesus, I my cross have taken. 231 Rev. H. F. Lyte Ellesdie

W. A. Mozart Jesus, keep me near the cross 116 F. J. VanAlstyne Near the Cross

W. H. Doane Jesus, Lover of my soul..... 141 Rev. C. Wesley Martyn

S. B. Marsh Jesus loves me 340 A. B. Warner Jesus Loves Me

W. B. Bradbury Jesus, Saviour, pilot me. 154 Rev. E. Hopper Pilot

J. E. Gould Jesus shall reign where'er the 258 Rev. I. Watts Miss'y Chant

H. C. Zeuner Jesus, tender Shepherd... 311 M. L. Duncan Brocklesbury C. A. Barnard Jesus, the very thought of.. 174 Tr. Rev. E. Caswall Holy Trinity Sir J. Barnby Jesus, Thou joy of loving... 286 Rev. R. Palmer Quebec

H. Baker Jesus, where'er Thy people... 192 W. Cowper Mendon

Ger. Melody Joy to the world, the Lord.. 59 Rev. 1. Watts Antioch

G. F. Händel

Just as I am 1 Sir J. Barnby Just as I am, without one plea 135 C. Elliott

Woodworth 2

W. B. Bradbury Lead, kindly Light, amid.... 204 Rev. J. H. Newman Lux Benigna Rev. J. B. Dykes Lead on, O King eternal. 232 Rev. E. M. Shurtleff Salve Domine

L, W. Watson Let saints below in concert.. 186 Rev. C. Wesley Wallhead

T. Wallhead Let the merry church bells... 335 Anon


J. S. B. Hodges Let the song go round... 257 S. G. Stock


L. J. Hutton Let us, with a gladsome mind 9J. Milton


J. B. Wilkes Light of Light, enlighten me. 32 B. Schmolck


U. C. Burnap Light of the lonely Pilgrim's 90 Sir E. Denny Eagley

J. Walch Look from the sphere of... 230/W. C. Bryant Federal Street

H. K. Oliver Look, ye saints, the sight is. 86 Rev. T. Kelly Coroane

W. H. Monk Looking upward every day. 326 M. Butler


A. Cottman Lord, as to Thy dear cross.. 182 Rev. J. B. Gurney Mount Calvary R. P. Stewart Lord, dismiss us with Thy. 12 Rev. J. Fawcett Sicilian Hymn Sicilian Mel. Lord I believe; Thy power.. 142 Rev. J. R. Wreford Lambeth

W. Schulthes Lord, I hear of showers.. 194 E. Codner

Even Me

W. B. Bradbury Lord, in the morning Thou.. 18 Rev. I. Watts Dalehurst

A. Cottman Lord, lead the way the Saviour 227 Rev. W. Croswell St. Agnes

Rev. J. B. Dykes Lord of all being, throned... 390. W. Holmes Louvan

V. C. Taylor Lord of all power and might. 108 Rev. H. Stowell Dorchester

Waite's Psalmody Lord, speak to me, that I may 219 F. R. Havergal Holley

G. Hews Lord, we come before Thee... 56 Rev. W. Hammond St. Bees

Rev. J. B. Dykes Lord, while for all mankind.. 296 Rev. J. R. Wreford Dalehurst

A. Cottman Lord, with glowing heart I'd. 48 F. S. Key


J. H. Wilcox Loud let the anthem ring.... 256 S. K. Bourne Festal Song W. H. Walter Love divine, all love excelling 205 Rev. C. Wesley


J. Zundel Love for all, and can it be... 132 Rev. S. Longfellow St. Hugh

A. Patton


Majestic sweetness sits

S Fingal 1 throned

165 Rev. S. Stennett Ortonville 2 Master, no offering costly. 211 Rev. E. P. Parker Love's Offering May the grace of Christ our. 15 Rev. J. Newton Sardis Mine eyes have seen the glory 298 J. W. Howe Battle Hymn

J. S. Anderson
T. Hastings
E. P. Parker
W. Steffe






More love to Thee, Christ.. 208 E. P. Prentiss Love to Thee W. H. Doane
Must Jesus bear the cross... 220 Rev. T. Shepherd

S Maitland 1 G. N. Allen
Fingal 2

J. S. Anderson My country, 'tis of thee.... 297 Rev. S. F. Smith America

H. Carey My days are gliding swiftly. 203 Rev. D. Nelson Shining Shore G. F. Root My dear Redeemer, and my.. 73 Rev. 1. Watts

Rockingham (New) L. Mason My faith looks up to Thee.. 147 Rev. R. Palmer Olivet

L. Mason My God, how endless is Thy. 30 Rev. 1. Watts St. Polycarp Arr. fr. 1. Pleyel My God, how wonderful Thou 37 Rev. F. W. Faber St. Fulbert

H. J. Gauntlett My God, my Father, while I. 180 C. Elliott

| Hanford 1 Sir A. Sullivan

Troyte's Chant 2 A. H. D. Troyte My hope is built on... 109 Rev. E. Mote Solid Rock

W. B. Bradbury My Jesus, as Thou wilt.. 150 B. Schmolke


Von Weber My Jesus, I love Thee.. 172 Anon

My Jesus

A. J. Gordon My soul, be on thy guard. 237 Rev. G. Heath Laban

L. Mason

Nearer, my God, to Thee.... 146 s. F. Adams
Now the day is over.

31 S. Baring-Gould


L. Mason
Sir J. Barnby

O beautiful for spacious skies 294 K. L. Bates America the Beau


C. S. Brown O bless the Lord, my soul... 42 J. Montgomery St. Thomas

A. William's Coll. O blessed Son of God.. 243 Rev. H. L. Crain Rialto

G. F. Root
O come, all ye faithful. 62 Anon 17th Cent. Adeste Fideles Anon
O come, and mourn with me.. 74 Rev. F. W. Faber St. Cross

Rev. J. B. Dykes O could I speak the matchless 166 Rev. S. Medley Ariel

Arr. L. Mason O day of rest and gladness.. 34 Bp. C. Wordsworth Mendebas

German Melody O Father, hear my morning. 19 F. A. Percy Eversley

A. Cottman O for a closer walk with God 206 W. Cowper


Arr. W. Gardiner O for a heart to praise my.. 207 Rev. C. Wesley Brown

W. B. Bradbury O for a thousand tongues... 175 Rev. C. Wesley Hummel

H. C. Zeuner O God, beneath Thy_guiding. 295 Rev. L. Bacon Duke Street

J. Hatton O God of God! 0 Light.... 314 J. Julian


J. A. Jeffery God, our help in ages past. 36 Rev. I. Watts St. Anne

W. Croft O God, the Rock of Ages.. 43 Bp.E.H.Bickersteth Miriam

J. P. Holbrook O God, we praise Thee.

4 N. Tate

J. H. Crossley O holy Saviour! Friend. 143 C. Elliott


F. F. Flemming O Jesus, I have promised. 212 Rev. J. E. Bode

Angel's Story A. H. Mann O Jesus, Thou art standing.. 120 Bp. W. W. How St. Hilda

J. H. Knecht O Lamb of God! still keep me. 145 Rev. J. G. Deck St. Christopher F. C. Maker O little town of Bethlehem.. 63 Bp. P. Brooks St. Louis

L. H. Redner O love divine, that stooped.. 1790. W. Holmes Quebec

H. Baker
O Love that wilt not let me. 168 Rev. G. Matheson St. Margaret A. L. Peace
O Master, let me walk with. 216 Rev. W. Gladden Maryton

H. P. Smith
O Mother dear, Jerusalem... 268 Rev. D. Dickson Materna

S. A. Ward O perfect love, all human.. 304 D. F. Blomfield Perfect Love Sir J. Barnby O Sacred Head, now wounded 79 Rev. P. Gerhardt Gerhardt

J. P. Holbrook O safe to the Rock, that is. 164 Rev. W. 0. Cushing Hiding in Thee 1. D. Sankey O say can you see by the... 300 F. S. Key Star Spang'd Ban


J. S. Smith O Saviour, precious Saviour. 53 F. R. Havergal Westwood

R. H. McCartney 0 Thou, from Whom all... 183 Rev. T. Haweis Dalehurst

A. Cottman O what can little hands do.. 342 Anon

Child Service H. E. Button O where are kings d... 248 Bp. A. C. Coxe St. Anne

W. Croft O word of God incarnate.. 104 Bp. W. W. How St. Anselm

Sir J. Barnby O worship the King.. 49 Sir R. Grant Hanover

W. Croft O Zion, haste, thy mission.. 261 M. A. Thomson Tidings

J. Walch

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