The Dynamic Birth of the New Testament

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AuthorHouse, 2005 - 224 pages
The land of Palestine is where the four gospels were originated. The places known as Galilee, Nazareth, and Bethlehem, are forever engraved upon the hearts of Christians in all the earth. The little mountain called Calvary, on which the cross of Christ was erected and, on which Jesus of Nazareth died, will forever be remembered and be celebrated by, Christian believers world-wide. No Sunday school teacher, and no preacher of the gospel, can afford to forget Calvary, and the Holy Redeemer, who died on that cross outside the holy city of Jerusalem. Thus, the name of Jesus cannot be erased from the minds and souls of the billions of redeemed saints, who shall sing around the throne of God, on that great day of heavenly Celebration! The announcement made by the angel Gabriel in Matthew 1:21, will never be forgotten by the saints who have been saved by His sacrificial death on Mt. Calvary, in the year A.D.33. From what I have said about the Land of Palestine, where Jesus lived, preached, was crucified, raised from the grave, and ascended into heaven, is so important, that no other country has produced such a compelling and important piece of theological and redemptive history! It was the home of Zecharias, Elizabeth, John the Baptist, Jesus, and His twelve disciples. It was also the home of Mary and of Joseph, during the long reign of the Emperor known as Augustus Caesar. Seeing then that Palestine is such an important historical place, let us take some time to study about some of the things that happened in the lives of many of the local people, who lived when Jesus was born, and while He grew up in Palestine, until the time He was crucified, buried, raised from the dead, appeared unto manypeople, and was taken up into heaven, from which He shall be coming back to judge the living and the dead!

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