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tude. It suggests to him the great duty of seeking to restrain this habit in those around him; of endeavouring to awaken in the minds of men just fear of a rash oath, and dread of being involved in any act of perjury; and it teaches him the necessity of cultivating habits of integrity, charity, and faith, that he may stand prepared for any of those occasions in which he must stand forth as a witness, or advocate for truth. These lessons well learnt, and digested, will yield a blessed influence: and the man, who has the truest sense of the awful sin of swearing lightly and irreverently, will be the most likely to give an oath that may be depended upon for veracity; and they who are sensible of the evil of leading men into engagements, bonds, or testimonies, that are ill digested, vain, or rash, will be the ablest, and most suitable instruments, for proposing the oath to their fellow men.

May we unite, in the close of this investigation, in offering a fervent prayer to the Author, and source, of all mercy, light, and grace, that the Spirit may descend upon men. Whilst grateful praise ascends to the Lord for the provision which He has given to the Church, in the sacred Scriptures of truth, let the heart likewise, be sensible of the advantage, which He has afforded to the Church of England, in particular, by the Thirty-nine Articles, which richly testify of these Scriptures; assisting professing Christians to determine their views of the faith. They are,

indeed, but the words of man; yet are they words witnessed by the voice of God. They mingle many points of instruction, that have reference, principally, to the errors which they were compiled to withstand; nevertheless it is necessary to maintain this pointed direction in every succeeding age of the Church. They sometimes treat of church discipline, and government, but they do it with charity, wisdom, and by a Scripture rule. And happy would it be for the spiritual interests of the Church, were all the members of the establishment, and every minister who solemnly subscribes to the truth of their contents, aware of their comprehensive character, and embued with the spirit of those doctrines that are therein affirmed. The spirit from above can alone effect this saving influence and to Him the believers eyes must ever be turned for visitations of prosperity upon the cause of Christ. May He, with the Father, and the Son, our one eternal and blessed God, rise on the nations, and fill the earth with Truth. Amen.



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